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  1. In order to community between individual on this plane of existance we use different terms and there are different types or samadhis. Not different in itself but the focus is different, the core experience is samadhi, the same. What name is there for the type of samadhi seeing into this physical world and all human beings feel as oneself? There is no more mother of father, there is one's own self in all of them at the same time as oneself is seeing them. It is looking in ones own eyes looking into the eyes of another. One sees himself, the literal same. Sri Ramana Maharshi has given (a few) examples on what samadhis there are but I could not make out this one. (1) Holding on to Reality is samAdhi. (2) Holding on to Reality with effort is savikalpa samAdhi. (3) Merging in Reality and remaining unaware of the world is nirvikalpa samAdhi. (4) Merging in Ignorance and remaining unaware of the world is sleep. (5) Remaining in the primal, pure natural state without effort is sahaja nirvikalpa samAdhi. It was effortless, but with the eyes open into this same world
  2. Breath, breath pace, depth (etc) is directly linked to state(s) of consciousness, which is linked to different quality of depth of perceptions. Do you really want to drop out of a possible upcoming trance state due to a car driving by smelling totally toxic or a guy blowing you cigarette smoke full in your face? Today I made it clear for myself: Enough is enough. I no longer hinder my spiritual progress on how my surroundings behave. Breath is so crucial. Same goes for being heart-centered. How many times can you be thrown out of these two so-important concentrations? Basicly your entire day, if you do live in our normal society, where felt 99,9% are void of any greater conscious activity. Breathe, breathe through it all and allow concentration on your heart center be natural to re-integrate spirit. Be. Be well and most importantly stay well.
  3. The experience of your Self is beyond imagination It is an experience where you feel your Self. I dont write yourself but rather your Self, because this Self is the origin of every body. Not everybody, of every body. The origin of energy, the origin of the body that is created and held in form, by this energy. Origin energy body. Your Heart, your origin, has this quality of perception and holds this experience, which wants to be integrated into this human life so full of longing, because it is the end of all detriment. When you see your Self, all manipulative aspects of your being, is getting purified instantly. There is no one else, no body different to you any longer. It is the healing of all healing. It is beginning of the experience of your originality and perfection that you already are, including all of the energies that are apparently so much missing in this human life, all are beginning to coming back up. From an energetical perspective I am yet unaware what really happens (e.g I can not "see" it), but it originally has the feeling and experience to it, that you touch yourself by what you would have previously called "he or she is touching me". Also what you have previously called "he or she is looking at me" is now felt and perceived as "I am looking at my Self". When this happens I still have my central point of perspective out of this body into this world, but the sensual impression gets completely neutralized. There is nothing else different, to me. And with that uppermost clarity returns and a knowing is already here when I would allow to continue to let this happen, all clair senses would re-appear, because they only vibrate in unity. Individuality is shutting them out. Why speak of "would allow to"? Because it clears all your personality and this is felt as dying. Nobody dies, this body remains, but it feels like complete disintegration and reformation of this mind and body. If this is overcome, then the true integration of universal energy begins and is no longer altered by a personal will that sees itself seperate. This is our entrance into the Universal Self that we are and always have been, through our Hearts. It is the solution to all of our problems. If you have questions or want to share self-experience in this regard, feel free to do so
  4. Who here has experienced the Self again?

    Your Self. The recognition of who you are. Not energies, not dimensions. I mean pure being. One being. That there is nothing else but you. Only you. Reading the word "you" might confuse it. From your perspective only "I", only "my Self" - my essence that I see when I look into the mirror and see me, identified with this body. This me, in everything.
