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  1. Ruthless Sage

    The OP is something that when read will reflect your own nature. Not putting one creature above the other may seem ruthless but heaven and earth supports all equally. Plus people adopt straw dogs or leave food and water out for them.... The OP is deep and makes one think on the nature of the heart on all things.
  2. Strong chi - effect on others

    Ha ha you mean ungrounded chi still floating in your wei field.... What do you cal it when you hurt people un-purposely?...Novice. Remember its not skill if you cant control it.
  3. How much time do you need to recieve a transmission?

    Yes for that is a higher training beyond those mentioned that correlate directly to the immortal realm.....
  4. Yangshen perspectives in traditional Schools

    Ya know its not s simple as most make it sound its just not opening meridians or vessels. You have to have the alchemy of the immortal realm. That alchemy itself acts a pass to move freely from the immortal realm and this realm. the golden elixir and purple gold elixir lead to a lower attainment.
  5. Yangshen perspectives in traditional Schools

    Ive heard something like this before as this is the lore of the attainment. Very powerful.
  6. Questionable Mak Tin Si Sect

    Had to go to the wayback machine to resurrect this page.
  7. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Much to think on thank you.
  8. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Ah ok here is what I meant to say. By the body I mean more of the alchemy process where the essence of the spirit and body meat in the middle dantian (creating the vajra in the heart) and the golden body manifests that way for us.Now from that point we work on absorbing divine energy and the spirit world. Now it seems that the taoist neidan approach is more of cultivation the body jing qi shen via mco breathing techniques etc and projecting the spirit body and cultivating in the spirit realm then bringing the spirit body back in and attaining the taoist gold body of light that way. So my question would be do you spirit project out in your training and cultivate in the spirit realm directly if so do you feel that this way is a faster way of serving the earthly and heavenly realms?
  9. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Effilang and A.A.Khokhlov, Since your both on here i wanted to ask you both on your thoughts about neidan cultivation in the spirit realm. The buddhist approach is a more of a cultivate earth (body earth realm) first and then heaven (shen spirit realm) later while taoist seems to be more of a cultivate earth and heaven together. The system I train in is taoist but feels like kind of a buddhist approach in this sense it cultivates the earth realm first and then later work in the spirit world comes later. So my question is what is your thoughts on cultivating neidan in the spirit realm and its advantages.
  10. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Yes that sounds fun. Id like that.
  11. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Yes this has been much of my work was to make attaining the taoist body of light of primary concern and not martial power. So in my lineage this teaching was not and is still not common knowledge it was only for the head of the sect only. While the students had lesser alchemy that could in theory lead to the body of light but was next to impossible attaining that in a normal life span. While the master had the more powerful vehicle for attainment. The upper dantian has the fake light while the middle dantian has the real light. When the essence of the spirit and body have met in the middle dantian creating the vajra the body will emit light and heat but this point is a conversion process. If the body gets to many blockages the spontaneous natural light will stop until the blockage is removed.
  12. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Very good. Ill share a little of what I know of this. First it is very rare and hard to actually find a lineage or master that has the actual teaching to attain this harder to get a chance to learn it. What I have seen in my own personal exp with masters that actually had the knowledge I mean the real core practice and still didnt attain it was due to a few reasons 1. they wanted martial power primarily so that focused on that alchemy more instead. 2. They inherited the teachings and really didnt care about it but care more for the recognition for being the inheritor. 3. They had the alchemy but just never did it. 4. Or the sect had so many poltical issues that the master became mainly concerned with that.
  13. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    No no I just do my reasearch differently I have spoken to all those men and more you have to learn or get advice from people who actually attained it.....(you will have a greater success rate that way) Because of this I have had much success. You see when you start to attain this your body will start to emit heat and light when you are not doin anything this relates to primordial spontaneity aka the natural state. Infact when one starts to reach this level the middle dantian will resonate with the aaaah sound. The primordial state is stillnes when this level is reached just sitting still will cause the light and heat vibration to start. you see thats the difference FIRST HAND EXP.
  14. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    I cant speak for another man nor his final place of being. Dematerializing and walking thru walls is something he and some of his students can do... Which is not uncommon of hearing of practitioners mention this when they reach that level. Very cool account of attaining rainbow body. “I felt myself become lightweight, and felt myself covered by light. I became transparent, and saw red, white, purple and golden light, dazzling and splendid. There was a red lotus emitting bright light and I felt the energy channeling down inside of me. I was completely mesmerized in the wonderful and serene divinity of Rainbow Body. All my worries, attachment and ignorance were gone through this incredible empowerment of Rainbow Light Supreme Dharma. My wisdom blossomed, and my understanding of Buddhist teaching was elevated to a much higher level…I’m so grateful that Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi taught us this supreme Dharama!” Then this A tibetan buddhist monk talking about how he attained this from the great perfection dharma of his lineage.