[SOLVED] Searching for video link: The Dharma Trap (EDIT: Advaita Trap)

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I've seen a video a while ago and cannot find it anymore. Maybe one of you remembers it. Maybe I remember the title wrong. But I think it was called "The Dharma Trap". It was an animated sketch about someone in a dialogue with others, someone who would claim to have reached ultimate enlightenment and uses that claim/belief for disqualifying any critique he could have. Basically using "It's all an illusion anyway, so I am not doing anything, and you are all deluded" as a reaction to any argument thrown at him, and being trapped in a perpetual cycle of that type of 'reasoning'.


I liked that video, because it sheds some light on a problem that can occur in spiritual endeavors/communities. Happened on TTB one or more times, too.

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