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  1. Dr. Baolin Wu / White Cloud Monastery

    Taoist alchemy agrees with you my friend, alchemists are not trying to "make anything happen" either. "Taoist alchemy cultivates an immortal body (physical or spiritual) by practicing the steps to reverse creation within the individual to return to a state of original unity. Immortality cultivation runs counter to the nature of things. Thus, the alchemical saying goes 顺逆 (shun ni) or the Principle Of Oppose Follow: follow to remain mortal; oppose to become immortal." We aren't making anything in nei dan, we are unmaking. Stripping away the inessentials, until the essence of truth is revealed. We are already immortal. A person cannot make enlightenment happen, all we can do is clean the window of perception, and allow the light that has always been there shine through. We are not making the light, it was always there, just like we are not making the rainbow light-body, it was always there.
  2. Dr. Baolin Wu / White Cloud Monastery

    I think that's more than fine for basic health, but some people actually are trying to attain spiritual immortality, that's why Daoists develop chi kung, nei dan, sexual meditation etc....
  3. Dr. Baolin Wu / White Cloud Monastery

    It says in the book on pg. 74 that you can skip the warm ups and go straight to the final form. I would suggest at minimum some cleansing physical exercises for about 5 minutes before and after the 9 palaces qigong if you're going to skip the 45 minute warm up in the book.
  4. Dr. Baolin Wu / White Cloud Monastery We actually almost did have a catastrophe in 2012, a coronal mass ejection very narrowly missed the earth. You can watch the video on the posted link of NASA talking about it, obviously this news was never nationally televised, probably why almost nobody knows about it. "According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, the total economic impact could exceed $2 trillion or 20 times greater than the costs of a Hurricane Katrina. Multi-ton transformers damaged by such a storm might take years to repair." An event like this would have sent the affected areas back to the stone age, without electricity, possibly for years. Dr. Baolin Wu teaches the 9 heaven solar microcosmic orbit qigong which draws in yang qi along with it's companion form, the 5 centers facing heaven which draws on the yin qi from the moon. It is said one of the main benefits of the 5 centers facing heaven is the ability to predict the future, maybe with enhanced intuition you could avoid the areas that may have been affect by the ejection, who can really say. These 2 forms are suppose to be the companion qigong sets to the water and fire alchemy of kan and li neidan, according to Dr. Wu combining water and fire qigong with water and fire neidan resulted in him allegedly seeing his teacher attaining the rainbow body of immortality where his entire body disappeared and went into the sun, like some Luke Skywalker shit. I would probably add in sexual alchemy in there as well, since it's also a form of fire water alchemy. According to Dr. Baolin Wu dual sexual cultivation was legitimized in Taoism by the drunken immortal Lu Dong Bin, sexual alchemy was taught along with the 5 centers facing heaven as a way to restore jing since according to legend Lu didn't become a Daoist until later in his life.
  5. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    Thank you my brotha. Peace and blessings.
  6. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    I been a member of this forum since 2005. As they say in this tradition we call Taoism, he who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know, so forgive me for not speaking Mr.10,000 posts.
  7. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    That's more than fine. But to be clear, I never offered any reading materials at all. What I recommended is that you talk with someone highly trained in this art, rather than asking people on this forum who obviously don't have any experience with this. I didn't understand why you would want to limit where you get information from, but then I realized you're kinda new here. Best wishes to you and your loves ones.
  8. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    I never pointed you in the direction towards any reading material on solar meditation. What I recommended is you CONTACT michael winn, and ask him about his experiences. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to talk with you about it.
  9. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    I would contact Michael Winn if I were you, he's very well trained in Taoist internal alchemy as well as solar meditation.
  10. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    I haven't used this new format before, I wasn't aware of that, I rarely post.
  11. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    My quotes have the same problem as the sun, they contain too much chi for you, sorry bout that.
  12. Science of Chi

    Only through research can the pranic sciences be advanced, but only through practice can the pranic arts be mastered.
  13. Science of Chi

    Soaring Crane, The pdf that I posted a link to on the 800 studies done on pranic healing at UC Irvine is NO WHERE on the internet. I had to post that pdf up from my personal collection. It has "disappeared" from the internet, so I am trying to reseed it so people know it's out there. But the youtube videos obviously are still up thankfully. I 100% believe that they keep a lot of these studies to themselves. The point of these studies most likely is to discover and test healing modalities they can make money from. I mean lets be honest; chi is free, no one is gonna get rich selling pranic therapies you can learn to do yourself at home with practice. It is my sincerest hope one day to see western medical science mixed with the eastern pranic therapies and herbal medicine, I think they would work wonderfully together. The immense popularity of Star Wars, Harry Potter and other highly popular myths underlie our deep thirst for the magical and mystical. But we need not trivialize them, or relegate spiritual techniques to whimsical, childhood fables. The ancient cultures have created a high technology of the sacred, a technology which is no less real and no less extraordinary than the kind of electronic and information technology developed in the West. So now all of you on this forum know for sure beyond the shadow of a doubt, that chi is indeed real, and can be demonstrated under double blinds and the strictest laboratory conditions. I mean they even tried to shield those cells in the petri dish with a Faraday cage and it STILL didn't stop the pranic energies from getting in. Prana or chi is not a religious belief, it is a valid and scientifically demonstrable energy. I have never believed in religion. Religions are all limited because they concentrate only on one aspect of truth. That is why they are always fighting amongst one another, because they all think they are in the sole possession of the truth. But I say there is no end to knowledge, so there is no use in trying to confine it to one scripture or one holy book or one experience. This is why I say when people ask me what religion I follow I say I don't believe in any sampradaya (sect), I believe in sampradaha (incineration). Burn down everything which is getting in the way of your perception of truth.