Commodity Fetish of Folk Taoism as Late Capitalist apocalypse

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It reminds me of sound and creation... or sound/ vibration proceeding matter.


Would you say there is a connection between sound, light and consciousness?


Through sound we should be able to manifest (nutrients for one) ... consciousness proceeding sound maybe what you call inner-silence? pure-awareness?


yeah I blogged on this recently -




It seems abstract since the energy is from the complementary opposites of time-frequency.


In actuality - in the West we are so mind-controlled so assume that sound is dependent on a physical medium to vibrate.


But we forget that we LISTEN to sound to perceive it.


So in actuality if we take listening very seriously - like I memorized the Bach Italian Concerto in F Major when I was in high school and I performed it along with other classical piano pieces I memorized....


And so that type of serious listening to music creates a trance state where in actuality the music is listening to us.


There really is no source to sound because of this time-frequency uncertainty relation - what's called the Law of Phase Harmony in quantum physics - but in reality it is the secret of the Tai Chi as complementary opposites resonance.


So yeah that's why most Westernized materialists don't get it - because people get mind-controlled very young.


The actual commutative principle of math has to be questioned and debunked and this is done so by analyzing complementary opposite resonance in music theory. But this was also "rediscovered" in quantum physics as the time-frequency uncertainty principle or Fourier Uncertainty.


It turns out human hearing trumps technology when it comes to perceiving and being aware of time-frequency uncertainty.


The more a person is trained in listening - like professional musicians - the better their skill. haha.


But of course that does not even count the skill of meditation where internal listening creates light and fusion energy.


that is the original purpose of music as a continuum of trance dancing for alchemical healing energy.


Sonoluminescence - Westernized people do not think that you can create light from sound - or that there is an infinite spectrum of energy from frequency. But people who study quantum biology know this is true.


So in high school I made that intuition from my music training experiences and then I went on to study it on my own for my masters degree and finally further on my own after the intensive qigong training.


All human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals and shamanically it was to create light energy from that infinite frequency experience - but in the West it got covered over by logarithmic tuning based on geometric irrational magnitude. So the mind control is very deep - going back to at least Plato and for anyone in school they learn the mind control by 10th grade math.


Also in physics with classical taught first. In reality quantum physics is the new foundation of physics and so it should be taught first. The first physics I took was quantum physics for my first year in college and the professor said that because people usually learn classical first then they are mind-controlled.

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How can I cultivate my qi without super exotic and expensive things? How will people know I'm enlightened if I don't have ivory buddha necklaces and jade dreadlock holders? :sarcasm:

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Geometry is the problem in the West - because of the materialistic idealism that defines infinity with irrational magnitude - so there's a lot of New Age b.s. about geometry.


I'm talking about "formless awareness" which can not be seen - so no it's not geometry - but yes it does create vibrations based on complementary opposites.


if you are talking about crystalization, you are talking about geometry


but plenty of the time you dont know what you are talking about, so thats just to be expected

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Quasi-crystal water is a macro-quantum molecule. It's true that it's based on a tetrahedral geometry but in the Westernized math we define a tetrahedron based on irrational magnitude whereas in quantum physics the foundation of the tetrahedral geometry is a non-local formless awareness resonating as complementary opposites. This is called non-commutative geometry in Western math - but as formless awareness it can not be visualized as any geometric point, as a finite dimension.

You would have to study the links in that blogpost I just linked - of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Stuart Hameroff. The time-frequency uncertainty principle in quantum physics is primary to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which is based on momentum and position - after the conversion of the infinite formless awareness back into the classical logarithmic-based symmetric logic of Western math (using the Poisson Bracket as the mathematical conversion).

But let's not get away from the focus of this thread - the commodification and fetishization of spirituality as the ultimate commodity.

Now what is the opposite extreme of real celibacy meditation training? It is sadistic misogyny as racialized sexism - the "exotic" sex trade that is based on male ejaculation addiction through intensified violence. This is because biologically the male ejaculation is a dopamine addiction that ends with a cortisol spike as stress and so then even deeper dopamine is needed which results in even deeper stress and so on. It's a psycho-physiological dynamic of increased stress levels.

My argument is that this dynamic is built into the mathematics of western science itself - I call this the "separation of heaven and earth" with the lower body as earth and the upper tan tien as heaven. So originally the earth was ISIS as the base of the geometric triangle and heaven was Osiris as the height of the triangle with Horus/Set as the hypotenuse. Originally it was a divide and average math - but the sacred geometry in West Asian tantra was based on this symmetric averaging process built into the math - with left brain dominance, right-hand technology and so the lower emotional energy is controlled by the Kundabuffer - the blockage in the lower back.

So the Pyramids are an externalization of the original full lotus alchemy training - the full lotus as a body position that opens up the lower back to sublimate the kundalini energy. The males lost the actual body transformation training and instead became a ritual priest culture which used mass ritual sacrifice as a patriarchal system - the solar dynasty empires.

So the pyramids were covered with limestone to waterproof the pyramids and also probably for esoteric energy - as a complementary opposite energy with the granite. To make the limestone cement casing then the forests of the Green Sahara had to be destroyed and burned to make ash. This originated with a rectilinear geometry with an anthropocentric focus - called the Symbolic Revolution of 10,000 BCE - in other words the males erroneously believed they could "contain" infinity through geometric magnitude.

This creates the fire energy of desertification - through silica and silicon - and so the water female energy governed by the Moon was and is being literally destroyed on Earth - along with the ecological harmony it supports.

So with the externalization of the spirituality through massive pyramid temples - and churches, etc. it's what's called the Edifice Complex based on the Oedipus Complex - which means that males, because they can not control their lower body ejaculations, also can not control their subconscious incestual lust for the mother and so they compete with their father - killing the father.

What has been discovered in animals is - why do they as being young "leave the nest" out into new territory that is not protected? It goes completely against the ability to survive. But as a youth gets older - the mammal male - then as their sex hormones kick in for reproduction then they have to go against the incest taboo and so go out into the danger. When the youth mammal is young and innocent they actually also lack fear because along with the sex hormones developed comes with it the fear emotion opposite of the adrenaline anger energy: The fight or flight reaction of cortisol stress or adrenaline.

So unless the trance training is done by the males then the males are stuck in that lower emotional Kundabuffer energy - what I call the fear-anger-sex cycle which is really the male ejaculation cycle. And so then the females try to protect themselves from the males because the males, not able to fix this cycle, then turn to sadistic violence against the females - to rape the females and torture the females.

So the females try to use technology to save them - and this is what the tantric commodification process is - what I call the "trajectory of tantric technology." So then for example chariot technology has the wheel centered by using a "divide and average" version of the Pythagorean Theorem - from 3000 BCE - and that sacred geometry math was developed from mass ritual sacrifices as a way to get rid of the lunar circular altars - to "square" those altars so they have the same area and size as the Solar male square altars. This was documented by math professor Abraham Seidenberg.

So then females, turning to technology as an attempt to escape the sadistic patriarchy, then have an increasingly desperate commodification of their life force energy. So then we learn about females in tantra - like tantric-trained prostitutes in Asia - kind of like a mythology - but a certain "jade dragon" technique - using the Jade Egg to build up the muscles of the vagina - so that the male can be forced to ejaculation by sucking off the energy of the male. I have encountered females who are very adapt at sucking up male "yang jing" or "yin chi" energy - even without any physical contact and while standing up.

