Anyone In Here That Has Telekinesis Or Psychokinesis?

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Sorry, I can't offer you advice on it is it's not something I've endeavoured to achieve or naturally have. My ex-girlfriend had a much more obvious telekinetic ability but it really unbalanced her energetically and emotionally so she didn't like to do it. I was always more concerned with keeping her healthy and stable.

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I started noticing this last 2011. Whenever I stare at objects, they get deformed or dented, or scratched, but very subtly. Sometimes thin plastics, like the ones used as supermarket bags and clothes develop tiny holes, just small holes, like a bit smaller than the "zero" --> 0 font that you see on your keyboard. This 2014 I noticed that printed stuff like the design on a sim card or the paint-like material that you see on a bag or shirt gets chipped off, like it disappears when I stare at it, again, very subtle. The damage to metals are more noticeable though. It gets tiny dents or it becomes slightly bent.


Before this happened my family has been damaging my things compulsively behind my back, they break wires of my chargers, earphones, etc. They put scratches on everything that I own, even simple ATM cards or ID's. They are sick people. They also dissolve anything that can be dissolved by muriatic acid, they fade the prints on my shirt or the coating on my phone/keypad. Basically everything they I own or use they damage, even the basin that I use even if they bought it! They do it to annoy me and get a reaction from me.


So would you guys say that since I have adopted a routine to examine my items for damages ever since 2009 up to now, would you say that my family feud had something to do with me acquiring this ability because I now sort of anticipate seeing new damages that my brain creates it for me? They put holes in my clothes too, by the way. The things really change in front of my eyes. I was holding a small nail recently and I was busy doing something with my other hand, and when I looked at the nail it got slightly bent already. It's quite a hassle since when I buy new gadgets, just staring at the screen as I use it makes it acquire PK damages!


If you have this, can you give me tips on how to get rid of this? Or if that's not possible, how can I control it so that it won't happen? Metals are the most vulnerable, next would be plastic and rubber. Clothes would be the least vulnerable.


Do you have TK or PK? If yes then feel free to share your experiences, I might learn something from it.

Hey Player......


I have not had TK or PK but I have had prophetic visions both in trance & non trance states.


Furthermore, I have had a psychometrist "read" my keys and tell me what I was wanting to do..and she was right. There was no "normal" way she could have known nor did I give her verbal or body cues.


Finally, sir/ma'am, after a lifting of a veil type thing from my eye area, I have seen bands of color paralleling the ribcage of a lady one day: The colors were a twinkling pastel green (closest to the ribcage) and then twinkling pastel purple. From research I have garnered that I had a perception of seeing a part of the "astral body" of this person........That kind of perception has never happened to me again.


We can talk any time you want.


Jesus loves you man/ma'am! :)



P.S. I bet you weren't expecting that were you? LOL!

My perceptions have been different...even as a child there was no way I could have thought about what I've been through.

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