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The Contemplation about: Not physically breathing, therefor no thinking and how long/under what circumstances can this state be maintained.

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To breathe or not to breathe


Oxygen is a vital factor for our minds to respond quickly. More oxygen, a more active mind. All bodily functions require oxygen.


Interestingly the exact opposite is beneficial for meditation:


Higher carbon dioxide levels. Which is natural during nighttime, where the oxygen levels are lower in nature. Also when being in a meditative state, the body shows lower oxygen levels and higher carb.dioxide levels. And where our ultimate goal is to go beyond thinking and attain our true "state".


Thought is inserepably connected to our physical breath.


Therefor individuals came up with prolonging the outbreath, bringing their minds into a very quiet state.


There is the illusion of the individual mind, but everyone who puts concious effort in his re-development of being in ones natural state, will sooner or later notice, that thoughts are not personal. So in essence, in Reality, there is only one mind.


It is the One Mind of God/Tao. Which is the primal reason for the "I" state.


This mind consists entirely of thoughts. And it is everywhere.


What you see with your physical eyes, is thought. Physical matter, is thought. Mental energy.



I give you one blank to digest that information.





In order to quiet thoughts one can do several techniques.. such as: Diet that calms the mind, cultivating virtues, breathing exercises, observing thoughts, not identifying with thought anymore for the initial identification lead us into the 'now' perceived dilemma, and going beyond thought in the here and now moment. The only moment there is. In meditation by asking the question "Who am I (that thinks)?" - no longer bothering with thoughts, but ultimatelly wanting to know who the Thinker is. And then one will notice that there is no Thinker and everything comes crashing down and there is only one state.


One finds out that surely one has to combine all of the available techniques to then tackle the final goal which I have just mentioned.


So far for theory.



There is one point, that was not mentioned, anywhere


and that is breathing in a non-physical way.



I was sun-gazing one year ago and found myself standing there over a longer period of time without breathing at all. I was so soaked up by the very moment I was in. It was one of the most peaceful moments I have witnessed in this one lifetime, yet. When my mind became active by noticing my state instead of leaving it be as it is, for good, thoughts came by the action of noticing (discrimination #1 action of the mind itself) and of course I started breathing again.


This was my experiencal proof that there are no thoughts arising, when not breathing physically.


And we can breathe non-physically.


Human beings in an embryonal state and even infants can still perform it.


During my latest meditations I was breathing multiple times in a different way. It felt more centeral and the breath was more cold, during breathing my throat felt as if it was coated with peppermint fluid. A very pleasant feeling. My inner knowing was that my being is re-developing Sushumna- or Taiji Pole-breathing. A natural form of non-physical breathing for all of us.



I write this thread for the fact that it happened just a few hours ago, in meditation, that I was .. warped .. into a state of not-breathing at all. Warped, because this state was not a state, it was a stateless state of just being. Just sitting and blackness. And somewhere else, which was purely felt, and here at the same time. Impossible for words.


I am sure this state can be maintained in every moment. In this one moment.



All the best!

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Try not breathing for a couple of days and post the results here.

Ralis, have you never heard of Kriya yoga and the breathless state? Yogananda? Nirvikalpa samadhi? Stories of yogis buried underground for days, months years?

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