Again females are yang internally - yang jing energy that builds up the yin chi energy. Unlike males who ejaculate which causes a switch of the nervous system from relaxation to stress - but for females the internal orgasm keeps building up the serotonin energy - so the dopamine switches at climax to serotonin and after more and more orgasms then it switches to oxytocin to open up the heart. So for the females to achieve the orgasm it is actually from the yin chi electromagnetic stimulation of the vagus nerve connection to the cervix. So to keep building up that yin chi energy then it takes sucking in more of it from males - who create yin chi energy from sublimation of their energy.

So from a feminist materialistic commodified perspective then it is being taught now in late-capitalism the sex trade is actually considered a liberating commodity for females - because strip dancers can make so much money and a Wall St. prostitute makes a $1000 an hour - and so even with females wanting to pay for college then they can turn to "sugar daddy" dating sites to hook up older rich males with younger females. But the problem of the actual sadistic objectification and oppression of the females are overlooked - like how this mass prostitution is not so glamorous in the slums around the periphery of the Empire - around the U.S. military bases and the mega-city slums of the "free trade zones" in China, India, southeast Asia, West Africa, etc. Like I said 2/3rds of forced slave labor - of the 20 million slaves in the world today - are in the sex trade.

But what is happening in that situation is that the males are pervs who have their electromagnetic consciousness stuck in their sex centers and so to feed their ejaculations they need to feed off younger female energy since it has stronger jing energy. So then the innocent girls are also fed upon - and boys also - and sexually assaulted and raped, etc. - by essentially the modern male as a war-mongering chimpanzee.

So you get this battle of sex centers trying to commodify each other - to suck off their energy. For example when I went to the public library downtown in a big city it was mainly African-American males raised by pornographic hip-hop culture and so they all sat at the free computers - all the males were aggressively vibrating and bouncing their legs. Why? They were all desperately - if not unconsciously - trying to suck off jing energy for ejaculation. So then I sat at a computer and went into full lotus and actually an obese AFrican-American young female sat next to me and she was attracted to my yin chi energy and so - she knew I would not be attracted to her obesity - and so she actually put pornography on her computer in order to stimulate me to orgasm. Of course it was internal orgasm but mutual climaxes - so I was transmitting my yin chi energy into her. Suffice it to say the African-American males around us were really confused - why was this geeky white dude and this obese younger AFrican-American female bonding together with orgasmic smiles on their faces? haha.

But the problem with tantra again is that it is inherently limited - despite it increasingly being the mainstream focus of commodification. Sex sells as they say - but since the males are based on their ejaculation sex without having been initiated into the internal orgasms - then the selling of sex just makes things worse and worse for the females - because the males resort to increasingly sadistic means and relying on younger humans to get more jing energy from them.

This pornography lecturer exposes this increased sadism and the increased commodification - and so Rupert Murdoch is the top recipient of pornography wealth in the world - in other words just watch the news these days and it almost always features a "well-endowed" female in a high cut skirt that clings to her body, etc. She stares into our eyes - flirtatiously. Or in general the news casters have to be very handsome males - with strong jing energy, etc. flirting with the females.

I was reading how even for the Chinese they know to put the pretty females as the servers in restaurants or to sell the products in the stores. There is some term for it - but even the Kungfu movies will base plots around the comedy of the males all chasing after the pretty females - buying up all the products being offered by them, etc.

So that is all fine in an innocent way but then I read about how some of the monks in Thailand were actually considered to be like sex stars for the females - in other words because the monks had built up their energy then the females would go crazy for them. Now in theraveda Buddhism the females are not supposed to touch the males - and in the traditional Chinese culture - the females are not supposed to initiate conversation with the males in public - the males have to initiate it first if the female is going to talk to the male. I'm talking like early 1980s mainstream China. Obviously China is more Westernized now and even has a new feminist movement protesting the rape sex abuse culture, etc. just as the new movement in India against the gang raping epidemic.

What do we find in these huge countries accounting for one third the human population? When they developed late-capitalist economies then prostitution sky-rocketed as the females no longer had traditional support systems from the females being farmers growing the food, etc. The food system became this male-dominating raping of the land with plows and using oil-based synthetic chemicals, etc. and the females were forced out of their families at young age - this is called "female exogamy" - it is found in the chimps also but the bonobos use female bonding to stop any male violence during female exogamy. There are some still more African-Dravidian cultures in India that practice a matrilineal culture - so that the females when married actually maintain closer ties to their own family support system, with the brother helping to raise the children more, since the brother has more in support of his sister then the husband does of his own children!

But when the theraveda monks want to eat food - who gives it to them? the females. And when it is a full moon and the females are ovulating - what do the theraveda monks do? the whole all night public meditation ceremonies with the females.

And so we can see this ancient basically a type of tantric commodification of the complementary opposite life force energy - that goes all the way back to the original human culture which focused on all night trance dancing during the full moon when the female jing energy is the strongest.

What happened is that with alchemy training then the male is supposed to "contain infinity" internally to store up energy to create the "yang shen" transformation bodies - and finally "supreme complete enlightenment" as it's called in Mayahana Buddhism. Based on this teaching then - tantra is inherently wrong and inherently limited - because even if the male is having internal orgasms and transmitting yin chi energy into the female and so having mutual climaxes with the female - and keeping that energy in the relaxation state to keep building it up into real love energy which begins to activate the strong "yang qi" energy of the electromagnetic resonance of the hearts - this process is still based on the physical limitation of lust. So that the "yuan qi" energy of the pineal gland is being sent down the spine to create reproductive fluids while the yin chi energy is being sent up the front of the spine - via the vagus nerve.

So tantra is based actually on a reverse microcosmic orbit and so you don't get the Emptiness purification that enables the actual spiritual level of yang qi from yuan qi energy to develop - so that the Solar energy can resonate into the Emptiness. Instead with tantra, the commodification is this impure dirty energy since as the orgasmic bliss is pulled up the front of the body via the vagus nerve it also pulls up the anaerobic crap bacteria of the lower body - where all the blissful serotonin is stored.

This is why the trance dancing is central over just the sitting full lotus tantric sex of the Solar dynasty cultures.

Because with the trance dancing and the Tai Chi standing active exercise - you flex and work the strongest muscle of the body - the butt glute muscles - and so for example in HOrse Stance - when you raise up the back side it flexes the glute muscles. When this happens then the PC muscle is relaxed and the perineum is stretched out and this opens up the back channel for the serotonin bliss energy and the jing energy to go up the cerebrospinal fluid.

Sitting in full lotus opens up the channels but it doesn't flex the butt muscles and so you don't get that upward in the spine energy for proper purification. So full lotus is a good Emptiness posture - once the lower tan tien is already full of energy. But in the beginning of the training the standing active exercises should be emphasized - the original qigong master says 3 times more standing active exercise than the sitting passive meditation.

So otherwise in full lotus without the flexing of the butt muscles and the stronger pressure on the legs from the weight of gravity - the vibrating of the legs causes the extreme sympathetic stress nervous system to switch to the opposite extreme of the parasympathetic bliss relaxation energy - so the Horse Stance is very good to activate that. The knees act like pulleys - since with a pulley you get twice the power and so with the knee as the pulley you get twice the leg power. In just full lotus the crap will just stay in the intestines and build up and then you get dopamine addiction which is the male controlled by his ejaculation energy so he never is able to fully become yang internally to create and build up the yang qi energy from the purified yuan qi energy. Even if the male is having internal orgasms - as long as he is not Emptying out the mind from the serotonin energy going up the spine ( and not up the front of the body as is done with lustful tantra) - then you are still limited to the yin chi energy - the yang jing energy based on the dopamine.

