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  1. Tuesday night, a tiny tornado twisted up my garden arbor, just a bit of my cinderblock garden, ripped the wooden backyard fence into a few major pieces, obliterated a chaise and misc. stuff out there, threw a gigantic branch at the back of my house, ripped off very major branches of all five of the trees on my lot (four are ~7-10 stories tall), and threw one of those uber-branches right through my brand new screen porch door. A number of city biz lost their big high lighted signs and bit of roof or things on it, some houses had carport awnings twisted into pretzels, and a few entire trees were ripped up, one two doors down which luckily only clipped the very edge of their roof when it fell. Which is to say we got lucky, it was very small, it was fairly high up, and it was moving at a decent speed. My neighbors have been chainsawing all the giant tree parts it to bits in prep for getting rid of all the waste, the other neighbor's putting the fence back together. Apparently me being a woman with a heart condition has inspired them to volunteer. Nicest guys ever. I lived in California all my life and 95% of the time I didn't even hardly know my neighbors. Different culture than the Ozarks. It's this way all over the city. I'm willing to bet that within a week there will be almost no sign a storm happened anywhere here, aside from a few missing things not yet replaced or rebuilt. I had forgotten that tornados when picking up everything include all the trash in every retail dumpster of all kinds, oh boy, and every garden pot and offbeat thing anybody has in a back yard, industrial or retail storage yard, etc. It's a blessing that this was very 'high' (minimal effect on ground-things) plus limited to this tiny area moving one direction, or we would also have been gifted, like Joplin was, with every cow, horse, outdoor pet or animal, along with everything else. This is just a tiny thing... high winds with a bit of suction and lift, mostly six feet up or higher. Joplin and Picher were horrible. Basically lift 40-80% of every imaginable thing up including telephone poles and wires and vehicles and houses, blender it, then distribute it in a thick layer evenly everywhere. My next door neighbor of the time was a managing nurse at the hospital that was so wiped out there, she had just got home and turned around and left again and did emergency triage for a week. I kept her kid. I didn't drive through Joplin until two weeks later. The Corps of Engineers in this country is AMAZING. And they had volunteers from all over the nation fly and drive in to volunteer to run bulldozers and cranes and work on power poles and everything you can imagine. Two weeks later when I drove through the main roads, they had managed to get all of them bulldozed off (pushed off to the sides) so emergency vehicles could get through, they were doing that from the instant it was over. Looking at the horrific mangled "integration" of structures, vehicles, trees and poles, endless phone/power lines, animals, trash, and god knows what else, along with the shocking devastation to buildings (now merged with parts of cars and more) was truly, deeply traumatic. We were all "OMG!" when we began the drive. It's flat out here, 'mostly', so it would be everywhere, then you'd come over the slightest rise and again the entire environment as far as the eye could see was just total devastation. (Kinda reminded me of driving cross-country from California where somewhere around early New Mexico you start thinking you're on an endless road but must be in a loop you'll never escape. The billboards repeat, in the same pattern, which increases this feeling!) I think the body senses this on some really core level that we consciously cannot. You always hear people on the news saying that pictures can't convey it and I think that's what the people really mean, natural disasters shock your body in some way even just to observe after the fact, the sheer scope of them. We were utterly silent for 90% of the drive in stunned horror, then we went to a steakhouse and I had two drinks -- I don't drink, I hadn't had a drink in probably 15 years (no big deal, just not my thing) -- the drinks didn't help like I thought they would. I had photos on my celfon that I had intended to put online to show friends and coworkers. I put off even looking at them. And put it off. And put it off. A year later, I deleted the lot of them without ever looking at them. That's how upsetting it was. Anyway, I was feeling like we were starting to exceed probability here of how long since this precise region (my house) had been affected by cycling winds. Mind you we get "straight-line" winds that are tornadic speeds, they just don't get the fame. But since they aren't cycling they don't suck things up into the sky and most stuff does ok at resisting high winds, aside from the little things (garden pots and trash and so on). I was at home (my dad has a shelter but I'm still not recovered enough to get back up that vertical ladder with the huge step at the top). I've been here 19 years and in that time only once prior have I felt the need to take some kind of shelter. Which I don't have. I have a bathtub, and that's a possibility, but it's on the outer southeast wall which is the most dangerous. My bedroom closet is right in the middle of the house with a regular-knob door, which makes it the safest place in the house, even