  5. Long time that I left some words here... Has anyone meanwhile experienced our Self again? Free from personality, pure being. With or without bliss, still perceiving this world or completely absorbed, whatever way it appeared to you please share it
  6. I have stopped to continue to approach it purely from the mind. I had 2 years prior to that event experienced what is called our "Spiritual Heart". Pure life energy, that lateron gets distributed into all of your various channels, chakras etc. Personality brought me quickly out of it and here I am finding back into it. Without it I had experienced a few weeks ago Samadhi with open eyes into this world. I saw my Self in other humans. One being. It was the most frightening experience I have yet experienced from this limited personal human-body-mind. But it was so familiar. And therefor I am sure everyone knows this feeling. The events were so synchrone in this moment, that words felt completely empty, had no meaning to it and the ones speaking it (family members) there was pity coming up for them, because it feld they did not really know what they were saying.. all without deeper meaning. Whatever wanted to be spoken was known before it was actually said out loud. My body was shaking and my stomach felt as if it wanted to throw up. Every thought that came to my mind lost its grip and I knew I had to let my body to be as it is after thoughts wanted to find an end, a conclusion, where there is none. And this knowing was so complete that it was the most frightening experience so far. All our measurements that give us security, to know where an edge of a certain object ends - gone. This is when our mind re-enters formlessness. But how in the world did that happen with opened eyes into this world... The trigger was simply the practice of self-enquiry through the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi which instantly work for those who sincerely want it. At that very day where I ended reading the chapter about Samadhi it happened to me. Including what I lateron read about the feeling of "horror" someone in the audience described and SRM just replied that it would be the last strings of ego left before it is completely dissolved into the Self. There are different samadhis and it was not a fully absorbed, but still with and through this physical body. The trigger was fear of losing this body, losing parents. By no means tied to SRM, but for him it was the same. It was when his father was about to die or died. And SRM overcame a groundshaking, full circle fear of what one would call complete destruction and loss of every sense of Self and thus he let it overcome himself, just to see what happened. And the same fear triggered it for me. It is a complete fear. There is no greater fear, after that experience fear is known in it's totality. It is the first and last barrier we have here. It is purely related to these physical senses and apparently not knowing what else one is, as consciousness. I was not able to let it overcome me. Or maybe it happened in that moment. I dont know. At least I was only physically aware and the Self was seen through and felt through the eyes of another. It is impossible to describe. I feel I dont want to do this purely from the mind anymore. All the energies are missing. Surely it is the most direct way there is, but is -complete- when done from the Spiritual Heart, Inner Heart. Thank your for reading
  7. Can you please re-read the last sentence? My intention is not to shoo you off, but the topic is that sincere. If someone asks for the way, you can not say to him "I think it is this way". He will not believe you. There in you should instantly realise that thought is never trusted. Thought is just a reflection. Either you know, through self-experience and radiate that truth, or you are quiet. Reading up information and valuing or devaluing them from ones ego which is pure thought-identity, is not gathering experience with core principles of Life. Thank you
  8. Just surrender? Does surrender need a clue, a lead, in form of a very subtle intention or does it automatically know where to go? Consciousness identified with body-mind instantly wants to come back fully into the body. There is so much fear. It wants to change it, creates a relief but finds no permanency in it. Out of it another thought arises and which loops infinitely. Fear in it's essence is: Wanting permanency and finding none, endlessly helpless. Body-mind wants instinctively forget everything, wants the illusory comfort of the bodily routines back and so reincarnates. How to get to an end? There is a blackness in the 'background' which seems to get bigger in perception the looser the patterns become. Surrender is key? With respect and sincerity only accepting answers from individuals who actually have live and direct experience with these states deeper states of consciousness. Thank you kindly.
  9. I want you to cook yourself a meal ... and not eating it when cooked. Check yourself, do you still feel hungry? I want you to write a reply or an entire thread about something you find important ... and not publish it. See it infront of you, do you still feel the need to publish it? I have discovery this in my life. Saturation merges in my consciousness in the act I create. I do less and less have the urge to actually consume what I have created. The act of creating is enough. I create and I feel saturated. I do not feel exhausted, but satisfied, saturated and content. To such a degree that I want to destroy it right away (not publish, not eat) but rather let it be, let it disappear. And into what it disappears I know is not separate from me. So it merges back into me. Whatever that "me" is. Every time I then eat or publish (just following those two examples) I feel I do something that is unnecessary. I believe I have invoked this merging of time and space as you could say, because I could observe myself how I changed each time I was driving to a grocery store, buying myself groceries that were in essence unnecessary and just stimuli. How my entire behaviour became reckless in a sense, I did less and less care about my surroundings, because I was believing that, through this food, I would have a foundation, a backbone of sorts. A very false one, because after then living rather reckless for these moments and consuming the food, after it I could feel how my entire perception was dramatically depressive. And when I had the idea, maybe already got in the car, but did not do it, how then again something inside me settled itself to the ground of my being. Like a cultivation of sorts The more conscious you become, you can actually feel how your entire reality shifts infront of your very being. You can see how you perceive differently, from one moment to another. How people around you seem to be different all a sudden. I am not sure if you have yet experienced how much accurate and reactive you become when you slow down everything you do, on a daily basis. How it feels how time is slowing down and when a pen drops down you have apparently much more time, to react to it, to catch it, as before when you were rather "normal" or rash and were stuttering all over the place in your movement to attempt to catch it. Maybe you did but you wouldve found it to be a coincidence, but with this slowing down you have so