Jing Chi in Post-Menopausal Women . . . (?)

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(1) I was following a certain line of inquiry this morning . . . and stumbled into something "obvious" that I just didn't know.   


(2) Let me describe it in a simplified way.


(3) According to Mantak Chia (for example) Men and Women spend a certain high percentage of Chi each day (I forget the exact percentages -- let's just say 30% to 40% for each) . . . to produce Jing Chi -- in sperm and related hormones for Men . . . and in ovaries and related hormones for Women.


(4) And that's then the source of sexual energy for all Men and pre-menopausal Women.


(5) But what, then, is the source of sexual energy for post-menopausal Women (?)


(6) It appears to me that a 60 year old Man has access to the same amount of sexual energy as a 30 year old Man (as long as he doesn't use it for ejaculation).


(7) Does a 60 year old Woman have access to the same amount of sexual energy as a 30 year old Woman (?)


(8) If not . . . what percentage does she have . . . and where is it stored (?)


Thanks . . .



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My first question: how reliable is Mantak Chia's information? How did he determine those percentages?


And lastly, does it really matter? :huh:

Not a helpful answer.

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Well he has certainly made a huge effort to write about energy stuff for the West. Doesn't make him an expert but he's more expert than anybody I know personally I'd guess. Some of his exercises I've done were useful.


Can't help on the post-meno energy source but I am near that and find it an interesting question.



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These thing are quite relative.


Depending on how one is living.


Generally, menstruation is a way female has of keeping YinYang "balance".


Excess yang factors (blood, minerals, proteins) are discharged downward.


Allowing female to remain relatively more yin.


Menopause is a transition of growth whereafter the female becomes more dry, more contracted, and less yin.


There are many distinctions we can make about qi - types of qi.


So the older woman is transitioning to processing environment energies differently from youth.


A different stage of "reproduction" that becoming more spiritual.


Post-menopause woman is usually becoming more focussed on wider attention and issues than in youth.


Becoming more social, beyond one family, and then"philosophical" and ultimately spiritual scope of concern.


Normal human development.


This qi processing difference is facilitating this.


All qi is coming from the environment and interaction with environment.


But our growth and development is always changing in terms of processing it.






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This is a tricky subject with too many variables involved


  • One being that kidney energy becomes much more instable at a certain age where memo pause pops up and some men will also suffer from unstable kidney at an older age.


  • Another factor will be that fire or heart energy will take advantage of the weaker kidney energy.
  • So it does not really matter how much energy you have at an older age but how will you will be able to balance things out to avoid “burning up” to soon


A deeper understanding


However, if you are in need of answer you might want to watch some free you tube videos from Damo Mitchel or read some of his books or someone else with a deep understanding of the aging process for example a great acupuncture -Giovanni Maciocia





You may noticed that they will not be so easy reads as the Mantak Chia stuff.

However you will be rewarded with a very deep understanding on these topics and understand why not many feel for a lack of a better word confident enough to answer that question.


This might not have been the answer you were hoping for





I am not a student of either masters mentioned but I enjoyed reading their books


For any female readers out there both masters mentioned have some interesting views on memo pause on how to survive it or on specific neidan cultivation for female practioners

One mentions them In his book and the other explains the theories and supplements the side effects of memo pause with herbs and acupuncture

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A great healer I know said that you can use your Shen to nourish your Qi and jing, so I wouldn't even worry about post-menopausal women!  And I definitely wouldn't worry about percentages.


Some women and men with thanks to healthy lifestyle, regular colonics, {no Qi Gong or Qi healing is even mentioned}, have given birthy to healthy children at the age of 70.   I have read in several sources that it is possible, regardless of age, to be as healthy at the age of 60 as one is at the age of 30, even natural!


So, without being flagrant, you might be better focussing on those rare examples that are inspiring, rather than numbers which are limiting ;)



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