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  1. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Hi, I will indulge in a final post on this forum because this is tiresome nonsense is enough for me....really. Many people on this forum and the Buddhist forum claim to know what Krishnamurti taught when they in fact don't. Krishnamurti taught that change can only happen when we are Choicelessly Aware and not forcing Choiceless Awareness. Fundamental to "the teachings" which came out of that vessel, Krishnamurti, was no "me" or "self" He did posit an ultimate reality and a relative reality and he stated that for the ultimate to be, the "me/self" had to die. So Hundun, let's share: First, I don't really know your perspective spiritually speaking. It does appear that your are a syncretist My caution: Be careful about combining different spiritualities IF that's what you're doing. I have my own views and I tread cautiously with these matters. Second, Anyone today can read a book about Kundalini from a Vajrayana perspective, Shaivistic, Yogic or Western "Rosicrucian/Alchemical" perspective. So What? Words are words.......What actual Kundalini is, is debatable! Ego death is not debatable. Third, The proof is in the pudding, the actual fruit or phala of the actual Kundalini (if it exists) actually having had been manifested. In this 3 ringed circus of a discussion, I have not heard anything about being SELFless which means what? Nonduality which IS the dissolution of the "me/ego" not the promulgation of siddhis & riddhis through a particular "Kundalini" sadhana or quasi-sadhana. Every path which teaches that siddhis/riddhis manifest in the course of a particular sadhana also says to not pursue those things but ultimate reality which is not the power manifested in a siddhi or riddhi. That is the point of Advaita Vedanta/Kashmiri Shaivism, Jnana Yog and of Dzogchen/Mahamudra...Ultimate Reality. Many people are fascinated by Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Thought projection/reading, etc. Understood, it's pretty fascinating stuff really! They aren't the point. If one is Theistic, Union with God/Brahman is the point...If one is Non-theistic (ex. Buddhist) then oneness with the Dharmakaya is the point or Nibbana/Nirvana. Examples: 1. Ramana Maharishi taught about the Self not the self, which is to say Brahman. In Shaivism, All is Shiva = Brahman 2. Dzogchen is about ultimately saying, being, doing all things in the state of presence which is where the ego is gone and the nature of mind acts or is instead of the proverbial "monkey mind." The same goes for Mahamudra...same goal as Dzogchen. So finally and again I ask, Why do people want to "Raise the Kundalini?" What is your motive (It's a rhetorical question, not one I want an answer to) The goal is non-duality and the raising of the Kundalini doesn't need to happen for the non-dual state to be. Power hungry people want powers that "the common man" doesn't have.............if one is honest about this. Which is why bozos in the New Age and in the Eastern religions can bloat human selfishness by promising powers, namely from the opening of the chakras through sadhana. A real teacher/guru will say "Nonduality is the goal." Be Blessed! So Long! Stefos
  2. Should I Go Buddhist?

    Hi RyanO, In my opinion, NO. I believe that you should read the written works of J. Krishnamurti instead first. The so-called "Buddhist" realm is vast but you should stick with Krishnamurti, who wasn't a Buddhist by the way. After many years, Find a real teacher of Dzogchen who gives Guru Yoga Transmission. Without many years of study and living the teachings transmitted through Krishnamurti, you might not understand Dzogchen. Krishnamurti and Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta and the Bible "Old Testament/New Testament" go hand in hand. Use discrimination when reading and in application. LOL Buddhism is Atheistic as it's practiced/taught today. I personally do not believe the Buddha was an Atheist and proof exists that various "Buddhisms" were censured by King Ashoka during the councils of India ....Krishnamurti, Advaita Vedanta and the Bible are Theistic but when it comes to the Bible, Biblical Christianity is not being taught, only parts and portions are being taught. Jesus is fully alright with me. God bless........A AH HA SHA SA MA (6 spaces of Samantabhadra) mantra Stefos P.S. I'm a straight shooter and have no time for philosophical games!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm amazed that no one here thus far has mentioned E.W. Bullinger! He wrote The Companion Bible, Number in Scripture (Gematria from a Jewish & Christian perspective) along with The Witness of the Stars as well as other works. His Witness of the Stars was based on the book Gospel in the Stars by Joseph Seis and an earlier work by Frances Rolleston called "Mazzaroth" which is the Hebrew word for "Constellation." I would also check out this gents website...I'm not sure if he's alive or not however: Tony Badillo is the gents name! Farewell children! LOL Be Blessed! Stefos
  4. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    I was wondering how this "new" thread started! LOL Great! So, No one here so far can honestly say "I want to be completely selfless and serve others out of altruistic love" as the answer as to WHY? they want to "raise their Kundalini!" There we have it. So the issue becomes this: Work on being selfless and not selfish saying "I want to raise my Kundalini" Blessings upon all who read this, Stefos
  5. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    I suppose the "Crown jewel" of this topic is this: Why do you want to raise the Kundalini? For Power or Selflessness? Very simple........."Spiritual" excuses are just that, selfish desires lightly veiled over with spiritual verbiage. Utterly meaningless in a world where we are at a Nuclear crisis....Don't forget folks. Stefos
  6. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. Take care, Stefos
  7. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Sure thing. What do you think about what I've posted? I'm eager to read your take. Thanks
  8. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Hi, This is the point I'm trying to make here! Reading a book about transcendental/metaphysical realities is NOT where its at! Without a REAL guru who's understood this deep stuff AND who explains it properly you have mild to wild speculations. Swami Sivananda didn't write this to kill people....believe it. No one here can say they honestly want to awaken Kundalini to be selfless & serve humanity......No, people are on power trips called Siddhis. From Christianity to Advaita Vedanta to Buddhism, transcendent reality is for ALL and the founder/expositors of each major religion that I've stated said basically "Be without the self." That encapsulates what I've been saying here all along. Be blessed, Stefos
  9. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    I will say that "Raising" one's Kundalini through instructions in ANY book is wrong. Like Krishnamurti said, If you are selfish in any way then you do an Infinite harm. Why do you want to "raise the Kundalini?" Answer that honestly. A real Guru will test you deeply on these matters. Gurus who REALLY know how "do the Kundalini thing" don't explain it to you via a book. You NEED the Guru not reading a book about "sucking up mercury through the urethra" as if the book explicitly shows you the particulars in this practice. Swami Satyananda said many times that Gurus in the past and today test people before serious things like this. End of discussion.