much more control... Our consciousness is incredibly powerful (which would be like saying power is powerful, but you get the idea) I do have my routines my body apparently still likes, my human mind etc - but these conscious moments, they are so reprogramming, so uplifting, so REAL finally again... It is like you can feel how you start to breathe reality again, through all of these limitations and how everything puzzles itself together what you KNOW was there all the time, abilities, ways to perceive, clarity, everything Try the first examples for yourself, slow down your daily, physical activities and ask yourself "Who am I?" - do not answer yourself that question from your mind, but rather stay open and let Life show you, who you are. Dont care about your humanity in this process, it is more the perception, the feel to this apparent reality that is more important for finding the root cause of it all (you) Enjoy the recognition of who you are, enjoy your solitude upon your planet, because you will find no one else who is able to perceive as you do, because you are the only one that exists. You will understand this basic of all principles
  10. Fear of the Feminine

  11. Coming from altered states where filters in our perception are removed For example in which we can clearly see the atmosphere around us, how it, as us, changes with every subtle movement of our intention. Knowing this, learning more about this, recovering it, observing it, re-utilizing it, is so very important for our further understanding what we. One skill of So many It had color to it, in absence from direct sunlight seen as red blue green. The atmosphere we live in is structured. Like any geometric structure imaginable. A constant arrangement of "a" pattern. This structure, this pattern, changes with every movement we make. Not, but also physical. First and foremost through intention and especially easy to notice with emotion How the entire quality of the atmosphere around us changes instantly, is seen and felt entirely different This was in an observatory experiment taking a DMT compound. I have never reached that depth in meditation where I could observe myself so clearly. Thankfully I do not have any ignorant attitude towards entheogenic substances found in our plants, so I could experience myself in such a way, very early on in what can be called, the recognition of consciousness, what we all do here. Does it all come down to how much DMT we have in our bodies? Is it all about our daily synthesis of this "spiritual molecule" that allows us to lift the veils of our physical reality and live as, light-being, at the same time? Sunlight through synthesis raises naturally DMT. Meditation does this in the most efficient way. I also start to figure out that the very space infront of our being, atmosphere if you want to call it that way, holds pure DMT in it, ready for us to access. So it is really unimportant if we expose ourselves to sunlight or isolate ourselves in darkness. There is something deeper happening here, something Much more powerful than these physical appearances here that drives our perception and how it allows altered, REAL states of it One could say that silence is that, or from my current understanding leads to this desired, transitional state But at the same silence is so tough to get into, get used to. For it clears the ego. A hyper intelligent way of Reality. Nevertheless the most direct to all methods What is re-applying filters in our perception? Edit: Lack of inner focus? An uncontrolled, constant outflow of our conscious into this world? But how so blocking of all "light-structure" that one does no longer perceive it? The DMT experience made both possible, both perceiving physical reality as we see it with our eyes And at the same time light... to perceive both, is SUCH a desirable state
  12. But the idea of "progress" is the very fact you feel limited? "You" want to get better, progress, evolve. From where? From which starting point? Who is that "you" that is suppose to be your foundation that needs improvement? Unbelievable...
  13. Removing Chakras

    -removed- I cant I just cant reply to these new age approaches anymore. It feels so wasted... "I" feel like wasting myself. What a habit. And what a great feeling to know that there is nothing to reply anymore, "they" will all think they find and then think they know by merely carrying information around with them, but in essence know nothing and have not changed. They never will, they have to drop everything aswell and "die" to then be once again truly be able to experience The process is timeless and for every individual the same, regardless of civilization / culture / age. Consciousness is the same. Experience with it are always changing, but consciousness never changes. All concepts the individual experiences during that incarnation have to be dropped anyway to progress further through the mental body. A beautiful process full of horrors, inevitable for each consciousness (and sought after to further empower oneself through it's understanding of constant release).
  14. Felt an impulse to share what I have for ages in my favorites https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1jtAq_bP3reGKykkbW26ww Pure healing on all levels
  15. Do we live in the matrix?

    matrix is another term for mind... currently you experience the mind only. Regarding your topic tags: There is ony Reality. The idea of non-reality or wanting reality, comes from living in the mind and it's seperation and core idea of "something else other than me", which appears in myriads outside of you. Like this world and those you call other human beings, etc. Mind is duality only. There is no non-duality inside the mind. For the mind would not exist without non-duality. You did not ask for this but to give a (more) complete picture: You are the Self. The Self can only be experienced by getting beyond the mind, through silence, right here in this moment where you are. This underlying principle, Sat-chit-ananda/The Heart/Source/Jnana/Turiya/Tao/etc, which you are, free from all concepts and ideas, out of which all ideas are constantly being birthed out of, is non-dual. If you want to accurately use that term. Non-duality can be experienced in the dual-space of the mind. But in order to do so you must "re-learn" the skill to transcend your personal mind. This happens by total devotional surrender to that which you believe has brought You forth, inside yourself, in total intimite communion focusing inward. And to realise yourself not seperate from it, but rather it. Or through surrendering every aspect of your being in silent meditation. Also the continuous quest of tracking back the root of the I-I-I-... thought of Who am I? back into the heart out of which the mind arises, brings forth that realisation, "state" and "energy". All of it is the same. Silence is most direct. All of what is in "quotes" are just terms for a better understanding. In essence there is nothing to learn, only to let go off (or going into the other direction and accumulate and thus increase ignorance and go further away from a possible "non-dual experience"). Reality/Self is no state and it's "current" or "perception" can not be described, but losely understood, as all-inclusive awareness and intelligence and "energy", complete. All else is fantasy