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  1. I love Tacos

    Keto but for the raisins and apples, lovely sugar bombs :-) A SWEETish taco -- sounds interesting! RC
  2. I read a few of the DUNE books back in... wow. I guess it was about 1984 or so. I was completely obsessed with the series for some time. (I was 19 then.) My favorite memory of them all this time later is Duncan -- my favorite character by far. I have a sort of fascination with clones, chimera, and so on. RC
  3. WalMart and shit...

    Walmart was in the city where I live (~15K pop) before I moved here in 2000. They upgraded to 'super walmart' (now just walmart again, but ridiculously large) I think in 2001. We lost five grocery stores, couple clothing stores, auto shops, sporting goods, a pharmacy, and probably several other things I'm not aware of. WM simply put them out of business. Nobody could compete with their prices -- or with the convenience of having everything in one place. One tiny grocer just a few doors down from me survived, because they were on a frontage road from Main St and it was kind of rectangle. So if you wanted milk, you could just run in and get it and run out. It wasn't like you had to hike to Guam at the opposite side the way you do with the big WM. It survived and gradually even expanded and moved across the street. Their prices are significantly higher though. In some respects they focused on the stuff WM didn't, like gluten-free and so on, which made people go there for that. Now even walmart has coconut and almond meal and GF everything, cauli and zuke frozen stuff for grainfree noodles or 'rice' and so on, so I'm not sure if that's helping them anymore. I shop there, because options are limited here now, and because the price of real food is high enough without making it worse. I make myself shop at the other store sometimes, just to support its existence. For the complaints about employee stuff though, I have to say, I know a couple people who have worked there for years. They pay 2-3$ more an hour than any of the other retail in town, there's a % off card, and the conditions aren't any more psycho than any other retail job (often better just because larger environs and formal HR policies reduce the personal-tyranny small places can experience). It bothers me that walmart and amazon (which pretty much have the majority of my non-bill paychecks for the last 15 years) are taking over everything though. There is this (IMO total propaganda) movie called 'The Circle.' It has this ending which apparently many watchers thought was a happy ending, and I thought was the summation of a nightmare. Having some global corp utterly controlling and monitoring your existence is slightly nauseating. RC
  4. The Hidden Life of Trees

    I have a signature quote on another forum for 15 years now that says, "If you love anything enough, it will talk with you." - George Washington Carver The Secret Life of Plants really affected me a lot when I was younger. Cleve Backster's experiments with polygraph and plants I find fascinating also. Some little books like Behaving as if the God in All Life Matters and The Perelandra Garden Workbook I rather enjoyed about 20 years ago when I first moved to this house. Had an interesting experience with the 'nature spirits' when rearranging a room that I still find difficult to believe. I've had a couple experiences where I was forced to experience and realize that 'space' is as subjective as 'time' which is... mind boggling. I once fell in love with a tree. I'd had a kundalini experience not long before and from heart to crown was rather overstimulated at the time which is probably why. I used to look around furtively and hug her and tell her how beautiful she was. I mourned having to move away from her! On that awesome Ayu... um, drug post that Taomeow posted (sorry it's on another page so I can't look up the spelling for either of those words) -- that was a really awesome description. It's kind of funny, because I had a dream that was so odd once but that kind of tied into the total life in the earth (not just plants) and your detail really reminded me of it. Also, I wrote a beginner novel (never published, many many years ago, but I might stick it on amazon kindle for the heck of it this year) -- paranormal, it's silly in parts -- but that has a... being/creature and an experience that is very like that, which I thought at the time I might have gotten from the dream. But hearing you describe that I suspect that is just the way it is. Lovely, thanks for sharing that. RC
  5. 2018 Gardening, Cloning, Aeroponics

