The phenomenon Between Life and Death

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Samadhi - overcome death - a monk 162 years old and still lives

We humans live on this 3D holodeck of the starship earth to recognize in our incarnations, to experience and to learn where we came from, why we are and where we are going. The matrix that holds us captive is built on three basic pillars. Matter (polarity) time and space, all three mutually dependent. The representatives of certain forces try this matrix to maintain and control by means of different mechanisms people. The most important control mechanism is fear. When we are born we go. Ever begin the great themes of fear in the womb. Under what circumstances I was conceived. Am I wanted, I'll abortions succeed the birth. Many topics of this nature influence our lives enormously without us being aware of it.
And if we are only because the whole thing is just beginning angst, and all forms of fear machens then we encounter throughout life.



With the fear of death is the greatest abuse has always operated and the greatest manipulation of our existence is this fear of this. This man is not designed for death. The human body regenerates itself completely every 7 years. Every cell in our body is created completely new after 7 years. All seven years we should actually celebrate an extra birthday. Some organs renew themselves even in just weeks and months.

After 130 years, come the 3rd teeth!

The problem is, the man constantly poisoned with the food and programs the newly formed cells with its belief systems, dogmas, mantras and beliefs. Mostly we are programmed from the beliefs and the dogmas of others, which then behaves as passive smoking. Here, in each individual's own imagination is the absolutely own limits of the possible. What is possible for YOU


If YOU think YOU need money,
to fulfill your requests, then YOU need it.
If YOU think YOU need enough time
to get things done can, then YOU need them too.
If YOU think YOU have to eat and drink to live,
then YOU have that too.
If YOU are convinced that YOU are going to die,
then YOU die too.


The matrix programming YOU

DU programming your own matrix

But this has nothing to do with the true essence of our being.
Man is what he concedes, without limit, without limits.



The famous Samadhi caves of monks in the Himalayas are the ideal retreat for the adepts of self-discovery. The samadhi is a kind of hibernation by the bodily functions of man be scaled down by years of meditation to almost zero. The spirit of man can disappear from the body and use at will the body and energize. So it is possible for years without nourish the body, or to empty, to keep him alive. The master intended to survive so many 1000 years even 10,000 years and return as Ascended Masters. From the 12th Shiite Imam Mahdi is said to be withdrawn in a cave and would return to the last day. The Count ST. Germain could have survived even with this technique, the epochs.

In Russia, on the border with Mongolia there is a monastery where a monk of the now 162 years old and still lives. Confirm Physicians: His body functions are available and it reacts to its environment. In this documentation, it is shown and two times a year you can see him. His desire with this kind of existence is to serve as a living example of the human limitations are endless.



Link: Freigeist-Forum-Tübingen.



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Samadhi Part II: 162 years old Russian monk - the explanation




Chambo Lama Itigilov in Samadhi state It began in 1927 in a Buddhist monastery in Siberia: Shortly before his entry into the Samadhi Zus ta nd wrote the Chambo Lama Itigilov his legacy. He ordered the monks to bring him in 30 years back from his grave. Then he left meditating, upright in the lotus position his body. When the Buddhist priest opened his grave after 30 years, they found his body almost intact.

In 1957 the grave of the monk opens. They found a non-decaying living body and concealed her discovery and closed the grave to protect against the Soviet government.

2002 opened the monks with the approval of the members of the grave again and found the monk Itigilov in the same state as 45 years ago.



Chambo Lama Itigilov-the highest Buddhist Russia The pathologist Yuri Tampoleev trying to solve the mystery of the Lama. He was allowed to investigate the monk a few years ago one time and would like to find a scientific explanation for its good condition.
His finding is extraordinary.

  • No mummification, no dehydration, no decay.
  • No exterior recognizable influences or interventions.
  • No age or death stains, no death wax, no rigor mortis.
  • Joints are movable and flexible, fabric soft and alive, blood thick.

How is that possible?

In the state of out of body experience, consciousness separates from the body and commits the subtle level of our reality. The psychology calls this phenomenon, Lucides dreams, or near-death experience.
Nature religions and Eastern wisdom teach this form of existence and the Egyptian initiation doctrine envisaged as a test form, the Adept for 3 days lies down in a sarcophagus, and then must report according to these three days what has taken place during this time in the village.

The Monroe Institute , has long and extensively devoted to this phenomenon and explores this.
Of course, the intelligence agencies and secret societies use this form of being level with its infinite possibilities, but often forget the most important and essential.

Well, during this state, the body is in a state of hibernation and still connected with the mind.
The monk Itigilov has gone a traditional according to ancient Tibetan traditions way, for he has prepared intensively for 20 years.