though closets are not all that safe (and drywall is laughable for protection, however, it is in the middle, which helps). (If the house is directly hit, at ground level, let alone by something slow-moving, we're all toast.) I had an intuition suddenly that this was an emergency for me, and the storm wasn't even that bad at all comparative to many, but I trust my intuition, which I consider my subconscious + psi, since it has successfully saved my life many times. I ripped out 75% of my closet content and boxes frantically -- I'm seldom in my closet and hadn't realized my house helper had shifted it to that state -- and just as I was about at that point, it felt like a whompf of wind hit the bedroom window-wall, and then the cat flap on the door in the window lifted OUT and fully up, suctioning, and I dived for the closet, and my cat Miri (just one of them but the closest to me and the only one in my room) was happy to dive in there with me. About seven seconds after that, standing cramped in the dark and holding the doorknob in case suction pressure hit the door, there was this big crash-thud-sharp sound that I couldn't tell if it was something IN my room (couldn't think of anything in there huge and heavy and high-to-fall that could make that sound) or just outside it. Turned out to be a tree limb larger than most trees, that hit the back wall, blessedly it was very parallel when doing so and it hit the edge of the metal awnings over the two back windows, and then fell down and some of its big branches hit the house, but it was ok... far as I know so far. In the front of the house, my front tree was just devastated by it. Not ripped up (fortunately). I paid an arborist a small fortune to improve all these trees last winter, or they'd have been so unbalanced and top heavy and wide they might have fallen, so, lucky that. Every limb that wasn't nearly vertical was torn off. Fortunately they all fell mostly straight down, so although it trapped my vehicle just a little, it didn't damage anything. The side tree lost a big limb through the porch door, but fortunately only through the door, and only the screen, and that's easily replaceable and not expensive. I just bought this house two months ago. I've been living in it for 19 years paying the house payment/insurance/taxes (my dad bought it, he had credit but no money and I had a steady income but no credit). I've been pricing home insurance, which costs more than I expected, and haven't yet found a plan and bought it, so I have no insurance -- so I'm incredibly fortunate this didn't turn out badly for me. Here's a few (messy!) pics. My neighbors got VERY lucky that tree fell the direction it did A block away
  2. Dr. Jason Fung has a book out now called 'The Obesity Code' which is hugely geared to both intermittant and longer-term fasting, its research and application. He's a diabetes nephrologist (kidney specialist) by trade. He addresses precisely this stuff. I only just ordered it but friends say it's a very good book, logical and laid out well so it all wraps together. One of the core things on this though, that is different than what we knew 5 years ago let alone 50, is that the body treats "under-nourishment" dramatically differently than it treats "no food at all." The former it makes you hungrier and it reduces your metabolic rate, as if it is making you a competitive eater (compared to the equally hungry people around you) and a competitive wait-er (through the winter or whatever). But the latter, it actually drops your hunger entirely within 2-3 days, clears your mind, clears out the body in half a dozen ways, and increases your competitiveness for hunting and high level competition (physical and mental), while -- and this is the big deal -- not reducing your BMR, and protecting your lean body mass. Other interesting stuff I saw while browsing on the topic, so the book is probably worth reading... I was real into about 7 years ago, when it was considered a bodybuilder niche topic at LeanGains, now there's research we didn't have then plus some from the past that was kind of lurking unnoticed that finally got pulled into the larger picture. Some pro sports coaches are now publicly putting the fasting approaches in play so it's getting more attention than it used to. I had a (birth-defect-related) heart issue crop up then and had to drop weight lifting (and eventually was bedridden) and so I haven't even looked at the topic since then, but now I'm enthusiastic again. I used to fast a lot when I was pretty young, more for spiritual reasons -- felt like it really "re-set" me. Trivia: current record holder is the very fat guy who fasted (under medical sup of course) for 382 days. Suggestions along with it are mineral supplements and water; and sometimes stool softeners. Also if someone hasn't eaten all that well and is not lowcarb before they begin, their shift into keto is likely to kick their ass with the 'induction flu' when the first most-toxic fat cells dump into the bloodstream. So a month or so of lowcarb, with a few days of high-nutrient and supplements, before dropping into a long fast might be good planning. RC
