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  1. An acupuncturist posted this

    Original diagram - did it say "human"? I did not see that. In any event, as I explained - I used this word because it IS or HAS been associated with ovulation. People don't like word "heat" - okay. We can forget that word. I will use another way of showing YinYang of menstruation. Can use "Moon" too - is full Moon Yang? New Moon Yin? Traditionally, yes. If you say full Moon is Yang, then New Moon is Yin and we would expect to see menstruations happening more at New Moon (Yin). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3716780 -VonKrankenhaus
  2. An acupuncturist posted this

    I merely used "heat" because the diagram is a diagram that show polarity using Fire and Water, and I saw that functions associated with "heat" were put on the Water side of diagram. "Heat" isn't a behavior at all. It's about temperature, and activity (movement, energy), and about, in this context, specifically referring to mammalian ovulation and not menstruation in all common usages - the only reason I used word. To think it is just about the observable behavior of women during ovulation is a stretch in relation to the diagram we were shown - going way past anything actually written by me to react to. Your statements about ovulation in humans do not match current science about human behavior during ovulation. If this is a topic you interested in, you already know this. If not, what are you doing? The only thing discussed by me using that word was why to put ovulation and menstruation on the sides of the TaiJiTu that the "acupuncturist" did who made diagram we saw (now removed) - why put something associated with "heat" on the Water side and not Fire side of diagram? I promise I will study newspeak and modern societal brainwashings so as not to run afowl in my using of words describing Taoism and Chinese medicines, and I never meant to offend anyone with any word about anything. -VonKrankenhaus
  3. An acupuncturist posted this

    People do say of ovulation in mammals "in heat". I mentioned this merely to straighten out the YinYang of the sides of the cycle. The context was obvious, so I was not making commentary on women and dogs but about Fire and Water as used in the Ming era TaiJiTu that was shown. In that Tu, Fire is not Yin. Ming TaiJiTu is like the center of Zhou Dunyi Tu that is older, and older Tu explicitly use Fire and Water trigrams that appear in stylized form in the more modern one: -VonKrankenhaus
  4. An acupuncturist posted this

    The TaiJiTu does not use Heaven and Earth to show polarity. It is using Fire and Water trigrams in stylized form. This shows the Yang in the Yin and the Yin in the Yang as Water and Fire do. Specifically for the reason you state. But that is not reason to flip-flop about basic Yang and Yin in relation - Yang is movement, Yin is stasis, and so forth. Yang is action, Yin is substance, etc. But - the diagram shown did try to map the menstrual cycle and specific events and hormone levels as a "YinYang" cycle, and this is all I was commenting about the YinYang of - what they showed in that Tu. If you want to instead map emotions or other phenomena related to cycle, this is fine - but was not specifically shown or stated in the original diagram we did see. Again, sorry if any misunderstanding. -VonKrankenhaus
  5. An acupuncturist posted this

    The diagram was Ming dynasty TaiJiTu, with menstruation on Yang side and Ovulation mapped out on Yin side of Tu. People who studied Taoist philosophy, Chinese medicine, and Chinese diagrams (Tu) responded with viewpoints. Even person who DID say "this is wrong" is just giving a medical opinion relating to their understanding of YinYang of cycle. I for one would like to apologize if anything I wrote was taken as trying to out-tell women specifically about anything, because none of that was in my intentions. Just commenting on my own understandings of YinYang, Biology, and TaiJiTu. Sorry if people became confused. -VonKrankenhaus
  6. An acupuncturist posted this

    Where? Diagram at top of post is the Ming dynasty TaiJiTu. If that is the "experience", then I notice: This is stylized depiction of trigrams for Fire (yang) and Water (Yin). You look from left and count - Yang/Yin/Yang - that is Fire. Keep going and count - Yin/Yang/Yin - that is Water. In ovulation part of cycle, egg is ejected from tube and moves, and person is said to be "in heat". In menstruation part of cycle, blood is falling down. Yes, you can say menstrual cramps "ejecting" - but menstrual blood itself not "ejected". Just "flows" after pooling. Is "released". Find it on pad, not across room on wall. -VonKrankenhaus
  7. An acupuncturist posted this

    The egg is actively ejected out of the follicle, which is above the uterus. Menstrual blood merely flows downward once it leaves the uterus. It is not "ejected". It "Flows". So these are two different thing happening in two different places. In discerning, do not conflate object with movements, and do not conflate different movements in same classification. -VonKrankenhaus
  8. An acupuncturist posted this

    The egg itself is receptive, Yin. But the movement (Qi) of egg popping out of the follicle and moving - "ovulation" - is Yang. Menstrual cycle is not of the egg, but of the Woman making and moving egg. Contractions ("cramps") are Yang, but that is not the actual release (Yin) of blood downward, which is Yin. Birth - living baby ejected outward and crying is Yang. Releasing instead unfertilized blood downward is Yin. -VonKrankenhaus
  9. An acupuncturist posted this

    I would think that menstruation as a phenomena, blood, going downwards - Yin. And ovulation as a phenomena, egg popping outward and moving - Yang. That particular TaiJiTu is a 400-ish yr old stylization of the trigrams for Fire and Water. Menstruation is not "Fire". Ovulation is not "Water" -- They say "In Heat". -VonKrankenhaus
  10. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    In fact, modern people are showing degeneration and degenerative disease at "normal" food levels. So the modern Feed System is not making functional humans. And Jing being thus acquired - is defective. Out of balance in structure and functions. Must be fixed, repaired. Modern food and medicine is making Internal Cultivation and Qigong into a pipe dream for modern people. All that must be fixed first, and food and human living must be understood in the traditional way first, before techniques shown. -VonKrankenhaus
  11. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    Anciently, and especially before Civilization, it is Food. Hormones are made from fatty acids and cholesterol which people make in body. If not enough food, then trade between activity, reproductive, and thinking functions is happening. People going to be conquered are usually thus starved first. -VonKrankenhaus
  12. Experience with 2 psychics - thoughts?

    Everyone has psychic ability. You can develop yours and be free. First step is getting diet and physical health very good. Unhealthy people is inconsistent perception. Maybe one time okay, another time way off, etc. I always thought people seeing psychic is a little strange - they see the value when the psychic tells them what they already know, but since it hasn't happened yet, nobody can tell the value of actual psychic predictions at the time given. Seems backwards. Is the purpose just to see if someone can actually be psychic? Or is it to know things? If to know things - why one stranger knows, but the one asking, who is more involved, does not? Actually, reality is available at all times. It's all that is ever happening - so is "accessible". -VonKrankenhaus
  13. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    This is a mistake. "consolidate Qi like spirits" - Spirits have no substance, but do exhibit movement and thus invisible energy of movement. Consolidate means make substance of - the substance of spirits is not physical, but is energy and movement. In the way spirits derive their "substance", which is actually "information". Passage is NOT about breathing, French "vital breath" ideas, or "packing Qi" via breathing exercises. Whole document is not an "exercise manual". -VonKrankenhaus
  14. Blue Light

    Do they have any other indicators? What kind of development do they say the blue flashes indicate? -VonKrankenhaus
  15. Blue Light

    This is also a side effect from too much synthetic fertilizer in vegetables. Particularly nitrogen. You seeing blue sparks and flashes. Also, these can be liberated from tissues by sudden or unusual exercise and hydration, and cause same thing. -VonKrankenhaus