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  1. Does Daoists lean where the money is

    The dao is the flow of the way in front of each of us into a merging with the coherence between all things. It is a somewhat individual path. When we gather in groups and discuss the dogma of isms, we are required to finance stasis within the flow. It is no different from chinese medicine. If we want to hold onto a memory instead of letting it go, we often finance it with our energy and bury it somewhere within us. The buildings and shelters and towns and cities of humans are all types of stasis blocking flow. Meanwhile the tissues and organs are all merged within the flow. There is nothing inherently wrong with groups. Look at schools of fish or flocks of birds. They can change on a dime. Because they are empty. Empty, together. Humans together get lost in their minds. This tends to require financing of some kind. Thinking and talking a lot requires shelter and food. Things that would be naturally acquired by following a flow through nature. But we aren't flowing so we need to finance the acquisition of those things, and need to finance their stasis too, so we can have them when we need them. I used to have friends with free time to play in the woods. Then they got families and need to finance their needs. It is just the natural way of gathering outside of natural flow.
  2. How to bridge the two realities?

    Hi manitou. <3 I'd say we appear to be undergoing a paradigm shift. Change will ever catch up to us and require adaptation. What cannot adapt decays and the new is born to take its place. It seems like now if we wish to avoid seeing the long fallout of things being unable to adapt to change, it is time to start preemptively building the foundation to support the new. One of the new bits of this paradigm seems to be related to information overload. As vibrations increase due to all manner of factors, we are having trouble keeping track and keeping current. It becomes easy for people to start feeling distrust for authoritative sources of information. And in the security void that results it is easy to grasp onto something that provides easy answers. Especially when those answers connect all the dots and give an enemy to be responsible for all the inner fears. A new "Age of Aquarius" is an age of air - the realm of the mind. Let us not forget that the chinese word includes heart AND mind as one. Our feelings drive our thoughts. When our thoughts become overwhelmed it can be therapeutic to simply return to our feelings. "How am I feeling right now?" Feelings are one word answers. Lonely. Depressed. Happy. Content. Ecstatic. They aren't reasons and justifications and stories. The more we are able to separate our feelings from our thoughts, the more we can build a bridge back to a simpler reality. One that we can navigate without needing conspiracy theories and enemies hiding in the shadows. NVC (Non-Violent Communication) is great at this. We can use Feeling cards to navigate and practice working with our feelings. And we can use Needs cards to navigate our core needs - which differ from our desires. Perhaps your friends would enjoy this type of experience instead of watching TV? ----------------------------------------------------------------- NVC is a great example of a foundation that can support the new paradigm. Many foundations are already in place, like this one. Many others will need to be built, like ways we can leverage social media to self-represent each other and our communities. And these foundations then can become bridges to those stuck in the old paradigm. We don't have to watch it all fall apart. We don't have to watch the world burn as people feel like cornered animals and reach deep within their creative reactivity. We can say "here. here's a way out that doesn't corner you." We can't force anyone to do anything. We all need to be willing to adapt to changing times in our own ways. But when people are presented with new choices. Well, there may just come a time when they decide - "you know what? this old thing isn't serving me any more, I think I'm going to try this new thing instead."
  3. Help me interpert yijing divination results