  3. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I have no opinion on it. One thing I have learned is that I can only be so obsessive about my food. There is a limit, after which, we either hit the issue of "don't like it much anymore" or "can't afford it anymore" or "there isn't truly enough evidence to radically change this thing for me at this time." Or simply, "I only have so much space for food-related paranoia after which I almost want to say screw it for EVERYTHING because it becomes too much." :-) I actually have no direct access to sheep or goat milks in any case. Nor could I drink much kefir if I had to afford them. So that'll have to remain in the category of yet-too-obscure-to-worry-about for me. ;-) RC
  4. Super enzyme Serrapeptase and Lower dantian

    This is a sales site but does have some overview info on serra Note that each uses a 'serrapeptase unit' of measure so the acronyms differ The brand I was using was Doctor's Best The brand my friend was using was SerraEnzyme Note they have their own website and buying direct multi bottles is way less $ I absolutely suck at doing nearly anything consistently, so I can only be generalized about dosage: I took about 4-5 of the 120,000 unit capsules each night before sleep for about 4- months. I missed days sometimes. My lungs, though clearly damaged and clearly healed, and my eyes, though my eyesight is abysmal and at that time it clearly improved, neither of those had objective medical measures before and after. My friend however, both she (w/lipedema) and her sister (with damaged knee joints) had medical diagnoses of these things, and long term on them, and measurable results. So probably if I had to recommend a brand it might be hers. It costs more for sure, though their bulk buy on bottles at their home site is a whole lot less than amazon. And like I said I think individuals may react to the coatings on the capsules differently, and so some brands may be less, or not, effective for some people (like if they don't dissolve properly), or may even cause some reaction. Eyesight: I was way, way beyond legally blind most of my life, it was just correctable. I had LASIK circa 2001 or so which corrected it (though I wish I'd known more about it at the time and would have done radically more water-intake and eyedrops, no matter that I didn't *feel* the need most of the time). The improvement in my eyesight came circa... 1995 (edit: what was I thinking??) 2015 or so?? ...when my distance vision detail had reduced some, and I was getting a lot of 'floaters' that were problematic. My vision simply improved overall, and the floaters vanished. Since then my age (and probably open heart surgery didn't help as it seemed to age me about 20 years in a week in some respects) has toasted my close-up vision, but serra did help noticeably (and by accident) back then. The irony is I didn't take it for the lung problem or eyesight! I didn't even realize it was so good for those things until I went to pubmed after it had clearly improved this in me, just out of curiosity. I took it because I thought it might help with the adipose leg effects from lipedema. I cannot say whether it did for me or not, because my heart was failing then, and I was growing slightly larger daily (from edema) so there just isn't any way to tell. I am still gradually working on getting water and fat down and building muscle back up (I have daily ongoing newly-generated edema, drastically better than before surgery but still some), so I'm not yet in a place where I can really tell what's going on with the lipedema issue. I'm working in response to a couple decades of combined anorexia (not nervosa, just lack of appetite) caused by the unknown heart valve problem (because massive oxygen/nutrient % was not getting to my body/brain -- 70% at the point of surgery! -- which explains the profound energy issues for years), so I have to keep eating to gain or re-plete body tissues, then shift and eat to lose some more body fat, so it's taking awhile and will probably be a few more years before I feel like I'm normalized to some degree. When I get a little leaner it should become more apparent, then I could take serra and measure whether it helped that. My body (which I talk to in dreams, meditations, and sometimes visions), told me to have nitrogen when asleep, and that's the core of proteins, so I have been working on ingesting protein before sleep, which rules out taking serrapeptase then like I used to. And I've been drinking a little bit of kefir every few hours all day and evening, so I'm never far from food intake. So I haven't been taking serra recently. RC
  5. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    PS I think I'm also going to do some instant pot yogurt, but since it doesn't have a "lives forever" lifeform at the center of it, this seems a lot less fun. ;-) RC
  6. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Hi Julian, Not his specifically, but lectin-free, yeah. The protein of grains is gluten, the protein of legumes is lectins. They are both very large proteins. If they are denatured they are usually considered less an issue (edit:) for some with only minimal responses (like sprouting grains or pressure cooking on high for 45m beans which destroys them so seems pointless to me). Most people I know don't have any symptoms from things like beans, just various sorts of grains. I've done beans in and out of a lowcarb diet (not keto but VLC), but I find that while it's awesome for filling stews around meat, it tends to make me want to eat more of it, and I don't gain but I don't lose weight either with many in my diet. Edited to add: as books (like Wheat Belly) describe though, research shows some things like glutens and lectins can cause