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  1. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    An examination of the reality of your own gut biome in relation to modern products and environments will show otherwise. And modern degenerative disease statistics also will show otherwise. Do you worry about infectious diseases like polio and measles and smallpox? Ever take antibiotics? Do you pay taxes to others? Are you in contracts with a government or a bank over basic things? Did you generate the ideas and concepts you use to think? Or were these developed by other people for you? Who were they? What was their motivation? Do you use money? -VonKrankenhaus
  2. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    It is called "civilization". Animal husbandry and agriculture being used to create large synthetic populations of abstracted domesticated humanoid slaves. This allows concentration of power and physical technology development. It is not "sustainable". It's just to accomplish a purpose, and then will be folded back up. -VonKrankenhaus
  3. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    I'm interested to know how it differs. What "variations" do you see regarding YinYang, for example? And what is the source of the Movement in Wu Xing to you? What do you see as the source of the Movements in the Lo Shu? And who is teaching YinYang and Wu Xing differently from, for example, the NeiJing, or the diagram of Zhou? -VonKrankenhaus
  4. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    "The" instruction? TaiJi never changed. YinYang never changed. Qi never changed. Wu Xing still same for hundreds and hundreds of years, etc. -VonKrankenhaus
  5. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    TaiJi Diagram of Zhou Dunyi: This shows WuJi, TaiJi, YinYang, Wu Xing, etc. Not in experience - don't understand? -VonKrankenhaus
  6. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    I don't mean TaiJiChuan. I mean Taji Philosophy. If cannot tell the difference, then yes, what I am writing is not in your experience. But it is basic thinking in Taoism - WuJi/TaiJi, YinYang, Wu Xing, Bagua, I Ching - all workings of TaiJi philosophy. You can Google Zhou Dunyi and see TaiJiTu, etc, to verify. And NeJing Su Wen also has informations about YinYang and Wu Xing applications. -VonKrankenhaus
  7. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    YinYang is not about balance or stasis. WuJi is "No Polarity". That's what "Balance" is - no polarity. TaiJi is "Extreme Polarity" - so this is about polarity and difference, even as exhibited by a single thing. Moving happens in polarities, not in Stasis or Balance or Nothing. Qi is that Movement, any Movement in any Polarity. Balance = No Movement, No Qi. Not understanding TaiJi and YinYang is not understanding the 4 Emblems, which is not understanding Bagua, which is not understanding I Ching. Also Wu Xing. -VonKrankenhaus
  8. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    When you see "Sillness" or "Movement" - this is YinYang. "The stillness and movement will react so,,," means YinYang. YinYang means "Polarity". No Polarity = No Movement. What is the movement? Qi is movement between the poles in any polarity. This is what the lines are about, and the reversal at the extreme, etc. -VonKrankenhaus
  9. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    I'm not meaning the specific book, but the subject matter. I mean ability to use the book to understand the subjects detailed in it. This one book is missing stuff that one would need to understand in order to understand this book. This effects the translation and interpretation. I hope that is more clear. Those aspects I mentioned are necessary to understand topics of that book, but are not in it. -VonKrankenhaus
  10. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    Sure. Workings of YinYang is not detailed. That is primary to everything else. What is Qi? Book doesn't really show. Source of Wu Xing is not detailed. Source of Bagua is not detailed. Working of Wu Xing in Bagua is not really detailed. Without details, reader is making "leaps" without facts. And so some mistaken statements do scatter here and there throughout. -VonKrankenhaus
  11. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    Typical western stuff. That book isn't really accurate. The generalizations it produces are the issue with further understanding change in I Ching. Look back at parts about the Bagua, and about Wu Xing. Stuff is missing. -VonKrankenhaus
  12. Video 5: moving lines and a way to deal with them (1)

    Important to know changes in terms of YinYang. Yang is movement, Yin is stasis. This means all growth and movement is Yang. And look at changes in the Bagua. I Ching people see is based on Later Heaven Bagua - Lo Shu. Lo Shu is based on the movements of the stars in the Big Dipper around ecliptic pole. And has Wu Xing changes "retrofit" into it. So study reversals and changes in Wu Xing first. So these movements must be understood and kept in mind looking at I Ching changes. If full understanding of these is missing, then I Ching is more "mysterious". -VonKrankenhaus
  13. What happens to suicides?

    You didn't invent savings, transportation, relationships, society, circles, homes, community, metrics, or spirituality. They are actually all the inventions of other people and groups, and all created to satisfy their own agendas. So you have no inherent responsibility to these things. No need to feel bad if you don't do them the way someone else intended, or at all. Your life never had those limits, and doesn't now. You are already free from all of it, and always have been. Nobody has to die to realize this and move on from it. Which way then to go? You are free to see and go and do whatever is truly important and appropriate to you, as always. -VonKrankenhaus
  14. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Might want to include some other sources besides or in addition to DaoDeJing. Westerners especially view DDJ as "the" "manual of" Taoism. That's because of Western academia. DDJ is not showing a philosophy in any detail. Just how to apply it to one large task - running a municipality of people. There are MANY other aspects of Taoism to study and understand besides this one thing. But in popular media culture and the related educations available - nobody would know. Best is to study overall first, before concentration on one specific item or source. Wishing you best luck in making Taoist phone "app", and I do think is a good idea generally. -VonKrankenhaus
  15. What is Light? What is a human body? Light is a vibration. "Electromagnetic" vibration. Body is matter. Dark is the absence of Light. And Light is an action, a movement. Consider what Light and the Body are - one is action, the other is materials. This body has formed by actions on materials. Without the materials, the actions just keep moving and do not encounter materials, and many of the actions do not happen. When sunlight hits materials there is heat. If the sunlight hits no materials - no heat. Hot air is a material. So be careful breathing someone else's hot air about Light and Bodies. Light is often visible. So wait until you actually see the Light. When you see it, you have found it. -VonKrankenhaus