    Yeah, having had a big fish tank at one point, my complete disinterest in the smell they tend to have if you don't clean them religiously has made me disinterested in anything fishy. I figure the hydroponics will be work enough. So prior to beginning the 'garden room' I have two things that have to be done which all this time later I am only just now getting to: 1/ the electric in the room needs rewiring, it kills electronics and I have something like 87000 Lux in LEDs (not to mention humidifier, fans, window A/C unit, and the basic electronics of the aeroponic and hydroponic systems) I don't want to wreck. It's taken me forever to find an electrician who will work in my small city. All the people listed do business not residential stuff. Finally I found a handyman who can do part of it and thinks he can talk an E. friend into doing the main box upgrade we need that the city has to verify. So maybe if I'm incredibly lucky that will get done in the next couple of months. 2/ because the room is going to be hot and humid all the time it needs to be repainted, so I got a solid primer and a mold-resistant (bathroom sort) of paint, both of them colored a light pistachio green (because white was boring) and I still need to actually do the work of painting the whole room. And the back wall of the closet since my house helper and daughter at some point in the last few years, removed AND LOST (threw away??) the DOOR to her closet. WTH, who does such a thing?! Anyway. So I have not begun yet. But I did, some months ago, buy I think everything I need for the project. I'm going aeroponic misting for the cloning, and several big tub ebb & flow systems for the various plants. I want to grow not just peppers (my favorite thing) but specifically alliums, which nobody I know has ever grown indoors hydroponically (they require a lot of light), and I couldn't even find much on the web about it sadly. On the bright side everybody moved out so I have the back room to make the garden. And I had the bright idea to have a handyman build me a big box in the garage, on legs of a sort, that connects to the joining wall of the living room, with a cat door. And the litter boxes are gradually moving into that so they are technically in the garage in a way -- and I will get my other back room returned to me so I can put my gym in there -- my squat cage, bench and rack has been dominating my living room for a long time now :-) -- and then maybe have more room to do crafts and stuff in the living room (I need to decoupage my kitchen cabinet doors and drawer faces, do some sewing, and so on). I totally have garden fever now because of the season. Usually hits me right before the new year for some reason. I have some novel seeds this year I haven't tried before. Since I'm growing indoors with lights, the season shouldn't much matter for whatever I'm doing. So starting things in -- hopefully -- March, which with Feb is serious winter here on the flat edge of the Ozarks -- hopefully won't matter much. :-) RC
  6. Modern 'Education'

    Actually the Pleiadians are of reptilian origin. I am kind of embarrassed that I know this. I looked at her stuff circa... 1994. She was a Seth fan (as am I) but her 'channeling' accent makes her sound like Elmer Fudd, which is simply hilarious. I have waded through more weird-shit on the internet since 1993 than most people, but I have to say, by far the worst conglomerates are those which mix metaphysics and/or aliens with the jesus mythos. True story: So I was sent a plane ticket by some nice people in '94 to come visit them. They were 'walk ins.' Never mind. Anyway, so he was a programmer and she was a nurse. He was also a pilot, built his own small plane. They had adult kids, they were in their late 40s or so. Sound fairly intelligent, right? I suppose. It was the most gawd-awful compilation of the Ashtar Command, modern UFOlogy 'abduction' lore, channeling, and completely misquoted new testament doctrine I had ever heard. (Not to mention they had half my clothes off before I realized they were more than just really nice. Ha! I'm socially oblivious sometimes. They were pretty disappointed I was celibate in that era lol. They probably should have asked before inviting me!) That was the first time I'd truly heard someone mix so many things into one new spiritual goulash, as I call it. :-) RC
  7. "Cobra Kai" - sequel series to Karate Kid

    I actually got youtube red for that because I thought the plot premise was so funny. Sadly, YTR has this thing where if you are logged in you can only use one video at a time. Like no others in other windows/browsers. The problem is, I watch ASMR 'layered' usually with some binaural Hz so about four at once and YTR prevented that. So I got rid of it. Hence not watching past episode 2. But thanks for the link -- I'll see if I can catch the rest now! RC
  8. Picked up a hitch hiker

    Day before yesterday my new neighbor came over. She has a 1.5 year old toddler girl named Luna. It was an interesting meeting. I always want to meet my neighbors and have a good relationship with them. It was odd though. She is 25. She and her husband were both meth users heavily for quite some time, and then they found Jesus and each other at the same time and she got pregnant nearly instantly so they married. That was in Wichita, but a distant relative gave them the ref to move in next door via family relation to the owner. She has... not a single personal interest that I could find. I'm not religious but I'd've been happy to spend an hour talkin about jesus (or buddha or anything else) if it made my neighbor happy, but not even that. She did say she likes 'hospital dramas' on TV, that's something, but I don't watch TV really and never that stuff so I had zero base of experience. I spent over an hour covering the entire range of everything I could think of that she might have any interest in -- including books, media, toddlers, even cooking or food -- nope. Nada. I found myself thinking, "For the love of god, NO WONDER this girl was a drug addict. She doesn't read, she doesn't think, she just exists like an NPC and watches TV. What was there to give meaning to her life?" Then I felt like a miserable cretin the rest of the day for being such a judgmental bitch in my head. Obviously, outside my head, I hope I was nothing but kind. I actually gave her my wifi password as they can't afford net and I hoped it would reach into their house at least the part near mine (it does) and I think I have the bandwidth to share. At least now she has netflix and youtube and not just antenna-TV. But it really just boggled my mind that she had no interests, doesn't read... I feel on some level like maybe the drug just sucked some connection to soul out of her. But perhaps that's unfair. Maybe she was that way before it. Here's hoping they don't relapse. * I picked up a hitchhiker a few years ago driving to the other side of town about 10pm. So I was on the way to walmart, which is the only thing open at night in my nowhere small city (in part because it killed off so many other businesses it's nearly the only thing left outside of fast food and medical). I see a young man walking, clearly toward WM because what the heck else is there open, and it's dark, and as he hears me nearing he puts out his thumb and keeps walking, so I ask myself, "Self, will this person do me harm? Life and death here babe, look into it." And self doesn't feel any sense of physical bad in my future so I pick him up. He's flying. "Where are you going?" I ask him. He looks at me, gets a funny look on his face, and then says -- clearly trying to be as scary as he can be -- "To the edge of town. The darkest edge of town." I burst into hilarious laughter. (Don't make me shoot you, kiddo.) He was clearly disappointed this did not have the desired effect. I dropped him off at walmart, after convincing him they had light, bathrooms, and benches to sit on, which would be better than being in the middle of nowhere in the dark alone. ;-) RC
  9. I love Tacos