    Poking around in here, seeing if anything stimulates a response... What is the impact of the stretches i did up to know on my health? Hexagram 61. Changing lines 3 5 6. Changing line 3: Finding enemies, sometimes drumming, sometimes stopping, sometimes crying, sometimes singing. Getting into aberrant practices, attached to your own body, attempting forced manipulations, is like faith in which one finds enemies -- faith becomes enmity; after a time there inevitably comes a change, as one first believes in this, then that -- when this practice doesn't work, one then tries that practice; "sometimes drumming, sometimes stopping, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing," vain and insubstantial, this is what is referred to by the statement, "It's easy to work with what is of the same species, hard to work with what is not of the same kind." Believing in what is not to be believed will inevitably destroy faith. This is faith that takes the false to be true. Changing line 5: With faithfulness that is firm, there is no fault. Being strong and also balanced, and correctly oriented, yin and yang blended, essence [xing], feeling [qing], vitality [jing], and spirit [shen] all return to the center [earth], benevolence [wood], justice [metal], courtesy [fire], and wisdom [water] all return to the mind; the five elements aggregate, truthfully unified without division. This is faithfulness that is firm; it is secure and cannot be dissolved. This is what is meant by the saying, "When a grain of gold elixir is swallowed into the belly, for the first time you know your destiny depends on you and not on heaven." When the work reaches this point, you are integrated with natural principle, the celestial design, and all entanglements are void; there is naturally no fault. This is faithfulness in which strength and flexibility are one. Changing line 6: The voice of a pheasant reaches the skies; even if devoted, the outlook is bad. If one uses one's own intelligence to indulge in guesswork and personalistic interpretation, unable to humble oneself to seek from others and thoroughly investigate true principles, and plunges into practices impetuously, one who advanced rapidly regresses swiftly; though one originally wanted to climb to the heights, instead one falls. This is just the call of a pheasant, incapable of soaring to the heavens to accomplish that which is rare in the world. This is faith that misuses intellect. ------------------------------------------------------------- So it sounds like that might actually answer your question appropriately. This is from Cleary's translation of Liu Yiming's "Taoist I Ching" also found in "Taoist Classics Vol IV" , which I recommend. -------------------------------------------------------------- As for changing lines, that was them. I see a 6 or a 9 as being activation of the coagulation of yin or vibration of yang - activation of the change within the hexagram. Not changing polarity. Harmen has a video about the history of treating the lines as a changing polarity in his YiTube series, and this is also mentioned in Richard Rutt's book. Basically it is not a convention that was always used with the I Ching. --------------------------------------------------------------- As for yes or no questions. The I Ching is perfectly capable of answering a yes or no question. Or a this or that question. It answers what is between yes or no, what is between this or that. That is my experience. So if you want to try to interpret that, great. For some questions it can be helpful, for an advanced reader capitalizing on the mechanism. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. To Harmen I'd say that I think not asking a question at all is a fantastic way to divinate without getting in the way by setting up an extra vector with a question. And that if we are getting into the WenWangGua here I'd say the WenWangGua is armed with a lot more interpretational resources in which to answer a yes or no answer than a typical I Ching reading. ---------------------------------------------------------------- As for your other two questions, you ask multiple questions at one go. This complicates things. If you want clear answers, ask clearly focused questions. If you ask two questions you might get an answer that combines two answers or something. Why not ask them separately and keep things clean? When we go to cross a road, we want to know if it is safe. So we look in one direction, and look in the other direction, and from the tapestry revealed we make a proper judgement about whether or not it is safe. We end up with a "yes" or a "no" in some sense, but we did not ask a yes or no question. We asked what it looks like over here and over there. I would advise treating the I Ching the same way. Use it to paint a clear description of the tapestry of change you are navigating. Be simple and patient. Sometimes just describing a situation is a better way to add complexity than asking a question about it.
  4. Rebirth

    There is dao, and there is creation from dao, and there is return to dao. Within this are myriad cycles of transformation, such as the cycles of transmigration within the planet earth. The "daoist cosmology" reveals many complicated symbolisms, which when studied with the model of nature, may or may not help one to intuitively grasp the workings of the celestial mechanism, including transmigration. Separation, heavy sinks, light rises. Integration, heavy and light merge. Patterns and shapes, the motion of the planets, the current of a species, all are connected. One whole, life and death, the whole separates. Patterns find like patterns. Conception has its own pattern, patterns find like patterns. Rebirth. What is on the surface must not be taken for the real without examination within.
  5. I feel this thread sorta reveals the core essence: Zhuangzi, in chapter 1 poses the question of what we depend upon... and what were to happen if we were to depend only upon heaven and earth? Everything else is in-between, and in between can be gauged by how fluidly something is able to adapt to the changes occurring between heaven and earth. When this adaptation becomes stagnant, the flow and harmony become obstructed. Rather than trusting decisions to our intuition, our ego comes to decide right and wrong based on attachments. When the flow is not hindered, the intuition marks a fluidity that naturally balances between yin and yang. This is being close to dao. When when the flow is hindered, we enter a buffered state where there is separation and stagnation to this way of seamlessly flowing with dao. The entire manifest realm is such a stage of buffering, and yet even it has an ebb and flow, a beginning and ending. In buffering, we lean to the extreme. In cultivation of balance, we lean to where we may surrender to intuition of what is right and wrong in any given moment through divine knowledge and connection to refined vibration.
  6. indoor training vs outdoor training

    Die how? In the flesh? Does that prevent another from receiving the transmission? Is direct inheritance by a so-called "indoor student" better? It would appear that sometimes such students transform the art in beautiful ways, reinvigorating its heart... while others may not have understood much beyond the surface, or beyond their teacher's ever present guidance. Does the "name" make inheritance more official than the ability to reach the heart of the teaching? Once a pattern exists, it has an essence, like a musical theme. It may not bear the name of its founder, and may not be applied with the same steps, but that essence may continue to be expressed through the changing medium of time and space for as long as people are willing to listen. In some cases it may simply be a matter of timing and sincerity. In other cases it may be more intentionally tended through guides. Perhaps both at once is common. Easy to forget, all that about how something is more easily brought down after it is raised up; how cultivating the "value" of something or of one's self is to limit one's freedom. Those who study the art of energy movement would do well to continuously study the daodejing and zhuangzi. IMO.
  7. indoor training vs outdoor training

