Spirituality and dating in America...What's up?

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Hi everyone,


What's going on with the United States and spirituality insofar as dating is concerned?


I don't quite get it:

THE bent seems to be a big financial if finances will always be there when in fact they might not. Of course, having finances is needed however it seems to be THE goal in the U.S.


My experience has been that there are not many spiritual women and the one's that do exist seem to be kind of groupies, per se, around a spiritual leader. In other words, they are not grounded and are on a "spiritual high" of sorts.


My perspective is that if we are multi-dimensional beings:




Various Koshas or "Bodies" per se


Then the sane person would consider all aspects of reality and not just a niche such as Spirituality ONLY. Etc.


Furthermore, I really wonder what the heck do people think about if they think about things?


Everything is subject to change so, to me, our security lies in the eternal not the ephemeral.

Ex. Money, career or job, intelligence level (it's true!!!), etc.


Finally, What exactly is a modern woman and what is HER perspective on men?

(I would like a lady to answer this please)

It seems as though if an individual respects a woman she doesn't know how to handle it.


This has been my experience with women in the U.S. as of recent.


I have not dated because I can see that security to most women is an exponential amount of money and typically they want to have children and be stay home mothers.

Admittedly, this "stay home" mindset or its darker "sugar daddy" mindset put me off.


Comments please...

Thank you!


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Typical stereotypes I see around TTBs a lot.


*sigh* let me explain *again*


Yes, we like guys who are able to pay their half of the rent and food. Not that we aren't sometimes lenient with this, but it gets old after awhile. You don't have to be rich, but a job is nice. Generally one as good as the lady has, so she isn't paying for the dinners out.


Not many spiritual women? You mustn't have looked very hard.... I find that there are far more women than men in most spiritual movements, newage, buddhism, wicca... that's at least half the public ones. Then you have all the yoga ones who like to meditate.

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"My perspective is that if we are multi-dimensional beings:"


Wouldn't: "money, work, intelligence" be part of body?

Not that money has to be... depends how you want to live.

I'd change work for passion...

I think it healthy to have an intelligence of similar degree

Passion/ Creativity (shared interests ideally empowering each others direction)

I see money having the potential to = more physical freedom... like travel, or high quality organic fruit and vegetables

Goal is making money work for oneself ... rather than working for it

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I guess I'll play devil's advocate here, but I think in one sense, spirituality and dating are mutually exclusive. I feel that if one is truly intent on spiritual self advancement, that dating and all that goes along with it would be a distraction. Many cultures from different places and times around the world understood that effective spiritual advancement didn't really take off till later in life when your obligation to making families and raising children were done.

Also in traditions like Buddhism, many practitioners were incorporated into said tradition at a very early age, effectively negating the chance of dating etc. In my own experience, as early as fifteen I was meditating and messing around with different spiritual traditions. Then 'poof', at seventeen I discovered girls and partying, and never looked back. ;) Now in my very late fifties :unsure: having fulfilled my family obligations(and having all the chicks leave the nest) I'm back on track to seeking balance and oneness.

That being said, I grew up in the sixties, with all that free love, drugs, and quasi spiritualism. Plenty of girls to date, etc. Most by far on some spiritual times. ;)

Of course this is just my opinion, and like many things in life may change with time. :D


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Stefos, you must only know but a few women. What you say could maybe be applied to the general public, not women per se. You have quite a number of spiritual women here, who don't blindly follow a leader (the idea seems funny to me).


I too, earn my own living, and I'd like my husband to attribute to the cost of living also. We share responsibilities equally (although I think he's lousy at housekeeping, and I'm lousy as a car mechanic) I don't consider myself as a modern woman, because I don't know what that is. I do what feels right in honesty.


My husband was as poor as a church rat when we started dating, and so was I. We never chased wealth, and now as we get older, there is a real spiritual bond. (certain spiritual experiences are transferred to him, whether he likes it or not) We're also not poor anymore, but that's just an aside.


I don't know how old you are, but it may be hard to find a spiritual mate when you're still young.

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