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  1. Where can I find more information about the "Four Greats"?

    This is the Szu-Hsiang - T'ai Yang (Greater Yang), Shao Yin (Lesser Yin), Shao Yang (Lesser Yang), and T'ai Yin (Greater Yin). From the Szu-Hsiang the Bagua (Eight Trigrams) are derived: In I Ching you can read in appendix: ""In the Changes there is the Supreme Ultimate (T'ai Chi), which produced the Two Forms (yin and yang). These Two Forms produced the four emblems (Szu-Hsiang), and these four emblems produced the eight trigrams": For "Four Symbols" this can introduce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Symbols -VonKrankenhaus
  2. Where can I find more information about the "Four Greats"?

    They are the same planets. Same times rising at the horizon, etc. Western systems use these 5 visible planets, plus Sun & Moon. Otherwise, their calendars are different. Chinese calendars use 10 Stems (YinYang of Wu Xing) for a week, and orbit of Saturn (Kronos) timing the 48 Lunar Mansions and also orbit of Jupiter (Zeus) for the solar year. Western used to be lunar (sea & coast people - tides) and became solar. Modern playing card deck shows the Western calendar. Correspondences to these sky events, like in West, are variable in Chinese history, but also mostly consistent. These are used in many fields of study. Maybe was meaning the "4 Emblems"? These are the divisions of the TaiJi, the polarity of polarity. I think this would make more sense for someone to mention in a discussion with Wu Xing than "4 Greats". There is also LaoTzu quote, but this doesn't fit well either: "In the world there are four greats, And the king is one of them. Man is ruled by Earth. Earth is ruled by Heaven. Heaven is ruled by the Way. The Way is ruled by itself." -VonKrankenhaus
  3. Where can I find more information about the "Four Greats"?