    Heck. Do you guys realize that tomorrow is TACO TUESDAY?! Due to my ongoing but as yet incomplete attempt to heal leaky gut, I cannot eat gluten, glutin, or any nut/seed meals. (I'm keto so I don't eat the grains anyway.) So I am for the time being stuck with coconut flour and protein powder and maybe oat fiber as my sole baking options for making tortillas. Which... ergh. Kinda suck. I did however work out making taco shells out of cheese itself which are surprisingly pretty good (see). Although ridiculously filling! Taco Bowls are easiest but they aren't "real" mexican food. Just spiced chuck burger with shred cheese, diced scallions and tomatoes and jalapenos, sometimes some sour cream or guacamole. I miss carne asada, maybe I should be making tacos with that. Gak. Now I've made myself even more hungry but it's 1am so I'm not going to eat. Tomorrow (er, today, but later) I will eat. TACOS! RC
  10. More crappy 'New Age' "occult " trend .

    So, "synchronicity" was the term Jung invented for an acausal correlation between things. When you are working on personal individuation, one of the very specific side-effects is the increase of synchronicity in your life. But this is really just kind of trivia -- you might say it's a small indicator you're closer to in-the-zone -- and it already has a word. The thing you showed sounds like someone reinventing and then greatly "adding assumptions" to that. One can find and the brain loves to match patterns, all over the place. I think a number of psyche disorders also tend to make people a lot more tuned to "investing meaning" into things which would not be considered anything coincidental if not for their subjective assignment of meaning. Which really is the only true nature of "meaning" in the human sense anyway. (As opposed to abstract/logical definition.) I mean really... Reality is manifest example of confirmation bias. :-) RC
  11. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    My best friend bought some ethereum with the barely any money he had. And as a result got to spend an entire year traveling the world, attending a specialized print mentoring in Spain, and doing a ton of stuff he would never have dreamed he could. That was from Ethereum. I own just a tiny bit. At this point I don't pay attention to it since it's not worth anything more than I paid for it but who knows, someday. :-) RC
  12. Let's talk about hippies

    I think of myself as "a bit of a hippy." Growing up in coastal mid-southern California is most of that. Time spent places like the Rennaissance Faires after hours playing guitar with a bunch of genuine aging hippies... and profoundly terrible taste in colorful paisley fashion. ;-) Metaphysical at heart. I think in general, closer to communal living would be a good thing for my culture, and on the whole I think many of the hippies had the best intentions. Mind you there were later waves that were more like entitled kids who wanted to be part of it and their descent on places like SF made it a very different world than it had been, from what I've read. I don't think we have a hippy contingent at this point, sadly! RC
  13. No More Mister Nice Guy, NMMNG

    > No More Mr. Nice Guy I have recommended that book to several men. I've found that those who read it really seemed to need it, as evaluated by their reaction to it. Which was very good... somewhat destabilizing... but I see that for the best, since it's a journey, and in my experience all personal growth is led by destabilizing the foundation you're standing on -- you can't steal second with one foot on first, as the saying goes -- funny but I never read it myself, just read a ton of reviews about it and started sending or referring it to men I knew based on what they'd said. Nice to hear a bum say they liked it too. :-) RC
  14. What are you watching on Youtube?

    I am not really a 'watching' sports sort, especially football. But this team was 99.9% doomed and then... in the final <8 seconds or so... this was so unexpected and awesome it made me cheer. Look at the crowd leaping to their feet. Very cool. :-)
  15. What are you listening to?

    I really love this. Jazz piano.