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  1. Origin and return

    Live, Die, Repeat... Alex
  2. Hmm, without being too judgmental, this rendition feels too obtuse to get the feel for what I think Lao Tsu was trying to impart. That being said, if you are looking for a translation that feels more modern, or trying to reach a new generation, then Stephen Mitchell's translation might be the way to go. Just my uninformed opinion. Alex
  3. We don't count. All great(and not so great) Empires eventually too it seems America(and our beloved Canada Too) Didn't Lao Tsu decide to head west, once he felt his country had decayed beyond his liking? To bad we don't have anywhere to head(west?) as things implode. Every age it seems has a particular place no one wants to live. Alex
  4. What are some beliefs you hold that hold you back?

    Sadly, I feel that all my beliefs hold me back. This is why there is little in the way of self realization yet for me. Too much 'me' not enough...? Alex
  5. Spirituality and dating in America...What's up?

    I guess I'll play devil's advocate here, but I think in one sense, spirituality and dating are mutually exclusive. I feel that if one is truly intent on spiritual self advancement, that dating and all that goes along with it would be a distraction. Many cultures from different places and times around the world understood that effective spiritual advancement didn't really take off till later in life when your obligation to making families and raising children were done. Also in traditions like Buddhism, many practitioners were incorporated into said tradition at a very early age, effectively negating the chance of dating etc. In my own experience, as early as fifteen I was meditating and messing around with different spiritual traditions. Then 'poof', at seventeen I discovered girls and partying, and never looked back. Now in my very late fifties having fulfilled my family obligations(and having all the chicks leave the nest) I'm back on track to seeking balance and oneness. That being said, I grew up in the sixties, with all that free love, drugs, and quasi spiritualism. Plenty of girls to date, etc. Most by far on some spiritual times. Of course this is just my opinion, and like many things in life may change with time. Alex
  6. Interesting Stosh. I would posit though, that CT's new measure of happiness is now 'no rice'. I guess all things change, including what we define as happiness for ourselves? Alex
  7. The only thing that really matters....

    Hi I.S. This is a tricky subject in my mind. The striving after something such as 'liberation' is problematic, in that we can get attached to this 'striving' it's a strong desire. My own personal path was delayed for years before I realized how this had impeded my journey. As you say, chasing transient things is hopeless...that's a great insight along your journey. We eventually realize that we are chained to desires, etc, but using or following the aspect of Wu Wei, although counter intuitive, we can eventually move forward effortlessly. Just my point of view. Alex
  8. Happiness has everything to do with success. I would venture that happiness is THE template that you gauge everything against in this life. Try a little experiment. Ask friends and family what they want/desire most out of life, and though you may get various answers, all these answers boil down to their happiness... Alex
  9. Hi everyone. Just thought I would ask if anyone has noticed a change in how some foods taste after practicing your Qigong? This is the first time I have noticed this. Today, I pushed on through for an additional 10 min. to my practice and a while afterwards I had a small meal, consisting of some greens, onion, and a small amount of meat(yes, I still eat meat, I know, I know...). The greens tasted o.k. but the onion, and meat tasted different?, hard to describe. Neither the meat or the onion was 'off', and I hadn't been drinking anything to make these foods taste different. I've heard of, and experienced other sensations associated with Qigong practice(everything from flatulence to limbs feeling large/small-light/ heavy etc) but not this taste issue. Will see again tomorrow if this crops up again after practice. Has anyone had experience of this or know a little bit about it? Just thought I would ask. Alex
  10. On Peace

    Hi UA. It sounds like you were seeking freedom, or perhaps as you mentioned 'to be myself'. How about happiness, or possibly 'just being'...both valid pursuits or lifeways. Alex
  11. Interesting post. Personally though, I don't think there should be any 'ruling classes' compassionate or not... Alex
  12. Some Questions About Meditation

    Hi DreamBliss. I understand where you're coming from with your questions. One of your statements 'I wish to be free' may be a bit of an impediment. I think we all have this desire, and that may be an issue. We require 'effortless effort' yet this doesn't always come easy to us, although ultimately if we have a personal insight, this is our true nature. I feel that 'the observe your thoughts' advice inherently puts too much emphasis on the 'active' observe. In my meditation practices, it's 'notice' the thoughts, but let them pass on, like they are a flowing river. Some people who 'sit' in meditation have difficulty in experiencing their crystal clear awareness only because as a people we're usually very active, and as a society in general we are frenetically on the go. This has obvious implications on our practice. I know. As an alternative form of meditation practice, the Buddhist walking meditation has an active efficacy for those who are a busy type or find themselves too preoccupied on certain days to sit. The physical aspect of walking in this type of meditation adds another 'layer' of help to 'distract the mind' from thoughts flitting by. Another alternative is to read Douglas Harding's: The Headless Way: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious. You are literally asked to imagine that you have no head, walk around like this during the day and in your meditation! You will quickly see how transparent 'you' are, and you will notice those thoughts floating by... Anyway I hope this helps a bit, sorry for carrying on so long... Cheers Alex
  13. Haiku Chain

    A trick that time plays For those who do wait on time Past, present, never
  14. trusting spirits?

    I don't know, someday's I think I'd rather trust spirits than people... Alex
  15. Nice book 'Way of Energy'. One of my first introductions to Qigong. Good to hear your hands are better...I can relate. Alex