Need help with the mixing of kan and li (avoiding over and underheat, making it flow into the central channel)

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Look within, turn back the external seeking of the tongue, eyes, ears.

Rest the mind on the breath, direct the internal attention gently to the lower dan tien.

When too strong relax more. When too weak become more active.

Environments contain many overlapping cycles.

Each cycle flows through the sequence of changes.

Cultivate experience staying centered within the changes.

Set intention on sincerity in finding balance, and maintain it through the changes.

It takes time - trust your intention and be patient.

Let the days become as slow as years, until the changes of years are like days.

Adapting to the changes to maintain centered, all will be done.

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It is also said the yin qiao vessel needs to become clear before the other vessels open. Part of rooting and embracing the capacity of earth to become a receptive foundation for heaven.

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From what I've read in classics, once the dragon and tiger merge and collect for refining in the lower dan tien, the ldt begins to spin or revolve, the dumai and renmai become linked with the ldt, and the momentum of the revolving elixir pushes up the spine.


The teachings of ancestors Chong and Lu has a chapter on the "waterwheel". Different stages of the operation of the waterwheel are distinguished by the type of "water", or "elixir" running through the wheel. A "thunderwheel" is also described as a wheel that does not use the elixir.


My take is that yes the waterwheel will begin to open naturally once the elixir is revolving in the ldt - however, if the blockages in the vessels are not cleared, the elixir may not be able to flow, and one should be cautious about this. So one may do preliminary work to ensure the clearing of the vessels, along with taking care of the health and clarity of the body as a whole.

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Dao Kan Li is a metaphor for xing and ming mixing in the dantian.

Li is representative of Shen, which comes from Xing and lives in the fire palace (the heart).

Kan represents the unused jing near the kidneys, this comes from the root of ming and lives in the water palace.

using kan and li is actually the study of using the mind to illuminate the dantian and thus boil the jing in the kidney area.

All of Lu Dongbin's poetry advises non action, and xing ming cannot be cultivated by taking any direct action.  In this sense it is totally different from Qi gong, where you can cultivate hou tian qi with the movement of the body and breath.

If you want li and kan to mix in the dantian, what you have to do is place the mind there for a very long time without budging.  This non action state might take a very long time before any Qi begins to rise.  you need to be patient with this if you want to get the best effect.  

I'm willing to talk more about this subject, but prefer anything deeper than this to be done in private.

Also, I recently published a book which goes into great detail about this subject, you might consider procuring a copy to study from


Kan and Li is a very deep subject and quite difficult to unpack completely if you don't have someone to teach you.

In any event, always direct the mind to non action and you will have the best effect.

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