    5 phases or Wu Xing is not actually about physical elements. It is not a system of "5 elements". Phases in Wu Xing are Time Periods, and not things at all. They are the order of the appearances of the 5 major visible planets on the horizon. Lists of phenomena correspondences to these time periods were produced and used in cultivation, philosophy, and medicine, etc. The YinYang of these is the basis of the 10 day Chinese week - the 10 Stems. Western systems use the 5 planets plus the "luminaries" - Sun & Moon, and this is the "7 Days of the Week". "4 Greats" - this usually refer to the 4 major Chinese philosophy: Confucianism, Daoism, Mohism and Legalism. -VonKrankenhaus
  4. Jing is the inherited and acquired physical potentials (poles of polarities) that Qi moves in. -VonKrankenhaus
  5. Qi is movement between the poles of a polarity. No polarity = No movement. YinYang is the study of Polarity. -VonKrankenhaus
  6. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    Qi is movement between the poles of a polarity. It is not a substance of any kind. It is Movement. No Polarity = No Movement. In the body there are many movements happening in many polarities, and even in "nested" polarities, and between polarities involving the environment. All of these Movements are "Qi" of various kinds. -VonKrankenhaus
  7. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    They really are not, no matter how many times you assert this. Writing it over and over will not make it true. It's obvious that you didn't understand the TaiJiTu or how it was derived at the time you started writing this. But now in discussion you have seen plenty of accurate info and references to further information. And still not understanding. Yes, that is obvious. Which lead me to think that you didn't come here to learn anything at all, but only to tell. Which is great - but what you are telling is inaccurate and not true. -VonKrankenhaus
  8. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    You would need to understand this in order to make comparisons. But you've answered yourself: Which is incorrect. Here is the current flow in a simple electric circuit. All energy moves from Yang to Yin. And the Chinese characters for Yin and Yang do not depict "negative" and "positive". What they do depict is really just indicative of Polarity. It is technically correct to say YinYang meaning is"Polarity". That was a TaiJiTu - a "Yin and Yang symbol" from about 1000 yrs ago. It's basis is exactly the same as the one you are more familiar with, which is only about 400 yrs old. The meaningless letters say "Yang is Movement" and "Yin is Stillness". These describe YinYang, or "Polarity". Notice they are asymmetrical. Stillness is not a force or counter-force or a movement. The "swirls" in the "Yin and Yang" symbol you know AND the "black and white contrasts" in the 1000 yr old diagram are the Chinese characters for Fire and Water. That is THE primary symbol of Polarity that the TaiJi - or, "YinYang" is showing - the polarity "Fire/Water". Fire and Water are not Numbers. This is not a geometric symbol. It is "representational" or "metaphoric" or "associative" and not literally representing abstract symmetrical geometry. 2*3 = 3*2 using Numbers. This is symmetrical and commutative. Numbers are that. Real things and processes are not: Fire * Water - does not equal - Water * Fire. Build a Fire, then throw Water on it. Then build some Water and throw a Fire on it - Two different things and processes and outcomes. As I explained, it IS the "TAIJI (yinyang symbol)". I've already shown you more than is in books. This is a part of Chinese philosophy and Taoism, part of those general studies. You could study those before making up proclamations about them, and comparisons with things that are fundamentally incorrect in themselves. So Physics would be a good start as well. Studying these will arm you for learning and discussion far better than the couple of web sites you have seen. This forum is full of posts about Taoism and Chinese philosophy, all worth checking out. And plenty of posts about the relationships between Taoist cosmology and thinking and modern science. Easy to find right here in this forum for background and suggestions of good references, etc. -VonKrankenhaus
  9. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    It really isn't. None of what you are writing is actually describing Chinese Taiji or YinYang. The above is not a Torus and does not represent or depict one. Neither do the Ming dynasty ones. Maybe looks symmetrical to you, but it isn't symmetrical any more than Fire and Water or Movement and Stillness are as polarities. -VonKrankenhaus
  10. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    Then it is about abstract psychology and imagination and fantasy. And that is what it looks like, and is. It's like saying "imagine walking to Saturn, and that Saturn is a Bunny, and your feet are 3 miles long". -VonKrankenhaus
  11. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    You won't get very far trying to classify colors in actual polarities. I will use "Red" as an example: How do you know what Red is? Two Red objects - a Tomato, and a Hot Iron. One "Red" is reflected, and one is Emitted or "Generated". Both are "Red". So when you use "Red" in a calculation like you are doing, this is like comparing a Tomato to a Red-Hot Iron and using them as the same thing in a transaction or statement. We can look at "Blue" as well. Ultraviolet Light is "Blue" light. A Blueberry on a bush is "Blue". These are not the same and not interchangeable in computations. ALL of the abstractions and formulas and diagrams you are using have the same type of inaccuracy problem and cannot explain real phenomena. -VonKrankenhaus
  12. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    They are making a mistake with it then. This (the TaiJiTu) is the trigrams for Fire and Water, literally, explicitly. Opposites in Harmony are not Opposites. Harmony, Unity, Equality - these are all WuJi and not TaiJi. There are, inherently, no real commutative and symmetrical or reversible polarities of real manifested things. Light/Dark is not a commutative polarity. Dark is not the complimentary opposite of Light. Dark is the absence of Light. Polarity, or "YinYang", is non-commutative and non-reversible. If you want commutative speculation - try communist dialectics. For example - Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao. But that kind of dialectic falls apart trying to explain actual phenomena like Life/Death or how Atoms stay together, etc. And does not work at all with Chinese medicine or Qigong, TaiJi Boxing, etc. Totally different principles, very Western and all abstract and not real. -VonKrankenhaus
  13. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    Motion that is instantly everywhere is not motion. It would be Stasis. "Stopped" Motion is not Motion. And a Movement is a Thing. All things have and exhibit Polarity. No need to go ad-hominem for not understanding that. -VonKrankenhaus
  14. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    Obviously, that is a problem. I know you just told me to go back and re-read my own comments, but perhaps if YOU do that and come back with literally the first item I wrote that you didn't understand, and then any others - perhaps I can clarify. My comments are also my replies to what you have written, my "response" to them - so if any are not clear to you or confusing, then you wouldn't know what I wrote to continue, and you would end up posting same thing again - and my response is going to be the same or similar. So, obviously - point by point, starting with first statement that wasn't clear - might help. I know what I am writing is different from your mindset, but I would like to make it clear why and how, especially to make this part of Taoist thinking clear and describe how it differs from Western Number and Logic. -VonKrankenhaus
  15. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    Abstract Number-Based Symmetric Geometric figures do not represent accurately the TaiJi. Yang is Movement, Yin is Stillness. The "divisions of YinYang" that you see are asymmetrical. The TaiJiTu is not showing symmetrical subject matter. It is a stylized figure. Fire and Water are non-commutative. Your abstract Numbers ARE - 2*3 = 3*2. Things and Processes are Actions, not Numbers. Planck's constant is a clunky admission of the asymmetry of YinYang. You must resort to subspace geometry and funky diagrams like the Alain Connes diagram that was posted earlier. You won't find the number dimensions you calculate. They aren't real. The real ones bend all your numbers into pretzels, and that is what people are doing now who are thinking - building better and more stylish pretzels. Me - I am okay with just One Good Bao, as always. -VonKrankenhaus