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  1. A few months back I had a vision of a chinese man with white hair and white beard, he reminded me of Laozi. Then I had annother vision of the small hut he lives in. Recently I asked him for help and the name Laoshan popped into my head. Now, I would like to find him for personal reasons. How hard could it be going by these clues? Anyone ever tried something similiar? The funny thing is I know if I weren’t attached to it I would be able to find him easily, considering the destiny I have with him.
  2. TCM Doctors?

    Not TCM doctor, but I can recommend Sifu Jenny, She does sessions over Skype. I know she is an expert when it comes to diet/nutrition.
  3. Well for me to be honest I like to go out alone, be around people, but not talk to them. Just being in the presence is enough for me most of the time. However, here I stay at home in my room, most of the time, more like all the time, reading chinese fantasy novels and surfing on the internet. I absolutely hate it, but I can't stop, same as masturbation... Well the first thing I am looking for in a master is humor....
  4. The problem is that I have absolutely no mental/emotional stability at all. I am quite insane actually, maybe not unmanagably so, but I am not far. I guess the buddhist term 'hungry ghost' describes my state well. Sometimes I just want to end it all because I can't deal with these intense feelings. The only thing that keeps me going is that there is still hope when I leave. I know that at least now, at this time there is no way of changing anything. I have been in therapy since june last year, however there has been no change at all. So I have decided that I should look for a master that I trust, he should know what to do.
  5. I just realized that I forgot the most thing : I can't eat spicy food, (anything with chillies in it) because I have an allergy to it. So how careful do I need to be? RigdzinTrinley : Thanks for the rest info. To be honest I am a terrible haggler because I can't say no to people and have low self-esteem in general. Are you going to attend the Kalachakra Initation in january? Futuredaze : I have only camped a handful of times in my life^^ Truthfully, I don't plan to buy anything or do anything that could be considered tourism. I doubt I will be buying any souvenirs or clothes. All I want is to bring an end to my confusion.
  6. Thelerner : thx, I will look into it. Dustybeijing : The only reason I am really planning to bring a laptop is to communicate with my family back home and for couchsurfing. Hmm now that I write it like that it seems all the more obvious not to take one. The mobile should be enough and I won't get a headache worrying about it. Songstan : I am not a big fan of vegetables so you don't have to worry anout that. About looking tough part : I doubt I need to worry about that. Although I am only 1,85 m tall I have quite the broad shoulders/ back body build, like a scottish Highlander. Also, I have 'sharp' eyes. (Sadly) I certainly don't look like easy prey with or without beard.
  7. Taoist Texts : I hate crocs... The countries I will visit for sure are India and Taiwan. Inbetween I will probably stay in (South) China or I might go to Thailand instead, but I doubt I will do both. To be honest I don't plan to do that much backpacking, but rather I will try to spend at least a month at one monastery. Along the way I will also try and let myself be driven off along the river and see where I end up. However, I am highly unlikely to visit any countries as far south as Malaysia. I already spent some time in Senegal before so I know already a little about what to pay attention to. The question was really just meant in regards to the equipment I should bring. Also, should I bring a notebook or use internet cafes on the go? I am really thinking of taking no electronics at all apart from my mobile....
  8. I am wondering what equipment you can recommend for a trip to SE Asia. I am looking for a good bagpack that is waterproof and will allow me to pack my yoga mat. What kind of shavor is preferable? Should I bring a tent? (stupid question maybe) Anything else, apart from the most obvious?
  9. It depends what you understand under 'like'. Some masters use the term 'like' instead of 'clinging'. However, I found that you also like something without being attached. The only way really to tell is how you feel during the activity and after. If you are aligned with the Tao during an activity you will find that your mind clears up, time is forgotten, you don't feel exhausted, there is happiness and serenity. Contrary, if you indulge in activity you are attached to, there is a lot of anxiety involved. It may make you feel alert during the activity, in an adrenaline kind of way, but after you are finished you will feel drained in a bad.