And so with that dopamine addiction then the commodification as a fetish process starts - so for example the Roman soldiers used to be paid salt - and that's where the word salary comes from. The salt causes a dopamine spike that then switches to cortisol - just like male ejaculation. The salt is used to counteract the acidic wheat diet - but the high sugar levels in wheat also cause a dopamine spike that switches to cortisol stress just like male ejaculation. And so then this weakens the kidney energy and the white skin developed from the malnutrition in wheat (the white trash diet) causing low vitamin D levels - Vitamin D being the most important hormone of the body.

So with racialized sexism - the melanin from increased L-Dopa levels in the diet - and melanin is also an electromagnetic sink. In other words - for example why are big black glasses so popular for white males? Because the melanin actually sucks in the yin chi energy from people - it increases the tantric attraction. But the problem is not with melanin - on the contrary it increases the chi energy in the body - the problem is with white males not able to control their lower body ejaculations and not having enough kidney energy to create their own yin chi energy - so the white males in late-capitalism have the big black glasses as a cool hip commodity and try to wear more dark black color like big dark glasses. haha.

The Chan Buddhist monk book - the Bones of My Master - by George Crane - relates the Ch'an master happening upon his former student who now runs a tantric sex cult - it is just him and tons of females - and so the tantric master tries to suck up the energy of his former teacher - the Chan Buddhist monk. So what does the monk do - he just sits there in full lotus and the tantric master finally gives up. Why? Because if a meditation master has developed his yang qi energy then he has direct connection with the Emptiness which is an unlimited eternal energy source. But in the tantric mindset they are still controlled by the limited materialistic lust and so are dependent on trying to take energy from others. But if they encounter someone who has unlimited energy - can recharge it in real time as they send it out - because of the fully opened third eye and the heart connection - called the Large Accumulator - the heart center - so then the person with the intention of taking the energy is forced to question their own wrong philosophy based on a limited physical reality defined by geometric borders.

In the Chan training you do full lotus but then you also do walking meditation and you keep alternating the two while going into deeper trance samadhi purification. But in Mayahana Buddhism - I saw one training manual that said the prerequisite for proper training was to be 2 1/2 miles away from the closest village. In other words the purification training is still based on this separation from the females so that the males can store up their energy.

The original alchemical training for immortality I think was discovered from the extreme desert conditions of the early humans - after the supervolcano Toba explosion about 70,000 years ago - only a few thousand humans survived on the whole planet. And so modern humans are a genetic bottleneck - much less diverse than other primates are within their own species. And so with the original trance dance spiritual healing - it was the Moon that was the FIRST GOD - the moon was the original energy source as based on the females synchronizing their menstruation cycle and ovulation cycle with the moon. So the original Sandawe human culture with the trance dance at menstruation - to heal the pain from menstruation - then tied to the jing or N/om energy of the young females - but also to how the males had to train to sublimate their energy as well, like the females did naturally. So then you have the Full Moon ovulation trance dance training for the males. This is why in tribal cultures the males practice incision on the penis - to actually mimic the female menstruation! Because in the melanistic tribes of Papua New Guinea or Australia - from Africa - it was known that the females were the original shamanic masters since they are yang internally.

But when humans left the forest habitat that was more congenial to survival - life in the desert is more harsh and so the males resorted to more extreme trance dance training to go - to be able to fast and go without water - to live directly of the qi energy - and even more so to make physical transformations for better hunting of animals, etc. Spirit travel into heaven to speak with God directly as the deep final astral level of total body transformation through the unified spirit-qi energy of the heart-mind.

There are exposes on the interwebs about how tantric meditation is inherently misogynistic since it relies on this taking of the female life force energy as a commodity. Indeed this is true - but only if real meditation based on the Emptiness is not understood - only if the Western materialists are projecting their own commodification mentality onto the meditation philosophies. The tantra training is a catalyst that then has to be launched into an Emptiness focus of meditation.

The full lotus as an alchemical practice is then like the blacksmith caste - a "vanishing mediator" between the Solar dynasty ritual priests using their "contained infinity" irrational magnitude geometry and the earlier trance dance lunar-focused shamanic training that originated out of the forests. An important study of this subject on blacksmiths and alchemy is the book Iron, Gender and Power: Rituals of transformation on AFrican societies.



She has supplemented this by an informative section
concerning Power and Fertility, including discussions of relations
between the smith and kingship, hunting ritual and its relation
to the smith, and the art of pottery-making — often a preferred
activity of the women of the tribe — and sought for parallels
between the two fire-using technologies which might shed
light on the gender question to which they might be related.
Herbert's treatment of these matters makes no real attempt at
appearing unbiased; it seems to me that it is rather intended to
make the case for certain important conclusions she has reached,
and to cast this into a form in which it might be accessible and
persuasive — and incidentally highly informative! — for the nonspecialist
as well as for colleagues who labor in the same field.





"procreative paradigm" so clearly at work in the smelting of iron, along with a separate axis of control predicated on age or social maturity, also underwrites the enactment of power in activities as seemingly disparate as royal investiture and hunting. That these are typically male undertakings is central to Herbert's argument: they are "key enterprises that involve transformation and access to 'supernatural' power" and, most important, "male appropriation or replication of female procreativity" (p. 5).



By acting as a vanishing mediator - the full lotus Taoism Emptiness meditation then will always-already be this fine line as the end point of apocalyptic late-term capitalism and the beginning point of true eternal immortality.

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How can I cultivate my qi without super exotic and expensive things? How will people know I'm enlightened if I don't have ivory buddha necklaces and jade dreadlock holders? :sarcasm:

Good questions actually.


Why show up to any temple? What do the monks and priests know...really?

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Good questions actually.


Why show up to any temple? What do the monks and priests know...really?




`”We found that 85% of the dioceses had experienced an embezzlement in recent years, many more than one,” says  Charles Zech, Professor of Economics at Villanova University. “No one would think that a priest would embezzle from the Church. No one would think that a lay worker would embezzle from the Church. So they don’t put the kind of internal financial controls that are commonplace in the business world.”


Al Jazeera has been showing this Holy Money documentary expose on the Catholic Church. It is corrupt through and through.


Essentially the Vatican Bank buys off politicians by laundering money into real estate and then selling the real estate at very low prices to politicians, etc. for then laws passed with subsidies for the church and other various kick-backs.




So then with the sex abuse - the Bishops knowingly move the money around to legally shelter it from the victims suing for compensation.


So in Milwaukee alone 45 priests have been charged with sex abuse. One lawyer has represented over 1000 victims of Catholic sex abuse and he got the documents showing the Vatican directed the Archbishop of Milwaukee to transfer $60 million to a "cemetery trust fund" (a protected shelter) to keep the money from being used for compensation to the sexually abused. So then the Milwaukee Archbishop was then transferred to be in charge of New York City which is even more wealthy.

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compost and biochar storing carbon in the soil -  new doc on saving the soil.


Yeah so the humanure composting is tested in the doc too.


Pretty exciting - with Beijing soon to kick in humanure composting for some 20 million people and another 40 million humanure composting already in the countryside of China and more megacities doing in.

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The Big Fix - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cover up


wow - exposing the huge scam of environmental apocalypse in the Gulf of Mexico.


There's some newly bought shrimp from Gulf of Mexico in my house. No way am I eating that stuff.

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So the original Sandawe human culture with the trance dance at menstruation - to heal the pain from menstruation


Raw vegan women are reporting zero pain from menstruation... and they have very, very little to none... and are fertile. Also no morning sickness or any sickness / discomfort during pregnancy... one lady saying she didn't even know she was pregnant.


They have a very healthy raw vegan boy now.


Menstruation is an additional way the female body releases toxins.


It is all related to diet... particularly cooked food and meat consumption.


It is my understanding that lunar cults practice blood rituals, animal and human sacrifice, blood moons, lunar eclipses...hiding the Sun/ Light/ Truth


Islam and Judaism for example lunar cults practicing genital mutilation and halal and kosher ritual animal slaughter.


Christianity has its origins in Lunar cults/ with a Pagan Solar buried underneath/ corrupted.... with Lunar dominance... surrendering to Christ etc drinking the blood of Christ/ Human / animal sacrifice for sins etc ... Lamb of God...




spoiler = graphic kosher slaughter methods





My understanding is that Solar cults are vegetarian.


Like Zoroastrian, Hindu and Original Pagan/ Pythagorean/ Druids


Healthy Europeans, good wholesome diet and sun become bronzed


like the stereotypical "bronzed Aussie"


hmm most appropriate example I could find. (South African)






Thick black glasses must be an American thing.





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Rhino horns, prized in Asia for its ancient belief that they can reduce fevers and seizures, have no medicinal value. It’s said to be like biting your fingernails.

Nevertheless, rhino horns command big money—$30,000 per pound.

The Kenya Wildlife Service says 54 rhinos in general were killed by poachers in 2014, according to Inquisitr.com.


Read more at http://www.grindtv.com/wildlife/armed-rangers-guard-last-northern-white-rhino-male/#iLuWleL1j5faVgbv.99



The very last white rhino male is being closely guarded.  The continued existence of the species depends on him mating - so far no luck.


and so let's ponder the power of the rhino horn - a la the Taoist commodity fetish:




Taoist sexual ideas are well represented in Traditional Chinese Medicine and TCM herbologists have a full menu of herbs and herbal decoctions for strengthening sexual desire and prowess in men and women. Everything from bull penises (ground up and taken in a decoction), to Rhinoceros horn, to the gall bladders of the Black Bear, and certain snake skins are used for this purpose.


Note; since the Rhinoceros is an endangered species, deer or elk horns are now substituted.


Yep - just a bit endangered. One male left.




That leads to this zinger of a book:




Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn: The Destruction of Wildlife for Traditional Chinese Medicine





Trade in animal parts for traditional Chinese medicine is a leading cause of species endangerment in Asia, and poaching is increasing at an alarming rate. Most of traditional Chinese medicine relies on herbs and other plants, and is not a cause for concern. Ellis illuminates those aspects of traditional medicine, but as wildlife habitats are shrinking for the hunted large species, the situation is becoming ever more critical. One hundred years ago, there were probably 100,000 tigers in India, South China, Sumatra, Bali, Java, and the Russian Far East. The South Chinese, Caspian, Balinese, and Javan species are extinct. There are now fewer than 5,000 tigers in all of India, and the numbers are dropping fast. There are five species of rhinoceros--three in Asia and two in Africa--and all have been hunted to near extinction so their horns can be ground into powder, not for aphrodisiacs, as commonly thought, but for ailments ranging from arthritis to depression.


and so then we get the Chinese Alchemy wiki site:



Although the majority of hsien (immortality) elixirs were combinations of jindan, many other elixirs were formed by combining metallic bases with natural herbs or animals bi-products. The rhinoceros' horn was commonly used in medicines and elixirs and was held to have fertility-increasing abilities.


But rest assured the Chinese Taoist Association has a nice statement on wildlife:



Sun Si Miao also pointed out, however, that if one has to use animal ingredients, it is better to use animals that died naturally. Daoism encourages the use of  ingredients that can be found easily. There is no need to

use expensive or rare ingredients from endangered  species such as tiger bone or rhino horn. Daoism shows us that  there are many ways to cure any  one illness, and prescriptions that include animal ingredients are not necessary.


yeah - it's kind of like - don't think about the pink elephant in the room.


Oops - too late. Only one male white rhino left.


https://books.google.com/books?id=1CsEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA217&lpg=PA217&dq=rhino+horn+taoism&source=bl&ots=FrE9c05wK0&sig=MAxGqAmKOOaSkDPmL8xp_muDCMQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kYMsVZGlA4S7ggSk94G4CQ&ved=0CD8Q6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=rhino horn taoism&f=false


Digging deeper we the traditional Taoist context of the Rhino HOrn


Chinese emperors received the rhino horns on their birthdays carved with scenes of Taoist immortality.


Still it is to India that the "aphrodisiac" quality of rhino horn is largely attributed and actually Yemen is the largest source of demand for Rhino Horn - for their daggers and swords.... the handles.


O.K. so maybe this is an example of a product finding new markets - from it's ancient Chinese treatments to more "exotic" selling points like sex vitality and male knife virility.


The final climax is an online book free to read on the history of the Chinese Unicorn





Yet rhinoceros bones found in Chinese Neolithic sites of six thousand years ago clearly indicate that rhinos flourished in both north and south China at that time (Sun, 1982, 80).



yeah so the rhinos were hunted by chariot - and the rhino skin used for armor - leading to the extirpation of the rhino in China.



Rather it was founded on ancient beliefs in the apotropaic powers of their respective horns to ward off evil influences: the horn of the unicorn to guard against injustice and evildoers, the horn of the rhinoceros to ward off disease and poison. Since these ideas were later transmitted en bloc westward from China, together with the myth of the unicorn zhi, it is important to understand their sources. The origin of the mythic Chinese unicorn zhi has been discussed in detail earlier. Now it is time to examine the reasons why the Chinese believed so strongly in the protective powers of rhinoceros horn.


and so the keratin of the rhino horn actually does temporarily reduce fever - as was believed it to do.


But wait there's more! Drinking out of the rhino horn cup thought to make the wine medicinal:



This belief may have arisen as a result of the growing interest in finding “The Elixir of Life” which became the focus of “The Search for Immortality” during the third century B.C.E. Thus two of the most ancient uses of rhino horn, as a medicine, and as a wine cup, became linked together in people’s minds.


I guess for me - the lesson to be learned here is that there are a lot of "side roads" to take on the quest for immortality.




too bad for the rhinos.


They got fetishized by Taoism.

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"In a commercialized spiritual market, and given the short-term expectations of the practitioners, there was pressure to constantly teach different and higher-level spiritual techniques, instead of providing a strong foundation...." p. 371


The Religious Question in Modern China

 By Vincent Goossaert, David A. Palmer 2011




googlebook link


This is the new masterpiece by David Palmer. I actually corresponded with him and he sent me an article I couldn't access at our University library.


So his Qigong Fever is a must-read on the "commercialization" of qigong which he gets into in this book also.


yep - I just seached "commercialization" -


p. 305


So what's fascinating about their analysis is that Falun Gong arose as a new emphasis on "morality" in critique of mainstream increasingly market-focused mentality in China.


So the qigong training shifted away from paranormal experiences and instead became a moral - even apocalyptic critique of the increasingly commodified qigong culture.


And so then Falun Gong, as it became the fastest growing and increasingly most popular form of qigong - by the late 90s was targeted as an evil cult.


The term "evil cult" though was actually reinforced by the Westernization process with the focus on Western cults as the basis for the danger of Falun Gong.


It would seem then we have here a dialectical reversal!


Blockbuster films had been a huge influence for the qigong boom of the 1980s.