  10. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    O.K. Great! He was VERY concerned about blunt commands from huckster "gurus." Krishnamurti himself DID talk about Siddhis coming about due to Choiceless Awareness. You can read about this in "Truth and Actuality" He understood the phala or fruit of meditation. Have you taken what I said to you about reading what HE meant about a "guru"? Obviously not. The book is called "The Awakening of Intelligence." Please read that particular excerpt otherwise you're just randomly quoting. I'm done with you not addressing what I've stated. Sorry. I want to move this discussion forward and you want to cul-de-sac it. Take care, Stefos
  11. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Hi Zoom, Attacking my person will get you a visit from the moderators. I've already sent out a report on your thread! Swami Sivananda NEVER explained what he exatly meant, how much, why, etc. You made a blanket statement which means nothing. Take care, Stefos
  12. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Not the case........You haven't done enough homework on this man to really know what teachings came through him. Krishnamurti DID explain what a real guru is. His definition of "guru" is to be found in the book "The awakening of intelligence." Insofar as Sat Guru or True Guru or literally a THAT Guru is concerned, that is a guru who knows Brahman. "The Teachings" which manifested through Krishnamurti, as he himself stated, were not about consciousness expansion as might be misexpressed by certain teachers of Neo Advaita Vedanta but rather the letting go of the self completely and utterly in the context of the brain cells being the "storehouse" of "the me." Jnana Yog is the letting go of the personal self/ego. He said what he said.........If you don't like it, sorry...Oh well! I'm done here. Be Well!
  13. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    I actually own this book and S.S.S. no where advocates what you think he's saying. Enjoyable to read how you take something and can't extrapolate the meaning yourself but make assumptive reasonings behind and past it ----> Regarding quicksilver. Dont' put words into peoples mouths........Mahasiddhas don't explain to people how that stuff goes openly, hence the restrictive nature of ALL Tantric practices. Zoom, just stop where you are. Unless you commit to a REAL guru (SAT guru), you're making speculations about these matters. Have a nice evening!
  14. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Understood. Krishnamurti DID in fact talk negatively about "gurus" as his definition of a guru was a person who together with another discovered truth. The book "The awakening of intelligence" discusses this in the chapter where Krishnamurti explains to a swami what he viewed as a real guru. He wasn't a "Guru" because he said that he didn't want followers and he didn't want people's money either. Studying and living out a teaching aren't the same as you know. This person, who's particular "teachings" are akin to Advaita Vedanta & to Semde Dzogchen, was serious. He DID state that over & over that the "empty mind" apprehends reality. By this statement, he didn't say a Blank mind but when empty it could also properly perceive with clarity. Hence the Emptiness/Clarity of Dzogchen (my words) and of Brahman. If you read the biographical work abut him from Pupul Jayakar, Lutyens and others, you'll see that he understood a great many things but didn't discuss them because he thought they were irrelevant as people are SELFish. Selfish people want things, power, etc. for Self not for other. That's all I have to say.
  15. Why would you want to raise Kundalini?

    Wrong....The topic is "Raising Kundalini".......sorry......Reread it! I would expect you with your Dzogchen bent, Tibetan Ice, to realize this fact: When I want to awaken MY Kundalini, IT"S a SELFish act. Does that make more sense? Modern Buddhism acknowledges no "Self" to begin with....Also Kundalini is irrelevant completely to the Dzogchenpa. Kundalini belongs to Tantra proper as Jnana Yog belongs to Advaita Vedanta proper. Krishnamurti understood esoteric subjects but was concerned with the "emptying of the brain cells" of their content. Which, he said, doesn't make one a vegetable but allows a person to function selflessly and efficiently. When it comes to the Saraswati epithet and it's roots: Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda and Swami Nityananda are part of the Dashnami order of Sannyasis. They teach Advaita as the main point not Tantra actually. Since Swami Satyananda was a Siddha, maybe Mahasiddha, he could write about this but qualified it by saying to seek a real guru, a relationship based on complete mutual trust because of selfless love for one another. You can read this qualifier clearly in his book "Kundalini." Thank you P.S. Krishnamurti and Choiceless Awareness or Naked Awareness as known in Dzogchen: