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  1. The face doesn't lie

    FYI, the girl was photographed with the sun facing her. The young man was under some shades....there..hehehehe.. I can not read aura. Most of my insights into the individuals are from dream visions.... Look at the Harvey Weinstein...he has grossly uneven eyes...heheheh....
  2. I Ching and Lottery winnings

    Hey.....I was thinking about make a topic about this...since a lot of us have certain special powers..why don't we win the lottery? You don't need I Ching. I Ching is for people not in tune with their own mind essence. The question is that why can't you see or predict when you would win the lottery? I have plenty of dreams about numbers... Trust me, I play the lottery but the most I have ever won was only 2 numbers...LOL... I just spent $4 today because I was in the check cashing place. For someone like myself who frequently would have precognitive dream messages, why don't I receive messages about me winning the lottery???? I dream about counting money (I was a big time store manager for 5 years managing a large retain chain) and I counted a lot of money every night closing. Receiving money and checks. Even in one dream I was guaranteed an inheritance from some deceased old lady (not that I was related to her). Never once I dream about me winning the lottery in a very strong dream message kind of way.... Perhaps, Karma plays a role here??? When comes to wealth, the law Karma works differently???
  3. Ego

    Th Tao self-no-self? Or the Dharma self-no-self? Hehehehehe..... Rereading the OP quote, it appears the author, while shutting down the ego, he ended up talking about having an ego. Hehehehehehhehe...........
  4. Does anyone experience walls popping around them?

    I want to throw this out..hehehehe..........The month I was experiencing a spontaneous kundalini energy rising experience (I was 18 back then), I would hear a loud clicking sound. What was the big deal. Well, this sound triggered my Kundalini energy while I was meditating. I would meditate for 15 minutes without hearing anything. When this sound goes CLICK or TICK, sense heightened and it would trigger my kundalini energy...full blown rising with third eye illuminating with light and fire and heat sensation all over the body. I don't know about you but these sounds are triggered by my meditation. Again, I don't really care and it does not scare me at all.....:) Just saying........
  5. Does anyone experience walls popping around them? the past, it happens all the time when I am meditating. Usually a loud clicking sound or a loud doh sound. Nowadays, is not so much. Depends..... It does not bother me at all. I kind of like it. Is a sign that my mind is exercising its power....
  6. What came first a belief or an experience?

    There are 3 paths to enlightenment according to the Buddhist cosmology. I think is called the 3 vehicles... In THERAVADA AND HINAYANA, you learn about the process to become enlightened by reading, reciting, and studying the Buddhist scriptures. In MAHAYANA, to become liberated and enlightened, you help others to release from suffering. The middle path, is called the Pratyekabuddha....self realized Buddha enlightenment. How? They realize the teaching of the 4 noble truths and 8 fold paths by examining their own lives without to have studied the scriptures==self realized experiences. You ask HOW?? LOL LOL.... There is the Samyaksambuddha.....they took the same path as the Pratyekabuddha but, instead of becoming a hermit and living in mountains, they decide to help others to become liberated.
  7. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    Well....I think this question often comes up. Where to find mentors and gurus??? Such a simple question but it has many implications. Some of us may have been guided by celestial masters regardless of where you are and where you are from. How is this happened? Karma ripened at the right time, right place, and the right condition. Unfortunately, it does not often happen to everyone. That's the reality. Is easier for some of us to say that don't worry, sages and immortals would come and visit you if you follow the right path and to achieve the necessary cultivation accomplishment. The odds are that it won't happen. Master Nan Huai Chin once said it is like a blind cat catching a dead mouse......... Then, again, we aren't talking about democracy or socialism..hehehehe... Sages for everyone. Taoist immortals for everyone.. Then, again, the path isn't always almost impossible. Oh yeah........if one can not answer why he or she needs to seek sages and Taoist immortals, why there are needs to seek them??? If the Tao is eternal and everywhere and nowhere at the same time, like the Dharmakaya, and Taoist immortals are one with the Tao, why there are needs to seek them??? They are already here....
  8. Unfair Karma

    Yeah...we should stay away from associating wealth and materialism to being a good karma vs being poor and poverty. You can be poor but managing to live a sustainable life style and with little to no illness. You live a good life...and to die in a peaceful way with little suffering.
  9. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    Could you imagine that you finally make the trip to see this living sage and he or she (it could be a she) asks you this question back, "where are the sages?" How would you answer him or her?? He or she may just turn you away if you can't answer the question the "correct" the spirit of the Tao. If one really understands and to take the Tao concept seriously, there is really no points in seeking a living sage.
  10. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    That question itself is an oxymoron....Taoist sages and immortals are everywhere and nowhere at the same time....
  11. Ego

    No, I really don't know....:)
  12. Ego

    Nah..I think the ego is synonymous to the little "I." The little self identity people hold dear to because they need protection. Not the universal Self that knows no boundaries, neither in time and space.
  13. Ego

    Let's face it....there is nothing inside our mind that said EGO on it. Is solely condition based....Is definitely goal I have to become this at certain age and I have to have this now...and etc.
  14. Ego

    We can use the Freudian paradigm that the ego is psychic energy entity designed to seek sexual gratifications directly if not in a subliminal way. In the Jungian paradigm, ego is the god head (god is living inside your head instead of in your heart) more of a social construct. I would assume a person with a big ego would have a greater social following. Or to be well respected in its social surrounding... I think the ego is nothing more than seeing and acting in the world based on what you are personally emotionally attached too. Is about attachment...and extremely focused and narrowed...goal oriented.... Like people acting on a feel good concept but not be able to really think it through.
  15. Ego

    Yea but do you know what is exactly an ego???? Where it comes from? How it is formed? When the ego is think and acting, what exactly it is doing? Is kind of hard to discern it when you are still thinking with and by the ego....:)