So then after the crackdown on qigong movements - the practice became more individualized.


So then Christianity grew as the new "moral" focus - with the Christians meeting at McDonalds - as a kind of reinforcement of their Westernization process but also as a commericialized space that was not politicized.


The authorities claimed to be targeting only Falun Gong but in reality feared that the other qigong mass movements could also become like Falun Gong and so a general crackdown occurred.


So then we get a reference to this pdf link - on a "market" analysis of religious movements in China. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCkQFjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.purdue.edu%2Fcrcs%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2014%2F08%2FYang3Markets.pdf&ei=nrwtVaj0C8yXNu-PgdgK&usg=AFQjCNG1tYRI2MUglIj1LnfWtuLop6_rvA&sig2=T0tl9VcSP-y4lXCIiPvQmQ&bvm=bv.90790515,d.eXY&cad=rja


The author states how the many people he's talked to who used to practice qigong have now converted to Christianity or Buddhism.



there exists a huge gray market with hundreds
of millions of potential religious consumers. Perhaps many of them have unmet
religious needs, or are waiting to be awakened. Many may consciously or unconsciously
engage in the gray market of implicitly religious groups or spiritual entrepreneurs. Such
a huge gray market is destined to be a fertile ground for NRMs.


So because of the heavy regulation of qigong it actually encourages and forced a volatility to the religious "market" so that new religious movements can easily form.


"In a commercialized spiritual market, and given the short-term expectations of the practitioners, there was pressure to constantly teach different and higher-level spiritual techniques, instead of providing a strong foundation...." p. 371


This quote I began with really rings true to me - as the original qigong master said - the small universe meditation is really all you need to know and can take you to the highest levels of practice.


Of course that is based on really understand how it works, etc. as I have pointed out the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book gives the details.


But instead what have we seen with the qigong scene - constantly "new" techniques being marketed! haha.


And this really is driven by the "short-term expectations" - you could call it literally spiritual impulse buying.


This isn't to say that the spiritual masters are not real - only how they adapt their experiences to the general pool of practitioners is fascinating.


There seems to be an inherent missing link between the spiritual master and the ability for students to really study in depth. Notice how only two qigong students have also become qigong masters - and that is out of hundreds of thousands of students being claimed to have been taught.


If you would based your success rate on the level of the students achieving a master level - certainly this is not the sign of success. But if you rather have the goal of just providing spiritual commodities with which the buyer can choose at what level he/she wants to engage with the product - then it's a whole different situation.  In other words the traditional relationship of student-teacher has been decoupled by the market dynamics.


It's almost as if the qigong organization gets in the way of a student doing actual serious training with the teacher - which most likely is best done on a spiritual level anyway.


As it's stated - "caveat emptor" - but this is a great irony opposite to the claim of providing a healing service.


Such is the great power of the commodity fetish in qigong training.

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that guy who was once criticizing "AVOID Tao Bums Forum, They Are MINDFUKS With Fake..."

Chinese guy said in one of his videos I recall more or less "Chinese don't give a f*ck about animals"

Not sure how this can be changed.

Fur trade is as bad...

skinning alive dogs, cats, foxes etc

I won't post videos of this...

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Equating "Western" with Solar... Western refers to (Lunar) Arabian religious practices and ideology that took over European Pagan (Solar) ... the Lunar for now has Eclipsed the Sun... for many centuries.

For example.

Empedocles: They did not have Ares as god or Kydoimos, nor king Zeus, nor Kronos, nor Poseidon but queen Kypris [Love]. Her they propitiated with holy images and painted animal figures, with perfumes of subtle fragrance and offerings of distilled myrrh and sweet-smelling frankincense, and pouring on the earth libations of golden honey. Their altar was not drenched by the unspeakable slaughter of bulls, but this was the greatest defilement among men - to bereave of life and eat noble limbs.

fr. B 130:

All creatures, both animals and birds, were tame and gentle to men, and bright was the flame of their friendship.

and from ancient Iran

In Chapter 39 of Bundahishn manuscript belonging to Tehmuras Dinshawji Anklesaria of Bombay (as cited by E. W. West in 1880), "the Arabs rushed into the country of Iran in great multitude... and their own irreligious law was propagated by them and many ancestral customs were destroyed, and eating of dead matter was put into practice. ...From the original creation until this day, evil more grievous than this has not happened...." http://zoroastrianheritage.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/were-ancient-iranians-zoroastrians.html


A lot of this seems to be around mensuration also... which is more or less non-existent when humans (females) eat a truly natural raw vegan diet... and are not feeding on the flesh of other creatures.

How can one talk about "Commodity Fetish" and ignore the most apparent expression of it?


No "need" for tiger penis or rhino horn when you have...



Vegan/ Vegetarians are better lovers.

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O.K. basically - the diet solar/lunar thing.

Here you go.

If it is a full moon then fasting is better since the female jing energy is strong already.

The young females of the Bushmen were not allowed to eat the staple of the diet - the fatty nut. Again because the young females at first menstruation at the strongest jing energy already - aka N/om.

I am using logical deduction that the oldest trance dance music as the Eland Bull Ritual for New Moon first menstruation ritual healing - would be tied to the pain experienced by females during menstruation.

The male hunter provides meat to the females to increase their iron levels for the blood lost during menstruation but the fat from the meat is what feeds the jing energy - again the cholesterol creates testosterone.

So, for example, if you read Gabriel Cousens Spiritual Diet book he says how his secret during his meditation in India was to eat no fruit.

Why no fruit? Because fructose activates the vagus nerve and so causes the yin chi energy to rise up the front of the spine - instead of down. Also the high sugar increases the free radicals and so the qi energy has to neutralize the free radicals - the sugar also feeds the e. coli levels. that dynamic combined causes the e. coli to rise to the skull and be leached out - from eating the fruit or corn syrup which is way more prevalent in the modern synthetic diet.

Corn syrup is not food and is the basis for the obesity epidemic.

O.K. so the solar vegan thing is true in the sense that magnesium is a photo-receptor and so eating lots of chlorophyll does enable you not to get damaged by UV radiation and also the magnesium converts photons into qi electrons. For example Milarepa lived off stinging nettles when he wasn't in samadhi - so his skin turned green.

But for example the Tibetan yogis would eat meat first to initially induce the jing heat in the lower tan tien - and then isolated in the mountains in meditation they would then fast off sunlight, etc. - cosmic radiation - by "converting jing to qi" which is the secret of fasting to increase the energy. But you first have to have that jing energy - whether it is prenatal jing or postnatal jing.

So that is why for the Bushmen - the males getting their solar yang qi activated - was based on fasting in isolation from the females - when the males were at puberty, chaste and the older males then sending the shen laser solar energy into the younger males to convert their jing into qi.

So it's not a lunar versus solar thing.

The lunar jing energy has to be build up first as the proper means to obtain to female formless awareness via the solar yang qi energy.

As for the Arabs being lunar and therefore the West being lunar - the issue is actually that FIRST there was a focus on agriculture in WEstern Asia and this caused an ecological catastrophe and so then pastoralism was created as a reaction to it - as a survivalist tactic and that is the origin of Arabic culture. The original farming was based on this new Solar-focus as the Solar calendar was used to guide the farming cycle - with for example the flooding of the Nile river charted by the rise of Sirius -

And by a fortuitous circumstance the Flood always happened shortly after Sirius was first visible in the morning before sunrise. The Egyptians would watch the morning sky intently. On a morning when Sirius could finally be seen, they knew the Flood would soon happen, and save the crops for another year.
The first sighting of the morning rising of Sirius always happened every 365 days. Over time it was found that about every four years, Sirius would be sighted 366 days after the previous sighting. This day was celebrated in Egypt as "The Feast of the Opening of the Year," the first day of the Egyptian new year. And this was the first calendar in history to measure the Sun's annual cycle instead of the monthly cycles of the Moon's phases. In this manner, Sirius was the important "calendar star" for measuring the solar year.


yeah so for example the Lunar God of the Sumerians was named Sin.