a ton of body damage while giving people no symptoms whatever. There's a whole lot on kefir online, though most is the same simple stuff. Being a lunatic (obviously) I spent a few hours a day for a week speed-reading reviews for different kinds of kefir grains from different sellers, to see what might be best and what people said good and bad. Over 3000 by the time I was done (oy!). And I just googled and read everything I could find about it. And I went to youtube and watched tons of videos about it, people making it. So that's all I can recommend, I don't read a book on it or anything. The "inflammation reduction" I seemed to get from it with several doses a day for a couple weeks wasn't really in those reviews so wasn't expected by me, but in bulk the reviews did support great results with the overall digestive system for tons of people. RC
  7. Super enzyme Serrapeptase and Lower dantian

    So, I belong to a forum with a private area that is about dietary stuff, but in the private area are a lot of people with some serious health conditions that is what forced them toward certain dietary stuff. I don't mean they have a cold, I mean they have genetic or long-term issues, some incurable (or 'no known cure'). Common in the area (as it's low-carb) are people with diabetes and lipedema. The latter is a condition with no cure, it may be genetic nobody knows, and it's not fatal except indirectly, but it's certainly life-wrecking eventually. I stumbled on serrapeptase online years ago and speed read tons about it and put notes I skimmed into a post on that forum, to tell other people about it. One woman in particular was interested, she was lipedemic (officially diagnosed as well, most people aren't since it isn't even taught in med school, despite it's been official since 1940 and is diagnosed around the world). She made a serious and consistent effort about supplementing with this, and for the first time in *30 years* actually had a gradual, but eventually substantial, regression of some of the symptoms. Since it was helping her and had other applications, she got her sister to start taking it. She had talked about her sister over the years. She'd had knee problems and eventually was using a cane, for the prior six years at that point. After about eight months of it, the sister didn't need the cane, could walk up the stairs, was dramatically improved. Now, I started taking the stuff after this, but I only took it briefly. I'd had whooping cough a couple years prior, my lungs were damaged, and they had never fully healed. I could no longer sing. It was like the air just abruptly stops at some point. I thought it would eventually heal but it never did. After a couple months of high dose serra, my lungs healed. As a side effect I didn't expect, my eyesight got better. When I went to pubmed, I found a lot of research specifically on both lungs and eyes with serra, so I guess that's not surprising. So the type I got was nearly half the price as my friend's brand. She bought mine to save money -- and her symptoms began returning immediately. Finally in desperation she returned to her own brand -- and they began reducing again. Reading a ton of reviews, I see some signs that this is probably not that uncommon. The brands of serra all have different, proprietary coatings on the capsules. It needs to be protected from the stomach and dissolved in the intestines so that it will reach the bloodstream properly. The coatings appear to work for some people and not others -- some people seem to have a reaction to them even, and then not to another. So this is a whole secondary issue that impacts the reviews you read, and the results you get. I mean I clearly had good results from the stuff but my friend didn't from my brand. Serra will eat dead proteins. So you avoid it near food since otherwise it will just eat your food. It is fairly pricey to take the substantial ongoing dose that most people with major results I've read and talked with over the years are using. Ralis is correct however -- and this is similar to lecithin, for example -- lecithin is fantastic for clearing your arteries of cholesterol deposits. I mean really fantastic. But if you want to do that, you should instead use the amino acids recommended by Pauling & a couple later researchers instead, first, until normalized. Because lecithin is SO effective, it may break off large pieces of cholesterol in the blood stream, which can literally kill you or close enough in a bad situation. I have not personally read of serra doing this, but anything which attacks build-up of dead proteins probably has that risk. At one point, I was dying of heart failure due to a birth defect in the valve, found too late (not till after wrecking a decade of my life). I had been taking a lot of serra which had helped hugely, as noted. But I had to stop taking it, as I was so struggling with the heart condition, and the serra puts a lot of dead protein in the bloodstream to be dealt with, I could feel the greater challenge -- and I had enough issues with protein in my bloodstream due to the edema/leakage in my heart. I mention this only because there may be some medical conditions that would make it inadvisable to take much of the stuff, worth checking out. My friend and her familiy (multiple members, not just her sister) had terrific results with serra on a variety of scar-tissue issues as well. I suspect it would help with any form of dysplasia (fibrosis