Computer codes found in fabric of reality!

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Here is a video of Dr. James Gates talking about how he found doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block codes embedded in the fabric of the universe!!


He also explains how holographic 3D geometric expressions of these equations he calls adinkras, which serve as algorithms that support our reality.


This is reminds me of the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of maya or illusion of the universe. The adinkras remind me of the yantras in Hinduism.


More and more we are finding the ancient masters to be right. One day, the inner sciences will be just as respected as the physical sciences. One day....

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Gates is a Superstring boffin.

He was on a science documentary on BBC TV here a while ago, amazing guy.

Check out these symbols, from his research....

Link won't paste... See post below.....


Pretty familiar eh?

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