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Wow, I thought my time has come this morning....maybe not..

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I mean, to pass away from this world in a state of Samadhi. Hehehe... Anyway, as usual, I woke up around 5 am this morning. And then I went back to sleep while doing sleep meditation using the white skeleton method. I then focused on my dan tien and moving my chi throughout the MCO. Then, I found myself sleeping on my left side with my arms twisted in some sorts of yoga positions.


Here, I was aware that a sense of energy was moving to my back of my head, the crown chakra, my third eye, and my heart chakra. The energy was like an ocean tide and slowly making its way. It felt somewhat sensual too, like the women's hands slowly reaching around you. The sensation was like my various energy channels were being controlled by this energy, by something or by someone. Now, I sensed the energy was moving and shifting its dimension. It was about to move and to carry me away to somewhere. And I found myself ontop of a building and being shaded by some cover. Next thing I knew, my consciousness was in the air and flying. My mind was flying around on the street, backward. In a way that I could see faces of all the pedestrians I passed by. Not sure what it meant to flying backward, instead of forward looking where I was going. I was looking where or who I passed along in order to recognize faces and people. I then heard mantra music playing. The ambient light was sunny and bright. I was doing this flyover for a while, to the point that I asked myself why I wasn't flying up to the sky,

Now, my consciousness decided to return to where I started. Here, my mind was at rest. I felt that I was not breathing. I didn't feel that I had a body. I didn't feel that I was in my own time or dimension. In front of me, I was engulfed by this smoky white light, almost as if I lived inside this white light and my own sense of consciousness is a small dot of white dust. There was this sense of fulfillment, and a mind ceased to cling anymore. I was in this state for a while, to the point that I began to realize I may have been dead. That my time has come and I would never wake up again from my Samadhi. However, I was in this Samadhi long enough to worry about what would happen to my body. How would my parents react seeing me dying in my sleep.


Now, this energy behaved like an ocean tide again and slowly receding. Eventually, the energy or the sensation was gone and my consciousness came back to my body, in my own time and dimension. Here, I was in another state of Samadhi in which I am familiar with. Is the samadhi state I could recognize because that's my usual meditation state. Here, I saw the nimitta white light and hearing the usual chakra vibrational sounds. Then, it was followed by the yang energy of fire slowly burning throughout my body. I woke up because the heat was getting a bit uncomfortable.

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