So the Seven Days of Creation from Genesis is actually from the Lunar Calendar.

I would say that the Tree of Life is Sin, the Lunar God - and also the "forbidden fruit" that activates the kundalini energy.

So if you look at calendars from that time - the problem is trying to harmonize the lunar and solar calendars.

With a pictograph ideogram, right brain dominant language - you can't do the long division to divide the solar and lunar calendars.

So that is how phonetic language developed - to do the math more easily for the solar calendar focus.

This is detailed in David Ewing Duncan's book CAlendar.



This diverging relationship between the Moon God and the Fertility Goddess becomes pivotal in understanding the breakdown in relations between Yahweh and his Asherah later in Old Testament times. The Fall from Eden is specifically associated with the sacrificial cycle of Inanna and Dumuzi. Dumuzi becomes the dying Adam, doomed to mortality by the original sin of Eve, in accepting the advice of the Serpent and eating the Fruit. This re-fomented the link between male death and sex, the original sin of Eve, human sacrifice, which reverberated in the vulnerable line of patriarchal inheritance. In the above cylinder seal we see the four key components of the Eden myth, Dumuzzi and the Horned Inanna, the serpent and the seven-limbed Tree of Life from which the Menorah is derived, both reflected in the seven days of the lunar week and the seven levels of the descent. The three days of the descent also represent the three days between the old and new moon. Sin himself is the chythonic 'green one' (Briffault v3 90) and is threatened by the seven devils of the underworld (Green T 196).

So as I pointed out earlier in the thread - the Essenes originally did follow a Lunar calendar of rituals but with the Roman Imperial take over of Christianity then a Solar calendar was imposed on the Essenes.

The Roman Empire was really about the spread of wheat-based farming - as North Africa was the "bread basket" for the Romans. But then was the Greek word for tragedy is tied to the Greek word for goat - the pastoralism of goats.

So the original Europeans were not white precisely because they ate food that had high vitamin D levels like fish and animal organs whereas wheat farming lacks vitamin D and so increases the white skin - for example I visited the most traditional Berber village in Morocco and they are very light-skinned and they use human manure compost to grow wheat and they bake fresh wheat bread every day. For their meat - they eat wild sheep that they herd.

So the original Bull worship in Western Asia was actually before the Bull was domesticated and so the wild bull was worshiped as a sign still of untamed Nature to be respected. The Egyptian Solar Calendar was created in the 5th millenium B.C.E. As farming developed it spread into Europe starting around the same time - and so the latest DNA evidence charts Middle Eastern wheat farmers in Europe - northern Europe Sweden starting 5,000 years ago - 3,000 BCE.

The point is that as the Bull became domesticated with plow-based farming and the iron age developed then the female formless awareness Emptiness focus became lost and with that lost also became the loss of the female lunar calendar focus from the silver energy. So that started around 1200 BCE when iron became dominant for weapons - and why and how? To spread the intensive Bull farming culture that also caused plagues, etc. and so new land was needed.

When the cows are spread out in a dairy operation - then it's not so bad - the manure actually feeds carbon back into the land as a carbon storing sink and the hunter-gatherer culture can be mimicked some what like with the Maasi in Kenya doing dairy farming.

But the original pastoralist religion - like with the Turkana in Kenya - is when there is an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon - then that means the energy of the first born Son equated with the Sun is in jeopardy - and so an animal must be sacrificed to save the Sun/Son.

So you can see even with pastoralism - as with the Arabs - it is still based off the original Solar-calendar farming and this original quest by males to tame Nature in their fear of the Lunar energy.

So with the original village cultures around the world - like in Australia and the melanasians of Papua New Guinea - there is subincision of the penis to mimic menstruation because it was known that the females were the first qigong masters - and so this was also true with the original lunar Bull worship as Sin in Western Asia - the Moon God was Male as Menses or the Vedic Sankrit root of MIND. In other words in Taoism it is the Lunar energy as the Yuan Qi energy - the pineal gland lunar energy so that when there is a full moon the meditation power is ten times stronger as there is more kundalini energy from the lower tan tien - more jing energy that builds up more pineal gland energy - as it is sublimated up the spine.

The problem with the development of phonetic language then is the left-brain dominance cuts off the conscious awareness of the resonance with the lunar jing lower tan tien energy that needs to be sublimated through trance dance, Horse stance and tai chi exercises.

So that is how the Solar priesthood developed as language became disconnected from infinite frequency of tonal language - the older languages are music based and so are inherently tied to the jing emotional energy with the different frequencies and tones tied to resonating the different jing yin chi energies of the organs. And so the Srutis of the Vedics - are the original healing tonal music - but what happened as with the ratios of Sumeria - the Lunar and Solar gods were also music harmonic ratios - and so these infinite ratios were closed off for the mass ritual sacrifice sacred geometry based on an idealized materialism.

So you cite Empedocles as a Solar vegetarian example - but this is before the imposition of the Plato-Archytas-Eudoxus "Greek Miracle" as the foundation of Western civilization with the invention of irrational magnitude as Alogon and what became the Surd as the absurd foundation of western mathematics.

So yes originally to do the solar training required fasting - and still does - but only based on 9 years of silence - or what I call the Sigh-Lens - to convert jing to chi by directly taking in Solar energy photons and converting it to build up your yuan prenatal jing energy again and turn it into qi energy. This has to be done as a yang energy focus and so requires not just silence but also solitude - what Empedocles called hibernation for cave meditation just as the Taoists practiced - and so females unseen for at least 3 months while the jing energy is already strong from celibacy.

So with the trajectory of tantric technology - you do have essentially first the wrong intention so that the mind as the prenatal vitality or yuan qi of the pineal gland is cut off from the Emptiness which is the internal resonance of complementary opposites and so it doesn't harmonize with the Solar yin qi and yin shen energy of the Dragon heart - the yuan shen. We think of Solar as male energy and it is in the sense that it is the upper body but it is only yang when it unifies with the yuan qi that manifests out of the pineal gland and this is only done by Emptiness - by focusing on the Cosmic Female - Apeiron - the Apopis as the Egyptians called her. Instead this got turned into a materialistic monotheism in Egypt by Akenhanton - around 1800 BCE - after the invasion of the Hittites to take over Egypt - from Western Asian farming. And so Apopis obtained the materialistic idealist projection as the apocalypse and this same materialist projection was found in the Brahmins and the Zoroastrian priest culture where for the first "time" - time was defined as a linear model - time as a spatial construct of geometric expansion.

The irony is that the right-wing Neo-Fascist vegetarian movement in India has actually turned to violence to try to suppress the secret history of Brahmins eating beef - to increase their life force energy.





Beef eating: strangulating history

While one must respect the sentiments of those who worship cow and regard her as their mother, to take offence to the objective study of history just because the facts don't suit their political calculations is yet another sign of a society where liberal space is being strangulated by the practitioners of communal politics. [text Tag=blue-tint][/Text]PROF. D. N. JHA, a historian from Delhi University, had been experiencing the nightmares of `threats to life' from anonymous callers who were trying to prevail upon him not to go ahead with the publication of his well researched work, Holy Cow: Beef in Indian Dietary Traditions.


