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  1. Money, Money, Money.

    Surprising that I never saw the original post. It's a good question. It depends on the individual. If you are on an animal-survival path (a downward spiral, so to speak) then money will amplify your imbalances and accelerate your downward progress. If you are on the path of individuation, then wealth will likely diminish your survival needs and aid in focusing on positive traits. Both are positive outcomes. For me, acquisition of large sums of money was a key contributor to my escape velocity. To put it differently, money is fairly irrelevant in my life. It frees up time and offers me more options to aid others. Beyond that, not much use. You can't take it with you. This will be an unpopular viewpoint but my experience has been that advanced individuals are often wealthy. Why inconvenience yourself unnecessarily if you have the power to alter reality in your favor?
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