    Well put. Where I train... the teacher has gone beyond indoor/outdoor. When in class, the teacher observes the whole, and what is spoken is what each of us need as a whole. Speaking is very minimal, as too many words activate our human-minds and take us away from cultivating the mind of dao. When in private lessons, we practice harmonization with one another. There is a one-on-one, or one-on-two relationship, but whenever this is "taken" as the means to increase desire for a particular teaching, it impedes the operation of becoming spiritually whole, as one begins to emphasize horizontal connection to another rather than maintaining vertical development. In both cases though, I feel "indoor" training is readily available. We are encouraged to avoid missing classes, and each class takes place at a different time within the season, even though they are twice a week. Every day has a different energy, and every class has different instructions - sometimes harmony is emphasized, sometimes cultivating of roots is emphasized, sometimes we learn new material, sometimes we get a lecture, sometimes we are instructed to move at natural speed, and so on, according to what we need as a whole and according to how we may best harmonize with the environmental changes. There is much to be learned from this if one listens. For the student who diligently trains, the transformations come of their own. When in class, those changes are instructed with a work or half a sentence at the precise time they are needed. This matter of timing is where things become very indoor. Every other student may hear this instruction and find use of it, but for the one student who was on the threshold of a major transformation, it holds a secret that shows where the threshold is, and what to do upon reaching it. To me, this type of indoor instruction is appropriate, as it keeps things relatively natural, almost entirely avoiding issues that come from mental attachments such as enabling, entitlement, co-dependence. The indoor teaching is also largely invisible, preventing issues of inheritance and so on. It is not a model for everyone, but the principles it applies may be useful to some, in their own way.
  8. indoor training vs outdoor training

    Oddly enough, my first 2 years in training brought about some profound results.... it was in looking back upon them and studying them that I let my mind impede my progress. Humility and openness and surrender are what enable progress. Ego ever gets in the way. For those with talent, this is the hardest lesson. If you are talented, then perhaps something within the celestial mechanism is working out for you - your mind wasn't part of that. I recommend doing yourself a favor by not presuming you have the ability to control things better than surrendering to dao.
  9. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Hi @Spotless. I think it is pretty clear, but when you say "this" above, you are speaking about the intention of the OP, in regards to exchange - correct? Just wanting to help keep things clear. Also, the Shamanic passing that was described was not (as I see it) referring to mere information, as from Akashic records - but to the substance of momentum of a soul/consciousness - the literal merging of momentum and destiny of one part of the whole with another.
  10. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Several things being spoken of here... skillful navigation of reincarnation/transmigration (into newly conceived life) passing of soul/de/consciousness from one body to another the elder soul assumes control the elder soul surrenders to the new host This last is what I felt was being described above - is it possible? The new host would need the skills to navigate such potent energy, but presuming that preparation had been made, I imagine that energy being absorbed and assimilated into the new host, without the old being able to control anything after the gift had been given. Also brings to mind something explored by Frank Herbert - where a strong past life incarnations may take the reigns as one delves deep, if they are stronger than the current presence. Then there are channels and so on. I've been taught that we should avoid sharing the vessel with others - it is our responsibility. And that responsibility our spirit is burdened with is to dissolve the ego and heal the soul - complete the de and return it to dao.
  11. Interesting, @Taomeow. Now I recall how my mother used to raise me in a slightly more feminine fashion - the first day I went to school, I had barrettes in my hair... she always loved my corn-silky hair and I never had a boy's haircut, and so on. A feminine seeming name, not having a father - quite an outcast to my peers. Not having a father to role model masculine things was yet another form of protection from the patriarchal influences, I know recognize. It has taken some effort to reach into my own past and into the rare examples present around us, to really gain an understanding of the true potential of masculine power. Which of course is contained within its own balance of femininity, and thus, is "masculine" even the proper term. I've also not trusted others in terms of my own past... and yet when that rare person arrives in my momentum with whom such a gift can be offered, it generally can be trusted. In such.... I've been able to tap into the general theme of the momentum of the tapestry and the roles I may have played. It is interesting how extremes work. In "masculine" terms it seems that it is when the masculine power is at its weakest that it also is attempting to be the most forceful and dominant.... unable to contain itself, yet on trajectory to apply itself externally at all cost, it desperately clings to that brittle unsustainable path.... I suspect that if certain gravities are exercised, these energies may be dissolved upon the very foundation which they rest, without too much collateral damage. I don't know if that is where we are headed or not, or how soon.... yet I hope that whatever the change that comes, it is able to ply itself such that extreme trajectories and their future reboundings are not beyond the capacity of the deeper momentum to contain them. When all the historical layers of shaping are able to come into close enough resonance, something magnificent may be within reach.
  12. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    Something like this is mentioned in Chronicles of Tao. However there it was not described as something like possession, but rather the opposite: as though the jewel of the refined soul is passed from one spirit, at the end of its time within physical embodiment, unto the care of another spirit. The new spirit would have full autonomy, though of course the karmic gravity and momentum would also be transferred. There was not much elaboration, and I am not very clear on the purpose for such an exchange. It was described as a sharing between a master and a student, so perhaps as a very poignant tool for extension of lineage.
  13. Has anyone here switched bodies with someone?