We can see http://www.countercurrents.org/ambedkar050315.htm

That the early Brahmins were actually the migration of wheat farmers and brought their Bulls with them - when the cows are giving milk then don't eat them.






The comparison of the markers among these groups confirmed that genetic similarities to Europeans increased as caste rank increased.

And so these Brahmins eventually spread throughout India.

the males were more European (again meaning originally Middle Eastern wheat farmers that spread into Europe starting 5,000 years ago) and so the Brahmins were mainly male immigrants using patriarchal farming and pastoralism.



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What would you suggest for a male today ISQ?

Alternatives to 9 years of silence etc?

Living in this current society.

I am practicing celibacy and also fasting on occasion... considering making it much more regular though after my last 3 day fast and seeing the overall benefits. Considering maybe every 2nd day.

Could squats also be an alternative to horse stance?

Have you encountered much of Hesiod's work?

What are you thoughts on


"Seven thousand five hundred fifty-six (7556) haplotypes of 46 subclades in 17 major haplogroups were considered in terms of their base (ancestral) haplotypes and timespans to their common ancestors, for the purposes of designing of time-balanced haplogroup tree. It was found that African haplogroup A is very remote time-wise from all other haplogroups, which have a separate common ancestor."

t;The finding that the Europeoid haplogroups did not descend from “African” haplogroups A or B is supported by the fact that bearers of the Europeoid haplogroups, as well as all non-African haplogroups do not carry either SNPs M91, P97, M31, P82, M23, M114, P262, M32, M59, P289, P291, P102, M13, M171, M118 (haplogroup A and its subclades SNPs) or M60, M181, P90 (haplogroup B), as it was shown recently in “Walk through Y” FTDNA Project (the reference is incorporated therein) on several hundred people from various haplogroups."

Anatole A. Klyosov, Igor L. Rozhanskii

Affiliation(s)The Academy of DNA Genealogy, Newton, USA.




Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years

The origin of contemporary Europeans remains contentious. We obtained a genome sequence from Kostenki 14 in European Russia dating from 38,700 to 36,200 years ago, one of the oldest fossils of anatomically modern humans from Europe. We find that Kostenki 14 shares a close ancestry with the 24,000-year-old Mal’ta boy from central Siberia, European Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, some contemporary western Siberians, and many Europeans, but not eastern Asians. Additionally, the Kostenki 14 genome shows evidence of shared ancestry with a population basal to all Eurasians that also relates to later European Neolithic farmers. We find that Kostenki 14 contains more Neandertal DNA that is contained in longer tracts than present Europeans. Our findings reveal the timing of divergence of western Eurasians and East Asians to be more than 36,200 years ago and that European genomic structure today dates back to the Upper Paleolithic and derives from a metapopulation that at times stretched from Europe to central Asia.



I don't think a wheat diet changed skin, eye, hair and skeletal structure.

Many around the world are now eating wheat... and have for a long time and there are no changes happening as above.

The Irish never cultivated wheat either and have a high % adverse reaction to it. They are among the fairest people on the planet.

I do see wheat as part of the conspiracy though "bread and circuses" ... bigu and Taoist though confirm this.

Interesting Chinese accounts too... they make a distinction between "barbarians" who didn't cook their food... and were uncontrollable and another group who did, who were docile/ domesticated humans easy to control.


I don't consider the Sun to be male or female either.

In Norse mythology the Sun is a Goddess.

Sunna is the Norse Goddess of the Sun, also known as Sól, though some hold that Sól is the mother and Sunna Her daughter. In Norse mythology, the Sun is female while the Moon is male. When the world was created from the body of the dead giant Ymir by the triad of Odin, Vili, and Ve, the Sun, Moon and Stars were made from the gathered sparks that shot forth from Muspellsheim, the Land of Fire.


Neither the Earth to be male or female.

I see the Sun as Light and Light as Knowledge/ Consciousness

Isn't there mythologies that say originally was no moon? this foreign body caused the Earth axis to tilt? and the seasons to occur? and general chaos.

How would the Taoist system work without a moon?

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“The record of this maternally inherited genetic group, called Haplogroup H, shows that the first farmers in Central Europe resulted from a wholesale cultural and genetic input via migration, beginning in Turkey and the Near East where farming originated and arriving in Germany around 7500 years ago,” explained co-author Dr Paul Brotherton of the University of Huddersfield, UK.


Co-author Prof Alan Cooper, who is also from the University of Adelaide’s Australian Center for Ancient DNA, said: “what is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful,....





Yeah the science is definitive on the wheat farmers as the first Pan-European successful culture - from 9,800 years ago they began spreading out of Turkey and Central Europe into Germany.


So actually the first Germans were Celtic tribes, as are the Irish celtic tribes.




I did a blog post on this with more links.



These three groups were identified from the genomes of 8,000-year-old hunter-gatherers - one man from Luxembourg and seven individuals from Sweden - as well as the genome of a 7,500-year-old woman from Germany. The study was led by the University of Tübingen in Germany.
The research suggests that the individuals from Luxembourg and Spain probably had dark-skin and blue eyes. The German woman, meanwhile, had brown eyes and lighter skin, and was related to Middle Eastern groups.
Both the Luxembourg hunter-gatherer and the German farmer had a gene that breaks down saliva - and a feature that may have came about due to agricultural life.
However, neither of them had the ability to digest the sugar lactose, found in milk. The trait originally emerged in the Middle East after the domestication of cattle and later spread to Europe.
Previous  studies suggested that Europeans today largely descended from Middle Eastern farmers.




DNA Of Ancient Human Spawns New Theory Of Why Europeans Became White
I suggest you get a phone healing from Chunyi Lin - try out a real qigong master. Then you know what to shoot for when you're meditating.

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I had a look at the SFQ site...


I am considering, maybe some months from now... is there a wait list of a kind? 3 months etc appointment advance.


Yeah I called today to book an in-person healing and there were no openings for the day I wanted any time this month and so I booked 3 healings in advance in May - since there's only 1 day in the week I can get away from work long enough.


So - when I went in yesterday there was steady stream of elderly hobbling people - I felt a bit ashamed taking Chunyi's time and energy - but anyway he said my mind was very powerful from years of meditating and so I need to be very careful to just focus my energy on my lower tan tien. Sure enough I had a telepathy connection today from a focus I made in my meditation last night. So I definitely have to be careful - especially after having Chunyi send energy into me - he touched the top center of my skull and then the middle of my brain was filled with this liquid bliss-qi-light energy. It was awesome.


He did more healing than that of course - but anyway - so also I am going to the 20th year anniversary in June on the Sunday as I know I won't be working. I wanted to go to the whole deal - Thurs to Sunday but I knew I couldn't get away from work without it being a hassle. So anyway I figure that's why I did more in-person healing s- you get a $80 discount for a 4 package healing deal.


Anyway I definitely feel my third eye much stronger now - a stronger magnetic bliss in the center of the brain. So I'm pretty excited for what's in store.

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Do you think over the phone/ international is as effective?

I believe for a skilled person things like distance in some aspects becomes meaninglessness...

Maybe along the lines of 'All is Menta'l?

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yeah Chunyi says that actually his phone healings are more effective in the sense that in person he will pick up more superficial type blockages that may distract him but over the phone it is more impersonal and so his energy stays more focused in the Emptiness.


When I got the phone healing from Chunyi it was a very deep heart energy - that I didn't experience as much as in person. But again I did fast 3 days before the phone healing so that would probably help.


