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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    I know this doesn't normally fall into cool pictures, but -- My only child just had her first child, a boy (William Kaine) Friday night, and now I'm a grandma. So this is the cool picture I've been staring at lately. :-) PS here he's being held by my dad, the maternal great-grandfather.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Mongol Rock or something. Actually kinda cool :-)
  3. What are you listening to?

    I love this simple slow song
  4. Gut Bacteria and "I"

    Sounds good MuadDib. I used to eat this "propolis" that came with a raw honey I was fond of. It's a weird stuff but my body liked it. The last honey I tried when off keto temporarily was a raw asian honey/pollen/propalis blend that kinda reminded me of this honey-butter emulsified stuff my dad used to eat -- very thick, likely centrifuged -- eye-rollingly dreamy. I bet honey's great in kefir, but I've never tried it. Great idea.
  5. Calcium and the pineal gland

    I don't know about the conspiracy part. However, this push on calcium is fairly typical of the kind of thinking in western medicine. People have problems with their bones having enough calcium. They have these problems because vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are chronically deficient in the population, and without these vitamins, the calcium will not store very well in the bones and instead tends to store in joints and spine, generally places that cause pain eventually (and a growing need for drugs and medical intervention). But our medical paradigms don't do very well at the holistic "interconnected" element of all the vital nutrients (despite that scientifically we usually know them... on paper, anyway). So they say, "low calcium in bones... stuff more calcium into the body!" Even though that is not the fix and causes other problems. I've lately been looking into what is needed to DEcalcify the body (when in inappropriate places), solely to keep my inserted bovine heart valve as healthy as possible.
  6. 3 Minerals

    Aside from Lugols (a liquid, and I think a 2% limit since people use it to make drugs so they don't sell the higher %s in retail now), there is also a capsule form called Iodoral which comes in two doses (for those interested).
  7. Potassium

    Potassium affects the heart and until yesterday (coincidentally) the highest dose capsule on the market appeared to be 99mg. I found one yesterday someone pointed me to, that is 200mg ('pure encapsulations' brand on amazon if you are still looking). The RDA for potassium is incredibly high. So far the only thing I've found with a huge dose of it is orange juice concentrate. And even drinking the entire thing didn't hurt me. So I guess the 99mg limit is to protect people with some kind of other problem it could interfere with. Otherwise, you can buy potassium in powder form and measure it out. I use potassium sometimes as salt, and as baking soda (also with cream of tartar to make baking powder, along with EnerG which is a potassium/magnesium blend for baking soda instead of sodium).
  8. TCM view on colostrum?

    Allegedly, the goat/cow colostrum used as a supplement is not a permanent supp (like say, niacin or something) but rather, a temporary supp to assist with healing the intestinal system and reducing inflammatory response. It's bleeping expensive is all I know. I actually have some and have not opened the package.
  9. EMDR for PTSD, my story

    That is very interesting, thanks. It reminds me of a meditation that ... well never mind but an identity in my inner world shared with me, related to the heart chakra and to visualizing and 'breathing/pushing' the 'shape of your fear' (however it intuitively presents to you when you ask for it to) out of your body. It's had a couple astounding results with me. In both examples, when it finally reaches my primary 'edge' (skin) and starts pushing through (this is all imaginal, as energy), it shifts me into the NOW with the energy -- like extreme emotion IN the moment of it -- but once it's fully out and passes, it's gone -- and from then on, the event in question is "information not emotion" in me. Sounds like a similar end result.
  10. Demineralized teeth

    On another forum this was recommended for both whitening and remineralizing teeth, and I went to see the ingredient and saw the reviews were about that topic also:
  11. Its Time To End The War On Salt

    It's a conspiracy because without sufficient sodium your body will not maintain sufficient stores of potassium, magnesium, calcium, or some other minerals, which makes you a better consumer of a/ more food your body drives you to eat to get it (especially "ingestible entertainment" of today's commercial world) and b/ medical services, surgeries and drugs that are mostly the follow ons of what happens to human health when it has insufficient minerals. Most people with alleged high sodium problems actually have potassium deficiency.
  12. Raw garlic

    When younger and working long hours outside the home, if I started feeling a bit ill or even was surrounded by people ill, I would shift to eating for breakfast a couple raw garlic cloves, with a bit of medium cheese (jack, cheddar, or colbyjack) to sort of "blunt the fire," and scallions (also w/the cheese) dipped in the hottest salsa I could stand. At the time I would eat a rolled up flour tortilla heated and dipped in the salsa as well (I can't do that now, and I also think cheese is not ideal for this). I can't prove it helped me, but I was NEVER sick -- for years, when everybody else was. PS the super-healthy enzyme whose name I can't recall right now that is credited to garlic needs 10 minutes of oxygenation on exposed surfaces to develop.
  13. I'm a serious carnivore. So I have zero beliefs about plants vs. animals being better or more spiritual etc. as some do. However if I eat meat consistently I feel heavier, and red meat consistently makes me feel "dark inside." When I have had bouts of very little meat or cheese and more veggies, I feel much lighter inside, and have a number of subjective, anomalous perceptions I don't get with a lot of meat in my diet. Such as that with classical music, I can "almost" feel the tones "inside my torso" as if they are each a thin moving line of color dancing around. Sadly, I don't much like veggies, especially detest green ("bitter dirt") things, I react to nearly all forms of grain, and carbs (from tubers and starches) make me miserable and fatter. So I pretty much have to eat meat, and only an occasional salad. Still, I admit that my body feels differently depending on my food. I often fast -- although I admit my longest fast in the last few years is two weeks -- and I like that feeling as well.
  14. Alternate Day Fasting / Eat Every Other Day

    @liminal_luke I used to follow Martin's blog when it was active, way back when. Now that fasting is more popular in internet discussion, there is: scheduled eating -- any fast less than 24 hours cyclic fasting -- any 'consistent' schedule like day on/off, or 5:2, etc. intermittent fasting -- for >24hrs, UN-regularly scheduled eating Used to just be 'IF' for everything Now the terms are just a mess lol The last couple weeks I've been doing 2 or 3 simple 1MADs (23hr fast, 1hr eating window) followed by 72h fast, back and forth. I was just speeding up my return to keto to minimize misery. Getting a keto mojo really helped me a lot. Unless I change my mind (which I might soon), my current rule is I figure my GKI (glucose ketone indicator -- which is glucose divided by ketones divided by 18) and if it's over 4.0 I fast for another day and if it's 4 or less I go ahead and eat, either 1 meal, or a 3-4 hour window, depending on what I have and feel like. Martin really deserves credit for his proactive work with weight lifting and cyclic fasting in the early days. Other people wrote books basically just ripping off his ideas! If you have an interest in keto/fasting/lifting, the have several people real into that there.
  15. Feet baths

    You can always use magnesium (epsom) salt. Then you have both a salt and magnesium which most of us are deficient in allegedly anyay. And that stuff comes in bulk, less expensively than ordinary culinary salts.