    I offer the perspective that whenever something "was supposed to be different" with the way we were born, that we try to feel out the reason for this feeling. Were we born into a pattern that is seemingly very different from our historical transmigrationary patterns? This could be related to a need we had, to deal with a difficulty in balancing certain momentum based influences, while in our "familiar" role. So perhaps we are now gaining the ability to digest those lessons while embodied in a pattern that can do that more easily. Or perhaps we have now become able to face challenges that we had not been able to face in the past, which only seem new from a limited perspective. Perhaps both at once. This could be choice related and intentional, even though it may not seem intentional after embodiment. Could it be choice related to something like impatience? Feeling the need to embody and not wait for the right patterns to arise, when certain patterns did arise, perhaps we jumped at the opportunity - and simultaneously accepted the new and perhaps transformational lessons these fundamental changes in patterns would bring. I suspect this is common with gender imbalances - one who has difficulty in cultivating yin qualities while in masculine momentum may be led to try on femininity to learn more naturally before returning to the main momentum. Or perhaps a pair whom have shared momentum in the past now desire to embody in the same timeframe and locale. Whenever there are specific patterns that need to be matched, they are more difficult to find, and naturally come with their own shapings. It is common for the "ego" to project expectations onto the world in declaring what is supposed to be. In reality such control is only possible in a walled garden, which is then separated from the whole and also risks destruction whenever it begins to open again to exchange with the whole. When trust and acceptance are exercised, we may not get what we think we are supposed to, but often we get exactly what we need - a discovery soon realized after working through it rather than rejecting it.t It is up to us to both feel out what our challenges are and also walk the path of integration by working through those challenges. The more resistance, the more restriction - the more acceptance, the greater freedom. 61 THE YIELDING NATION A great nation, like a river delta, Receives the riches of the land. In being receptive - possessing the Yin, Receiving the Yang unto it, Overcomes all by its very peacefulness and quietude. So - A great nation, placing itself below a lesser, Absorbs the lesser. A lesser nation, submitting to a greater, Conquers and wins adherence of the greater. Thus - To absorb, conquer and win adherence, - One must yield. Truly - Those who triumph, do so by yielding. A great nation prospers by absorbing, A lesser by joining and participating. For both to so benefit, the greater nation needs be a yielding nation. tl. Alan B. Taplow
  14. Yes, exactly.... in my case I'm told I was mostly female in monastic situations or tribal ones. I'm not sure how much of the patriarchal exploitation I participated in given these 'protections.' And yet in this life I find myself very sensitive and understanding of these issues, and very connected to the importance of tapping into them. Part of this is being raised by a single mother, whom in the early 80's had much difficulty in raising me alone. Growing up I was very sensitive to her struggles and the inequalities which she so strongly fought. And yet there is something much deeper - I was often bullied physically and verbally, yet something inside did not know how to lift a finger in defense, but only walk in acceptance. The tapestry of change within momentum is vast and complex, and I know there are myriad origins for these experiences. The experiences of being female I only know were very important for me. You are probably right about how much time would be needed for every man to experience "his" feminine counterpart. I don't know, but it seems things are priming for something that isn't so far off... perhaps the earth herself has a new role to play in setting the balance.
  15. Not to derail, but I sometimes wonder if today many people are born the "wrong sex," for a purpose. Personally, I've been told most of my past lives have been male, but the most recent few were female. My read on this is that my masculinity was restricting my development and I needed a better way to learn qualities of receptivity and non-action. Now here I am male again, presumably tasked with bringing those lessons to fruition within the body of my main momentum. Perhaps for some the strong dilemma of being in the wrong body might mask - draw attention away from - the purpose this new paradigm of being might be helpful for. I wonder how these arts might help reveal the lesson.