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Jing of Consolidated Observation (定觀經)

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At first look, this one , written by 580 A.D. seems to be a Buddhist sutra ; however, judging from its asking for physical achievements as proofs for how empty , how consolidated our mind can attain , it is a Taoist piece of writing without doubts . A consolidated Mind is always crucial for Taoist practice, and the key , in fact, can always be summarized in one sentence : " (whether) you are capable of consolidating your Mind and opening that gateway towards the pre-heavenly qi " ( "凝神得竅").


Pre-heavenly qi can be viewed as some kind of negative entropy, the only fundamental energy that can utimately eliminate those ever emerging , ever increasing chaotic factors in our bodies ,provided that we can maintain that deep ,persistant consolidated Mind in our daily life.

















The heavenly God said:


In order to cultivate Tao, you first have to turn your back to all daily matters and those earthly connections . Before you sit down to meditate, let nothing attach to your mind.


When observing your mind and tracing their fluctuations , you need to get rid of all of them so that a calm and condensed state can be maintained . In fact , not only attachments, but any tiny ideas or fluctuations should be eliminated . Do it in every moment of life without interruptions.


Remove the shifted minds, but not that Mind of consolidation ; consolidate the emptied Mind, without having any kinds of attachment , even to emptiness ;


Place your mind to nowhere, no time and no forms, yet without losing that state of persistent Emptiness.


For new practitioners , they are too eager to proceed , which conversely prevent them from success. They are either not knowing how to settle their minds, or not knowing the steps of it , a mind entangled in such predicament can only fail them; It is only after having practiced it repeatedly for a long time can they harness their mind ; don't give up at such stage ,otherwise you will lose the chance of living forever.


Wherever you go, whatever time you are in, let yourself have a consolidated Mind; whether you are dealing with a matter or free of any matters, keep that mind emptied. Stick to that spiritual Oneness despite what circumstance you are situated.


However, you shouldn't harness your mind too strictly for it will make you mentally sick , even insane ; a dull , stuffed mind always needs some relaxing . You need to tune that degree of freedom for yourself. Harness it but not let it stuck , release it but not allow it to shift away .


It is after you can stay calm and clear even in a very noisy circumstance , get entangled by troubles yet without being annoyed , can you claim a genuine consolidated Mind be attained. There is no need to chase after troubles even if your mind is now worry-proof; there is no need to chase after quarrels even if you are now noise-proof.



Let the worry-proof Mind as the core of your mind , and let problems-solving as its applications . A mind like a pool of water , unaffected by any reflections on it , is a mind having a quality that enables you to get Consolidated Observation easily.


However, whether a great Wisdom can arise from it is always beyond our control , too eager to get it might undermine our Spiritual Nature, which conversely obstructs its emergence .


In fact , Genuine Wisdom is something abruptly popped up when you are not deliberately chasing for it . Having enlightened but not applying that Wisdom , being exceptionally smart but showing people foolishness is the Taoist ( positive feedback) way of helping you in further enhancing your ability.



In consolidated observation , you may come across many spirits ,which likely are attracted by you or are affected by different states of your minds ; if you experience some gods, although not necessarily things negative , don't attach to them as there is no need to further add any likes or dislikes , pros or cons to it . And, it is in such a process that you shake off your old karma, yet add no new ones to your life ; you are therefore no longer entangled by those earthly troubles . Practice it persistently, in the end you will attain the real Tao.


There are 7 proofs to verify how well you have practiced it , say if :


1)You now attain a calm and consolidated mind with no effort . Or, you see through those karma , things look fortunate yet illusory , easily .


2) All your diseases suddenly disappear, you feel nimble and pleasant.


3)Wrinkles on your face receded , and your marrow refilled. You find yourself much younger.


4)Your can live ten thousands of years, and people call you the Immortals;


5) Your body changed into qi , you now become a Genuine Person .


6) You further refine your qi into pure Shen ,and you are now the Person of Shen ;


7)Finally, by merging all your Shen into Tao, you become the Upmost Person.



During this process , your power of observation should grow stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter; in fact, attaining Tao means making your Wisdom full and perfect.


On the other hand , if people whose practice show none of the mentioned proofs, and they still wear withered faces and have deteriorated bodies, then no matter how hard they claim themselves intelligent , no matter how great they boast of their achievement of Tao , nothing is really true.

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it was an amazing experience the first time I felt the bubble of thoughtform energy arise just beneath the niwan and rise up, and I was able to  detect and absorb the potential before it manifested as anything - that doesnt happen without "shutting the cranial nerves off" and transforming their resonant mode :)

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that doesnt happen without "shutting the cranial nerves off" and transforming their resonant mode :)

If you don't mind me asking, what do you mean by transforming their resonant mode?

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