which often precedes cancer in breast and prostrate in particular). But in the end, she ended up using a combination of serra and nattokinase, not using it alone -- that might matter. When I finally went in for heart surgery, I don't know if this was related -- as I had eaten as well as I could for many years at that point, and had been very into weightlifting etc. until the energy issues took me down -- but when my veins were scanned, the docs were astounded. They said in today's world even many kids and most teens have some degree of arterial deposits. I was 50 and my veins were incredibly clean. I had open heart surgery with zero bypasses. It took half the time as normal. They weren't sure how I went about getting my veins that clean (especially as I was an older woman, and huge -- partly from being house/room/bed bound for years at that point, with muscle atrophy and fat gain) but said whatever I was doing, by all means keep doing that, it clearly was working. I cannot prove of course but I strongly suspect, especially given I ate very poorly up until about 8 years prior, that my high dose serra for months was probably responsible for improving the state of my veins. RC
  8. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    I grew this stuff about 12 years ago in my standing backyard garden. I had bought about 9 different kinds of basil to try (all from seed by the way. Started indoors like peppers/tomatoes. Grew just fine -- much like all the other basils -- in zone 6 ozarks). Each year, the smell of a few basils and other herbs in the garden was nice. But that year, the smell was just out of this world. It honestly felt like you were being 'fed' on some level and getting healthier by the sniff just by walking through the garden. I've always assumed it was simply a greater variety of basil types that year that had that effect. Maybe it was the Tulsi. :-) Some of the larger seed organizations (like Seed Savers) should have it. Maybe not in the public-commercial catalog (not sure) but their membership offerings are really huge. I remember the first time I got their small-print thick-book catalog in the 90s, realizing there were probably 150 or so different kinds of peas (peas!) alone, not to mention everything else, including tons of fruiting plants I never heard of in my life -- really mind boggling! This spring I am starting a whole back room of aeroponic cloning and hydroponic gardening, mostly for summer veggies I can have indoors year round, but I figure I'll also grow a few culinary herbs and pretty flowers. Maybe I will grow some Tulsi. I cannot recall the specific taste of the stuff. Could you make pesto out of it like you do other basils? RC
  9. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I should have known the bums would have a thread with kefir already. :-) I've had serious gluten intolerance for about 20 years (that's when it kicked in). This is likely due to 'leaky-gut' which allegedly can be caused by antibiotics and other things. Who knows. All the sudden severe asthma, severe allergies, and acid reflux, sort of "fell on me from the sky" all at once, and the doctors acted like this was normal. I didn't know what it was for the first ten years. When I went lowcarb it temporarily and then 'mostly' was in abeyance, but that was because I was eating "meat and vegetables" -- not grains. But I ate things that had some gluten still (canned chili now and then for example, and some spice blends) so I still had occasional symptoms. When I figured out what the source was, I did a lot of experimenting. No doubt at all that brought it on, and it vanished if I stopped eating gluten. But it was yummy! So I'd eat it, feel crappy, things got worse till I couldn't breathe (and many other side effects like acne, brain-fog, depression, etc.) and I'd finally go off it for awhile. The symptoms kept getting worse all the time though and finally I went 100% off gluten consistently. My immune system recovered enough that then, if I got accidentally gluten'd even without knowing it, even the tiniest bit, I'd wake up feeling like I was dying but not-soon-enough, whimper and wail for an hour, and then wheeze and cough for a week. Suffice to say... gluten has been a huge impact on my health and diet for a long time. After speed-reading over 3000 reviews on various kefir grains over a week, I got some quality live grains for kefir (at and tried it out. First 3 batches were tiny and I tossed, designed for recovery, grass-fed non-homogenized pasteurized milk. Next half dozen batches were eh, a little yeasty, a little sour, that reduced with every batch though. Now, a month later, my kefir (whom I have named Barney the Infinite) has his groove on, and the resulting texture is like eggnog kinda. I add swerve (a sweetener) and some extracts (orange bakery emulsion is my fave currently) after the 1st or 2nd ferment (depending on my hurry) and put it in the fridge. And I took up drinking 3oz 5x a day, and then 7oz 6x a day. I was keto, so I figured I was trashing my diet utterly but after the reviews, I was convinced that maybe, after a few months, perhaps the accidental restaurant G wouldn't have such horrible effects on me. For unrelated reasons a couple weeks after that, I ended up intentionally eating something with gluten (so I didn't pass out, as I was driving and had no other food options and was suddenly thrown out of keto so had no energy and had gone too long without