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Found 5 results

  1. It is possible to see realities that are madness and understand fully that they are not only incorrect thinking but fully loss of tangible balancing points. Like a one armed bandit they constantly flow in an uninterruptible trance of random positive reinforcement utterly lost. Such is the case for many in the USA at this time - a great many are fully entrained and on a path that can easily enter the tragic madness that beset the people of Germany as the grotesque figure of Hitler grew to hold their Will in his hands - the hands of a madman. For those of you not inside the politics and lifeblood and religiosity of these disparate states that make up the “United” States of America - many harsh statements regarding it can be made out to be opinion. And many are. But it is not opinion that the madness that became the German’s under the pin head Hitler - is a madness that is growing here in these disparate states. Nor is it opinion that the madness that possessed the Inquisitors of the not Great Inquisition - was Christianity Gone Insane. And it is not opinion that Fox “News” is not a news agency but an extruder of myth and fantasy and madness - and the mouthpiece of sewer mind and false religiosity and oven making inquisitors. For many decades now - the sewer mind of dying religions has been allowed to snake its way back into our society - it was kicked out of Europe - it owns the Middle East - it is tainting our schools, pulverizing our sanity, distorting the air. It is becoming the house of babble. Sometimes opinions are not opinions - if your boots are getting wet and yellow - it is not opinion to understand it is not raining.
  2. From my more immature days —
  3. How We Create Our World

    Perceptual Filling In of Artificially Induced Scotomas in Human Vision.V. S. Ramachandran and R. L. Gregory in Nature, Vol. 350, pages 699-702; April 25, 1991. I will take this a step further. I suggest that we also use this process to create and support things that we perceive that don't fit the 5 senses. Sometimes by processing them through hearing things, seeing things, feeling things, etc. It may be the closest sensory area we have to the energy at hand. Then, the next point is, that we take that which we are perceiving, and give it form. These are usually mapped in the brain, and depend on the current state of mind. Like being afraid, producing frightening figures visually in the dark. Being elated or happy producing something like an angel, etc. The energy form is there, whether an external source or some form of internal, or from this dimension, or another. The exception being, of course, hallucinations or images purely from fantasy or imagination that are not "real" energy.
  4. Ego Self is an Illusion The brain creates the illusion of self
  5. I've seen a video a while ago and cannot find it anymore. Maybe one of you remembers it. Maybe I remember the title wrong. But I think it was called "The Dharma Trap". It was an animated sketch about someone in a dialogue with others, someone who would claim to have reached ultimate enlightenment and uses that claim/belief for disqualifying any critique he could have. Basically using "It's all an illusion anyway, so I am not doing anything, and you are all deluded" as a reaction to any argument thrown at him, and being trapped in a perpetual cycle of that type of 'reasoning'. I liked that video, because it sheds some light on a problem that can occur in spiritual endeavors/communities. Happened on TTB one or more times, too.