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greetings to all in tao bum later heaven

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Just saying hi to all,

I have been gratefully re-researching all sorts of aspects of taoism and the 3 nei_'s

nei-tan, nei-gung and nei-chia

My far ranging questions [on BKF, Winn, fire vs water and fire/water, pdf scouring] in all these tao bums was there like a beacon of hospitality and wisdom in a sea of crazy, shallow and lame. If there was a daobums link about a given topic I came to know I would be entertained, informed and usually wiser when done.

So, thanks to all for gathering, sharing and especially whomever the taobumpope pope for creating this digital oasis.


my practice of chi-gung and meditation goes back to 1985 and gurdjieff school in st. pete florida that had a work teacher with a very strong background in taoism [he had had a couple real deal teachers and later alot of sharing with other schools].

But at the time I learned a variation of water style meditation via the sarmoung to gurdjieff to hess that is very nearly identical to BKF's water methods.

Also some preliminary swings and simple chi-kung and a strange form of hsing yi, punches and kicks.

At the same time I was doing HTao smile and orbit and in 87 would study with winn.

In 93-4 I finally went on retreat at Silent Ground and got a great exposure to the whole htao system from minke and christer there. Learned the book 2, which has been a sort of touchstone and measuring stick since.

I ran across a few of the fire-related problems many htaoists do and then looked into winn's changes whole studying ba gua and wutang tai-chi with zhang jiw in seattle.

Got to do a big 2 month review in 2004 with winn and also do some excellent ba gua and hsing yi with frank allen.

In 99 I began learning the short and long forms from jonathan russell, sr. of tt liang.

In 2002 I began teaching basics regualry and have done so of and on here in lake co california as time permits.

Focusing on medical and seniors chi-gungs for locals these days.

Just recently enjoying a few threads on clyman/temple style which i dabbled in long ago. Nice to see the conversations.

I also spent 95 to recently as an Orthodox/Traditionalist Christian, do to strange reasons largeley beyond me it seems I am setting much of that gently as i can to the side and returning to a more or less full-time study practice of taoist san nei.


DR the neotaoist


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Hello neotaoist,

and welcome to The Tao Bums :)

Nice introduction ;)

Your introductory post has been approved, so you'll be able to post on the forum now. Please keep our Terms and Rules in mind when participating here.

Have fun here, good luck and all the best to you!


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Not such a gap between Xtian Orthodox praxis in some facets and some of the stuff that we cultivate.

Jesus Prayer as mantra-or- nembutsu for example.

Desert Fathers/ Taoist Hermits.

Those guys would possibly have lots in common to talk about if ever they met up for lunch ( with an interpreter present of course).

Welcome to TTB.

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Glad to have you onboard :). I always wanted to visit Silent Grounds. I don't think the island retreat is happening these days. I've gotten a lot out of Minke's audio CD's.

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