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  1. Leading Qi to the teeth

    Humans repair their own teeth using their saliva. An injury to a tooth would not naturally turn "rotten". Modern food and dental procedures cause decay and tooth loss. Brushing teeth removes the remineralization the saliva is doing. Strong paralyzing herbs like peppermint interfere with saliva. Bad food alters the microbiome in the mouth and alter enzymes and other factors in your saliva, producing rot, and also causes deep tooth and bone mineral loss due to buffer reactions to acid conditions and acid solvent foods. Fluoride prevents teeth from interacting with saliva, so prevents remineralization and preserves cavities as cavities until your next dentist visit. It IS possible to actually grow new teeth. But not if you live like modern civilized people living lives based on fraud and industrial fairy tales. If you do that, forget Qi cultivation or manipulation outright. You won't achieve it or even understand it. Qi is not a substance. It's just movement between the poles of any polarity. Thinking you can "send" "that" to your teeth to repair them is a mistake. Rather, you would want to use your mind to alter the polarities involved, which are many. It's far simpler to understand the physiology and toss the dental fraud and just do what it takes to naturally have teeth. Modern way isn't producing that. -VonKrankenhaus
  2. Yeah. TaiJi is YinYang - Polarity. So Qigong exercises, for example, are altering the flow ("Qi") between the poles of various polarities. The polarities are identifiable and observable in the body (Structure and Function), and these were correlated to the timing and appearance of both the 5 major planets (Wu Xing) and to the stars of the Big Dipper moving around the Ecliptic Pole (Lo Shu, Later Heaven sequence) and these are about Time. and also correlated to the geography and movement on Earth (Fu Hsi Early Heaven Bagua). The Channels or "meridians" are where flow is happening, between Environment and "Organ", and between Organs and other Actions and Structures. Qi is just movement between the poles of those Polarities, or "YinYang". Changes we make to the polarities change this movement, which changes also structure.. -VonKrankenhaus
  3. I didn't say to eat vegetables for this issue. Substance in a simple soup is generally and mostly Water (Yin), and Minerals (Yin). Don't make a Yang soup. Make a broth, with seaweed, and a few bits of Yin vegetable. Also good in some cases is small red beans, like make red bean paste with, cooked with thick seaweed until soft and not dry. -Vonkrankenhaus
  4. Just more of food with Substance is required, and less foods that are volatile or Active. Salt is Yin, but will draw water out of your tissues and make you dry. Alcohol and refined sugar and drugs are all yang and can deplete minerals and Yin substance of the body. You lose Yin minerals in buffer reactions - maintaining homeostasis when taking too much Yang stuff. You don't specifically need meat and dairy and salt - for example, beans and seaweed, and soups, and many other better and more easily assimilated Yin foods will do. Dehydration also a factor with Yin deficiency, so stay hydrated with good liquids - but not ones with sugars or volatile chemicals in them - more like congee and good soups with seaweed & mineral-rich vegetables, etc. -VonKrankenhaus
  5. Help on healing! :D

    You are in that monastery already. I was showing how to get out of it. -VonKrankenhaus
  6. Help on healing! :D

    Not "The Energy". Just your basic Health and functioning. This you can approach by diet and how you are living. If you, for example, eat GMO food, at all, or live in a modern building - most of the stuff in modern life - then this is not traditional cultivation, or person, or "energy". Un-natural or sanitized biomes, environment, means diminishment of your functions. Fluoride in water, amalgam or ceramic tooth fillings, vaccines, most "medications" - all these take years and years to recover from to form a base for any real cultivation. Daily showering, for another example, washes away skin layer making hormone conversion - not normal for humans. The way many modern people are constructed now, it can take over 30 years to get to a base level where any exercise is any different for them than any other. -VonKrankenhaus
  7. Words we use and what they mean to us

    "Spiritual" is a material perspective. Spiritual and Physical arise at same time - like Movement reveals or establishes Stasis. What is connecting to Spirit? What is it that has "perspective"? Isn't it you and others? Are you not physical? No physical = No Spiritual. Thought is Yang. Mind is Yin. All movement is Yang. How did Physical happen? A Thought appeared in Mind. By what mechanisms do you think? Objects move in the Physical, as described - your physical "functioning". "You" built the structures that are doing this. "You" are just a crystallization of overall Environment. "You" built yourself, from yourself. You are a thought that appeared in Mind. Physical and Spiritual are not separate or "standalone". -VonKrankenhaus
  8. Help on healing! :D

    Fix that first. Establish full health before getting into details of cultivation. Otherwise you may "cultivate" imbalance. -VonKrankenhaus
  9. Words we use and what they mean to us

    Awareness - To me, this is bio-chemical - like neurotransmitter hormones determining awareness On or Off. Consciousness - To me, this is one effect of the above. Mind - This to me is what the above two things are connecting with, and this is always present and existing beyond any individual "awareness" or "consciousness". None of these seem to mean or require any "ideas" at all. -VonKrankenhaus
  10. I think that you will find these to be polar opposites. MANY start out looking for "Power". When they get that, they eventually see what that really means. That's when "Cultivation of Self" begins. Because the first idea of "Power" is almost always a False Idea of it. And "Cultivation of Self" is all there really is for anyone to do, and will produce the only real "Power" they will actually "obtain" And that "Power" will be exactly NOT what the first idea was about. -Vonkrankenhaus
  11. Year of the Pig

    This is 8 Soil Year in 9 Palaces astrology. Mountain. Time to accumulate and build up. After all the flaming and burning in the 9 Fire year we just had. -VonKrankenhaus
  12. I think my Martial Arts has evolved into Static Meditations. While at the same time, my Static Meditations are actually doing what I used to do with Martial Arts. Doing both for so long - they reversed and disappeared. I am surprised now when I see them at all. But I know they are still there, like the back of my knees are. Because that's how the backs of my knees were built. -VonKrankenhaus
  13. How to conduct Shamanic Journey to Forgive Enemies?

    There should be no need. If you have "hated enemies" in the first place - THAT is the issue. If you see even one "enemy", then find out how THAT happened. What weakness causes you to see Enemies? And what further weakness causes you to Hate, anything? What can you not accept? Where did such limited capacity actually come from? What has weakened you? That can be the end of the "journey" - it's right there at the beginning. -VonKrankenhaus
  14. Advice for Wudang Schools for Study

    Just want to clarify: It's not about fan or not. His video, posted in another discussion - stuff he shows is not accurate. That's all. Just not accurate to what he is supposedly teaching. He is doing a "schtick" in that video. -VonKrankenhaus
  15. Advice for Wudang Schools for Study

    What kind of experience you looking for? Brooklyn Bridge? Pinocchio? Wizard of Oz? If you just really want to learn real things about Daoism, TaiJi Philosophy, Classical Chinese medicine and actually learn and apply these things, then you can find things like that in a diner. Somewhere they are serving coffee and cake. Or a guy in the back of a book shop. So, going as a tourist is maybe better. Like "6 Flags" might be "interesting", but what people say who live nearby is always much more interesting and informative, and actually, "real". I bet some of the most interesting things have settled at the periphery and have been observing. -VonKrankenhaus