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  1. The site seems to be infected, at least, that's what my virus scanner says.
  2. It sounds kundalini related.
  3. Chinese Women's Quest For A More "Western" Face

    It's sad indeed. I feel for those poor deluded people suffering from the natural shape of their bodies.. It's a sad thing to be so programmed as to think that you're not good enough. The pinnacle of western materialism.
  4. Here's something to read that might interest you:
  5. A Path To Enlightenment

    That's really a very clear way of pointing the way. Thanks Dawg, this is most helpful indeed. I have a question I'd like to ask you. What is the use of a kundalini awakening? Is it also just a byproduct along the way? Is it something to ignore?
  6. Victorian Era Painting

    Redon: Balloon Eye Turner: The Blue Rigi Lake of Lucerne Sunrise
  7. Does anyone know what timezone the live webcast is?
  8. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    @bax44: It's very possible somebody sparked your kundalini into awakening. When my kundalini is very active it's affecting other people also, usually males. That's kind of embarrassing. And my husband also has signs of a k activation, so it's not that unlikely.
  9. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    I viewed it as a means to union with my inner lover and guide.This awakening has something of a really divine love affair. Once you surrender it engulfs you with its bliss and love. That's a very positive thing, I've never come across something that powerful in my life. Other than that, I feel that all my needs are met by the universe. There's really not much I yearn for in terms of ambition or material stuff. I have lost a lot of fears along the way, but there are still plenty left. Sometimes I have bouts where I know stuff in advance. And I am able to see chi, but not always. It would be interesting if some research would be done into this, since it's been so important in our history. It's all about consciousness and that's a very tricky thing in science.
  10. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    It took years for me to recognize this as kundalini. I thought I was ill for quite some time. It is possible that a lot of people suffering from fibromyalgia are actually experiencing an awakening.
  11. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    It feels like bliss sometimes, or love, or joy, it can also feel like energy rushes and vortexes. The energy is always running on the background, now it's reaching all through my body but it started in my lower back. It feels like water running through a pipe (or at least I think it must be something like that), and often it makes my muscles contract and relax. It can also feel very sexual but it's not really sexual. In my head it feels like worms crawling under my skin and in my back and belly it feels like snakes gliding there. On top of my head it feels like cold water alongside a vesica pisces shape. My 3rd eye sometimes feels pressure, sometimes a cool breeze blowing on it. When it's very strong it can contract all my muscles along my spine, stopping my breath and making it feel as though my feet are right under my chin. Sometimes I'm very cold on the outside and very hot in my bones, and my sacrum may hurt, it often awakes me at night and I get to see all kind of abstract shapes and other things, some beautiful, some not so. I sometimes have a strange sound in my ear, or wake up by a screeching sound like a train doing an emergency stop, or wake up by lights within my head. I must have left a ton out of what I experience, but this is the kind of everyday stuff. And it's contagious.
  12. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    Spontaneous k awakenings do occur. Mine was also awakened, but I did have some initiation of sorts. I do not know by who (it's still a mystery to me also). Fear will surely unbalance you, so don't let scary stories upset you. Others who have made it to a full awakening can help to keep the energy in balance when you feel you've lost control. Ask here, some browse this forum now and then and will help you when asked. Also the kundalini energy (or Shakti) is an intelligent force, you can ask her to be careful when she's doing her business, or even to stay quiet for a short while. But always be very respectful of her. Also, when it gets to rough, keep your attention on something other than this energy. Gardening, cleaning, walking, watching a movie can help, laughing also. Attention will multiply the energy. But never fight it, it will cause pain and you won't win.
  13. Ah, that's exactly the point. We tend to look at our programming as "me", when in fact it's exactly what we are not.
  14. I know I have many that I have to get rid of. One of them is the belief that my world view is more ethical than that of non spiritual people. Another one is that I always think about what opinion people have about me. It will have to go as well. Recently I stumbled upon something similar, I discovered that I was afraid of who I really am. The discovery alone meant a huge energetical breakthrough.
  15. Cats + Humans

    I have my very own lolcat! Upon not knowing what to make for dinner today, the universe decided to answer me with this: (My cat in a small frying pan on the stove)