food). I figured I'd be miserable the next day of course so I ate what I wanted (if I'm going to suffer penance, might as well enjoy the crime!). And NOTHING! Kefir wipes out my inflammation body-wide. SO well that I spent the next few weeks eating every gluten food I haven't been able to eat without abject misery, for years. More carbs than I've had in eons lol. When I was eating tons of stuff at once and ongoing, I did start getting a few MILD symptoms, bit of wheezing, but for regular intake... nothing. I have never had something affect me so strongly that I KNEW it was having a dramatic effect on my body or health (well except maybe vitamin D3 when I was super low, and Co-Q10 (-ol) when I was near heart failure for a defective valve). This stuff is the bomb! I've had serious symptoms for two and a half years, since my open heart surgery, of limbs falling asleep extremely and suddenly for no apparent reason, all the time. It's gone. I have no idea why it's gone. It's interfered with my life all this time and for two weeks now it hasn't happened even once. I don't know that it's permanently gone but it sure seems like it. And for eons, after learning to walk again I've been trying to get to even one bodyweight squat, since I couldn't get off the ground and figured this would be the muscles I needed to do it, so I could brave venturing out alone again. I hadn't tried in a couple weeks but so far I'd only gotten to one, barely, with a lot of screaming at the effort. Now I can do about four. This is so mindblowing to me -- I have a squat cage and weight bench and rack in my living room if that's any sign of how serious I am about restoring my health -- I've been going over and doing 2 squats, several times a day, every day for three days (since I discovered this), like I just can't believe it's true. It's like my health just radically improved. Radically. And it seems pretty hard to believe that the last month [edit: I guess technically about 6 weeks, sorry) of homemade kefir is what's done it, but there isn't really any other major shift in my intake or habits, so I don't know what else to attribute it to. Note that I use ordinary whole milk now. Not organic. And it's doing just fine for me. I have a rule that every so often I will do one with organic just for the sake of the grains. RC
  10. I love Tacos

    Keto but for the raisins and apples, lovely sugar bombs :-) A SWEETish taco -- sounds interesting! RC
  11. WalMart and shit...

    Walmart was in the city where I live (~15K pop) before I moved here in 2000. They upgraded to 'super walmart' (now just walmart again, but ridiculously large) I think in 2001. We lost five grocery stores, couple clothing stores, auto shops, sporting goods, a pharmacy, and probably several other things I'm not aware of. WM simply put them out of business. Nobody could compete with their prices -- or with the convenience of having everything in one place. One tiny grocer just a few doors down from me survived, because they were on a frontage road from Main St and it was kind of rectangle. So if you wanted milk, you could just run in and get it and run out. It wasn't like you had to hike to Guam at the opposite side the way you do with the big WM. It survived and gradually even expanded and moved across the street. Their prices are significantly higher though. In some respects they focused on the stuff WM didn't, like gluten-free and so on, which made people go there for that. Now even walmart has coconut and almond meal and GF everything, cauli and zuke frozen stuff for grainfree noodles or 'rice' and so on, so I'm not sure if that's helping them anymore. I shop there, because options are limited here now, and because the price of real food is high enough without making it worse. I make myself shop at the other store sometimes, just to support its existence. For the complaints about employee stuff though, I have to say, I know a couple people who have worked there for years. They pay 2-3$ more an hour than any of the other retail in town, there's a % off card, and the conditions aren't any more psycho than any other retail job (often better just because larger environs and formal HR policies reduce the personal-tyranny small places can experience). It bothers me that walmart and amazon (which pretty much have the majority of my non-bill paychecks for the last 15 years) are taking over everything though. There is this (IMO total propaganda) movie called 'The Circle.' It has this ending which apparently many watchers thought was a happy ending, and I thought was the summation of a nightmare. Having some global corp utterly controlling and monitoring your existence is slightly nauseating. RC
  12. The Hidden Life of Trees

    I have a signature quote on another forum for 15 years now that says, "If you love anything enough, it will talk with you." - George Washington Carver The Secret Life of Plants really affected me a lot when I was younger. Cleve Backster's experiments with polygraph and plants I find fascinating also. Some little books like Behaving as if the God in All Life Matters and The Perelandra Garden Workbook I rather enjoyed about 20 years ago when I first moved to this house. Had an interesting experience with the 'nature spirits' when rearranging a room that I still find difficult to believe. I've had a couple experiences where I was forced to experience and realize that 'space' is as subjective as 'time' which is... mind boggling. I once fell in love with a tree. I'd had a kundalini experience not long before and from heart to crown was rather overstimulated at the time which is probably why. I used to look around furtively and hug her and tell her how beautiful she was. I mourned having to move away from her! On that awesome Ayu... um, drug post that Taomeow posted (sorry it's on another page so I can't look up the spelling for either of those words) -- that was a really awesome description. It's kind of funny, because I had a dream that was so odd once but that kind of tied into the total life in the earth (not just plants) and your detail really reminded me of it. Also, I wrote a beginner novel (never published, many many years ago, but I might stick it on amazon kindle for the heck of it this year) -- paranormal, it's silly in parts -- but that has a... being/creature and an experience that is very like that, which I thought at the time I might have gotten from the dream. But hearing you describe that I suspect that is just the way it is. Lovely, thanks for sharing that. RC
  13. 2018 Gardening, Cloning, Aeroponics

    Yeah, having had a big fish tank at one point, my complete disinterest in the smell they tend to have if you don't clean them religiously has made me disinterested in anything fishy. I figure the hydroponics will be work enough. So prior to beginning the 'garden room' I have two things that have to be done which all this time later I am only just now getting to: 1/ the electric in the room needs rewiring, it kills electronics and I have something like 87000 Lux in LEDs (not to mention humidifier, fans, window A/C unit, and the basic electronics of the aeroponic and hydroponic systems) I don't want to wreck. It's taken me forever to find an electrician who will work in my small city. All the people listed do business not residential stuff. Finally I found a handyman who can do part of it and thinks he can talk an E. friend into doing the main box upgrade we need that the city has to verify. So maybe if I'm incredibly lucky that will get done in the next couple of months. 2/ because the room is going to be hot and humid all the time it needs to be repainted, so I got a solid primer and a mold-resistant (bathroom sort) of paint, both of them colored a light pistachio green (because white was boring) and I still need to actually do the work of painting the whole room. And the back wall of the closet since my house helper and daughter at some point in the last few years, removed AND LOST (threw away??) the DOOR to her closet. WTH, who does such a thing?! Anyway. So I have not begun yet. But I did, some months ago, buy I think everything I need for the project. I'm going aeroponic misting for the cloning, and several big tub ebb & flow systems for the various plants. I want to grow not just peppers (my favorite thing) but specifically alliums, which nobody I know has ever grown indoors hydroponically (they require a lot of light), and I couldn't even find much on the web about it sadly. On the bright side everybody moved out so I have the back room to make the garden. And I had the bright idea to have a handyman build me a big box in the garage, on legs of a sort, that connects to the joining wall of the living room, with a cat door. And the litter boxes are gradually moving into that so they are technically in the garage in a way -- and I will get my other back room returned to me so I can put my gym in there -- my squat cage, bench and rack has been dominating my living room for a long time now :-) -- and then maybe have more room to do crafts and stuff in the living room (I need to decoupage my kitchen cabinet doors and drawer faces, do some sewing, and so on). I totally have garden fever now because of the season. Usually hits me right before the new year for some reason. I have some novel seeds this year I haven't tried before. Since I'm growing indoors with lights, the season shouldn't much matter for whatever I'm doing. So starting things in -- hopefully -- March, which with Feb is serious winter here on the flat edge of the Ozarks -- hopefully won't matter much. :-) RC
  14. Modern 'Education'

    Actually the Pleiadians are of reptilian origin. I am kind of embarrassed that I know this. I looked at her stuff circa... 1994. She was a Seth fan (as am I) but her 'channeling' accent makes her sound like Elmer Fudd, which is simply hilarious. I have waded through more weird-shit on the internet since 1993 than most people, but I have to say, by far the worst conglomerates are those which mix metaphysics and/or aliens with the jesus mythos. True story: So I was sent a plane ticket by some nice people in '94 to come visit them. They were 'walk ins.' Never mind. Anyway, so he was a programmer and she was a nurse. He was also a pilot, built his own small plane. They had adult kids, they were in their late 40s or so. Sound fairly intelligent, right? I suppose. It was the most gawd-awful compilation of the Ashtar Command, modern UFOlogy 'abduction' lore, channeling, and completely misquoted new testament doctrine I had ever heard. (Not to mention they had half my clothes off before I realized they were more than just really nice. Ha! I'm socially oblivious sometimes. They were pretty disappointed I was celibate in that era lol. They probably should have asked before inviting me!) That was the first time I'd truly heard someone mix so many things into one new spiritual goulash, as I call it. :-) RC