In deep meditation he met his death, and has overcome him.
The crucial things of the material world are decided at these levels of existence. Itigilov can therefore in which he is incarnated keep the body alive from the subtle plane of existence. Only when this connection is severed, the body loses the revival and begins with the decay.
In this regard, the series of articles is revival of matter interesting in the 5th chamber of the heart plays a special role.

here for Part 1: Georg Merkl, the discoverer
here for part 2 : Zarathustra and the 5th ventricle
h ere to part 3: the Light Body Vehicle

also a guide to out of body travel for those who want to know. clicking

Chambo Lama Itigilov is an impressive example of what man has actually in its pure form for skills.
Our domesticated, degenerate form of the human resource should no longer be the scale of our existence. How are all on the road to ourselves, everyone at their own pace.

Man liberate you from your dogma
Jox, :)
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Between birth and death is life. If we aren't living then either we have not yet been born or we are already dead.

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funny... im not convinced ANYONE needs money, im not convinced i will ever die...

SADLY, i am not convicned anyone of you deserves to live if you think you need money.

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Mummified Buddhist Monk: Life After Almost 90 Years of Death


Moscow, Russia – “Exhumation of the body of Hambo Lama Itigelov took place September 10th, 2002 on the territory of cemetery near the city of Ulan Ude (Russian Federation). He died and was buried in 1927 and the exhumation was performed in presence of relatives, officials, and specialists.”


This was the information that appeared in Russian mass media regarding Buryat Lama who was exhumed from the grave in the beginning of the 21 st century. The grave contained a wooden box and there was a sitting Buddhist lama in ‘lotus’ pose. His body was preserved as if it was mummified, however it was not. Soft muscles and skin, folding joints. The body was covered with silk clothes and fabric.


Hambo Lama Itigelov is a real person quite well known in Russian history. He studied in Anninsky Datsan (Buddhist university in Buryatia, nowadays there are ruins only) and obtained degrees in medicine and philosophy (on the nature of emptiness), he created an encyclopedia of pharmacology.


In 1911 Itigelov became a Hambo Lama (the head of Buddhist church in Russia). During the period from 1913 till 1917 he participated in social actions of the Tsar, being invited to 300-year anniversary of Romanov’s house, opened the first Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg, and Nikolai II gave him St. Stanislav award on 19 th of March, 1917.

During the First World War Itigelov created and inspired the organization called “Buryat brothers”. He was helping the army with money, meals, clothes, medicaments, he also built a set of hospitals with lama doctors helping wounded soldiers. For that he got St. Anna award and others.


In 1926 Itigelov advised the Buddhist monks to leave Russia, since ‘the red teaching was coming’ (Itigelov himself never left Russia). In 1927, being 75, he told lamas to begin meditation, since he said he was preparing to die. Lamas did not want to perform this meditation because Itigelov was still alive. Thus, Itigelov began to meditate by himself, lamas joined him and soon he died.


Ititgelov left a testament where he asked to bury him as he was, sitting in lotus pose in the cedar box on traditional cemetery. It was done. There was also a statement, where he asked other monks to exhume him after several years. (This is the exciting point – this means he knew that his body would be preserved). This was done in 1955 and in 1973 by Buddhist monks but they were scared to tell everybody about this, since communist regime did not leave any space for religion in society. Only in 2002 the body was finally exhumed and transferred to Ivolginsky Datsan (a residence of today’s Hambo Lama) where it was closely examined by monks and, which is now more important, by scientists and pathologists. The official statement was issued about the body – very well preserved, without any signs of decay, whole muscles and inner tissue, soft joints and skin. The interesting thing is that the body was never embalmed or mummified.




Two years passed. Itigelov’s body is now kept open air, in contact with other people, without any temperature or humidity regimes. How Itigelov keeps this condition, nobody knows.


This is the ONLY KNOWN AND CONFIRMED CASE OF IMPERISHABLE BODY throughout the whole world. Embalming and mummifying is well known among different nations and peoples – Chili (Chinchora), Egypt mummies, Christian Saints, communist leaders and others. Some bodies were found in permafrost, however when they contacted with oxygen atmosphere they perished within several hours.


However, there are descriptions of such things in Buddhist texts, but there are no confirmed examples. Well, now there is.

For two years after the exhumation of Itigilov’s body it does not perish nor decay, no fungus, no negative things happen to it. Itigelov said before he died that he left a message to all peoples on Earth. This message contains no words. Now it is our turn to understand it.






Jox, :)

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while others dont need anything but a cedar box and lotus position...



And I need my peanut butter as man cannot live on bread alone.

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you, sir, are a puzzle. such beautiful openness to possibility in this regard; why then such a conventional attitude against something like shaking practice?

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