As far as opening the third eye long distance - the strongest third eye opening I've had from the qigong masters has been long distance - once when Chunyi left the room after he read my aura (and I had been fasting for a week) - then suddenly the center of my brain was on fire! Another time was from the other qigong master - when I asked if I could join him in full lotus meditation he said, "maybe later" and then I biked home several miles - and sat in full lotus. Suddenly the center of my brain was on fire so strong I had to stop meditation. I couldn't figure out what caused it. The next week before class started the qigong master pulled me into the hallway - looked me in the eye and asked: "Did you feel anything?" that's when I knew what had happened - I was stunned into silence. That qigong master did another third eye opening like that but he said he could only do it when I moved to across the room behind a barrier - so it could create some personal distance between us.


So it's difficult to believe that the qigong masters can do this but actually Chunyi does this regularly on his podcasts - people call in with questions and he heals them right there on a conference phone line! They report back live - how they can feel the energy and how thankful they are. So yeah it is a holographic type of energy.


There is obviously a certain leap of faith to try this stuff out - so I guess the skeptics don't think they should have to try spending money to test it. haha.



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Yeh, hm, people spend 100$+ on alcohol on a night they can't often remember most weekends etc

I think it is worth a try :D (SFQ energetic healing)

Fasting before seems like a good idea, + pure diet.. itself opening energy channels.

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Just discovered a new book perfect for my thread topic - published by Kris Millegan who almost published my "Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music" book -




Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America

 By Darrell Hamamoto


so googlebooks has a lot of it in review.




1 hour interview with author - a professor.


Essentially he starts to get into the convergence of race and sex - racialized sexism as the cutting edge of the tantric trajectory of technology as I call it.


Most of his research is on the expose of the political machinations to mind-control people.


But he is essentially exposing a technocratic global elite - with a focus on China.


So he is saying essentially Asian Americans are a big drive behind northern california Silicon Valley boom with its secret guidance by the Pentagon and it all covered-up with a NeoPagan/New Age aesthetic - which is exactly what the commodity fetish of folk Taoism means - Hollywood-ized propaganda that really just promotes the Actual Matrix Plan as I've exposed.


The google review just goes to chapter 3.


https://books.google.com/books?id=JvXM9YJnmfcC&pg=PA99&lpg=PA99&dq=shaolin+hollywood+silicon+valley&source=bl&ots=aWNzbChlx_&sig=8c3bQmJJRg5TyWMz3OVhrXhB9as&hl=en&sa=X&ei=b-cxVYCeFMPUoASMyYCoBg&ved=0CEEQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=shaolin hollywood silicon valley&f=false


This leads me to a fascinating behind-the-scenes expose of the silicon valley parallels with Hong Kong and how it was parallels in Kung fu movies through the HOllywood Golden Harvest subcontracting.


So while earlier Hong Kong kungfu movies were a rebellion against the Third World role of Hong Kong in the new 1950s semi-conductor slave wage conditions - Enter the Dragon was a "recolonization" of the mind-control film industry for Hong Kong.


So then we can turn this around to the very Hollywoodization of Shaolin itself (as Bruce Lee depicted a Shaolin monk in Enter the Dragon).




Here we have a fascinating Shaolin qigong mainstream performance in 2007 with reference to the Olympics in Beijing to showcase a new Shaolin film.


Two monks went into the reluctant audience and called up two witnesses for one of the most sensational feats. It took three tries (for dramatic effect?), but the monk threw a needle through a pane of glass that popped a balloon on the other side, and the witnesses confirmed. More fascinating than the acts themselves was the intense qigong warm-up—deep, rib-baring breaths; focused concentration; hands that seemed to sweep the air along their limbs or compress air at the body's center. And after the feat—of being held aloft bare-chested on spear points for example—the cool-down seemed similar but intensified, as the monk's body poured with sudden sweat. The audience waited silently to applaud; the monk seemed engrossed, as if searching for the true culmination point of the feat, until he took his humble bow.




O.K. so here we go - Shaolin is expanding into Australia with a training facility that also features a golf course and resort hotel!





The program in Australia costs 1.76 billion yuan ($283 million), most of which comprises Buddhist believers' donations to the temple. How will these people feel after discovering that their donations will be used to build up a branch in Australia? It would be better for the temple to spend the money improving local people's livelihood than setting up a branch far away in another country. The final goal of this is commercial expansion, under the guise of promoting religious culture




So since Shaolin is Buddhist but based on Ch'an - I'm thinking in terms of the Emptiness foundation of Taoist and Buddhist qigong training - and how Bruce Lee also combined the two - how in Ch'an Buddhism there is also use of the Taoist concepts.


http://www.bgtent.com/naturalcma/CMAarticle24.htm good overview there on shaolin history a la taoism


Shaolin's Fighting Monks - The Buddhist/Taoist Legacy of Shaolin's Fighting Monks

By Salvatore Canzonieri


Of course now Shaolin history will have to be updated with the 4-start hotel and golf course Taoist commodity fetish embellishment.

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Dude you are a perfect example of the brainwashed mainstream fascism in this country.


The main "distributor" of child-slave chocolate is Cargill, the largest private corporation in the world.


You say it's "damnably complicated" and then you proceed to blame the victims of the parents of the children "looking the other way."


You say you have researched the issue. B.S.!! 

People really are brainwashed.




The Underdevelopment of Africa by Western colonialism has been documented by Samir Amin since 1972.


But the beauty of being in power is you don't have to "research" these issues and if you do "research" them it's only to patronizingly shrug them off.




How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.




We're talking a massive loan-shark operation by the Western "development" banks.


So no it's not too complicated - it's just sheer greed and slavery en masse.




By the way - Cargill dumps food on Africa in order to wipe out the local farmers - to make the countries dependent on the U.S. for food subsistence - that's how a countries "Development" is then geared to slave-wage export to enrich the North - the Western parasites.

I got around to watching your 45 minute video and it interviews a girl who is rescued from a going on a bus to a plantation and in the interview the girl says she's was promised money, further if she doesn't come back with money her parents will be very angry with her.  I'm assuming her story is common. 


You kinda quick gloss over it and spend pages on Cargill, but to me the fact that such 'slavery' is somewhat sanctioned by her parents, ie they're sending out a 12 year old to a plantation.  Odds are they know the risks. 


To me its damnably complicated.  The parents willing to send there young children away and law looking the other way.. this points to social and economic issues that have to be studied and involved in solving this problem.  Cause I suspect even if Cargill goes away the fundamental problem here will remain.  


Also my studying shows that you exaggerate the problem.  Its horrendous enough without it.

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that such 'slavery' is somewhat sanctioned by her parents, ie they're sending out a 12 year old to a plantation.  Odds are they know the risks.


You just lied.


Or else you misunderstand basic logic.


Her parents didn't know that she was being forced into slavery.


Stop blaming the victims.


Cargill has announced that they have a "fair trade" option now for chocolate.


I looked on the brands they list and there is absolutely no mention of "fair trade."


The brands offer Utz certification - which just means the market price - not at all fair trade.


Utz certification puts the focus on "technical training" - it is a patronizing view to Cargill simply not wanting to pay the farmers more money for the cocoa.


Again the Cargill family has 42 billion in personal wealth.


Yet they can't afford to pay "fair trade" for the cocoa?


That's disgusting and inherently wrong.


It's not complicated at all.


You got some serious messed up values but then your view is the norm - and that's why the planet is so messed up.

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