Being probed..maybe..

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I think someone or something is doing some energy work on me this morning, During the experience, the time frame was in the middle of the night, 2am to 3am. The actual time frame, my time frame, was 5am to 6am. What happened? Basically, I woke up at 4am and went back to sleep. I had a mundane dream about my distance uncle. Nothing extraordinary. Then, within the dream, I woke up and to realize that something was probing or massaging the back of my skull and down to the bottom of my neck. Like someone was using a set of fingers oscillating the energy points in those regions. It didn't hurt. The oscillation was accompanied by two distinct and acute vibrational sounds, a lower one and a very high pitch tone. The high pitch tone sounded like some techno, space age, mantra music. The lower tone sounds like some regular beat. This lasted for about a minute or 2, maybe. I didn't know what was going on and I assumed I was being probed by aliens. Hehehehhe. I didn't move since I didn't want to alarm anyone, including myself.


I felt the entire experience was taking place in the middle of the night but when the experience stopped, it was 6am in the morning. I turned around and to check the room to see if anything has changed. Nothing of course.


I am pretty sure someone or something is doing some energy work on me. Not sure about the benefits of it, enhancing the oscillation in the back of the skull and the lower neck region energy points. It felt like there was a worm wiggling in between the back of my skull and the lower neck region.

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As long as you dont have a tingling spread between any two insides of a pair of fingers ... you should be right





I get that ... and tinglings where you describe in the neck - but I have a cervical vertebra with a bur that is digging into that nerve in my spinal column .... I have to probe it myself, hold one finger against it and with the other hand twist my head : 'crack' ! .


Perhaps a small 'crick' in the neck while you were sleeping caused the feeling and the feeling caused a dream to be constructed around it.


~ Like the one I had about that idiot workman outside my window that kept ringing a bell ..., turns out I slept through the alarm (not that my boss believed me :D )

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I have had a number of these type of experiences.

I posted these on another forum but here you go


"So I have just woke up from having some work done on me in dreamtime.
The dream was normal at first but then veered off as they do into trans-dimensional dreamtime activity.

So someone behind me is doing quick, light blows to points on my back , spine,
then a kind of massage , I heard him say put heels down and he lifted me up and pulled me back , like he was straightening my back.
The one thing I remember the most is at the end he blew on the back of my head (jade pillow) and that was it , it sent me way out and triggered full on eneregetics.
I was semi conscious at this point lying spasming on my bed with energy shooting up my body.
Wow ! That breath on the back of my head was serious !
Thank you who ever it was icon_wink.gif
I never saw him , only felt him , got the feeling he was an old man.

A few weeks back I felt a series of super fast light blows to my stomach , just under belly button but the thing with this was I was 100% percent awake
which kinda freaked me !
They didnt hurt but it did freak me to know spirit can be so strong in this dimension. "


Here is another one


So lately I have felt a kind of gnawing at my mingmen point when I am asleep and enter into multi-dimensional dreamtime.

I assumed it was an inter-dimensional parasite of some sort which always seemed to try and latch onto the mingmen point for some reason ( energy , food ?)


Last night it started again but had a different feel , I went along with it to get a better picture and a being of some sort was working on my spine , again with a sort of gnawing feeling like it was using teeth rather than hands.

It spent a lot of time working on the point between my shoulder blades , then mingmen , then up and down my spine and all the while energy was moving up and down the full length of my spine.

At one point I saw it and , well , it was the head of a dog on the body of a man , looked like a doberman.

When I came out of the dreamtime experience I lay on my bed with the energy still moving up and down my spine for quite some time and let it do its thing.

This creature had me intrigued as I have never saw anything like that before.


Today I had a look on the net and to my utter surprise saw that there is a whole history of dog headed men , The Cynocephali and their culture from whole areas where they lived with reprots from Marco Polo and Colombus to Christian saints as ST Christopher was reported to be a dog headed man and we also have the Egyptians and Anubis which although some say is a jackal looks very simlilar to what I saw.

There is so much history of these creatures it is quite unreal and there seems to be an increase in sightings of these beings , "



and yet another

"Last night I was lying in bed asleep on my side , dreaming ,
when these beautiful chimes began to play in my dream.
I awoke to feel a strong presence behind me ,
my quilt began to move and pull back leaving me revealed ,
the energy from this presence was getting stronger and stronger , seriously projecting at my back.

Once again I woke up ! hehe , in exactly the same position I thought I was already awake in BUT the energy was still running up my spine , really strong.
This lasted for about 10 mins , I re did my shield and used the light sword to sever anything that may be attatched to my back but it didnt make any difference. "

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I've had similar experiences before.


I've also had experiences of opening up energy channels and releasing blockages that were so strange when they first started that paranoia got the best of me. When something 'unknown' begins to happen, the mind automatically tries to define it based on random associations. Sometimes what it attributes to the experiences are ridiculus and makes for a good laugh :P


Your experience could very well be something like chakra or meridian clearing or activating..


Any influx of energy at a higher vibrational rate will push out lower vibrational rates. But don't quote me on that...

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