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  1. What can feminism do for men?

    Like for example deleting a post because you don't like the content as an admin, and then put the user on "censorship"-Status.
  2. What can feminism do for men?

    It's nice of you to think like this, but, you know.. Having a female body you're just aware that you'll loose when it should come to physical violence. And that's a knowledge you acquire as a teenager when the boys switch to "natural doping", and never really loose.But, of course, it's positive if you know that at least most of the society will or would help and protect them.
  3. What can feminism do for men?

    Hm, not to say too much here, but, you know... as a female you would have had a serious problem in that situation, because as a female you're not necessarily strong enough to defend your "no" as soon as it comes to being grabbed. Let's be honest about it, a female body is designed in a way to make rape an option to create children. And as a female you know you don't have the physical strength to do much about it, unless you spend a relevant amount of your time with fight training and, most effective, expose your body to doping.With a female body, in that situation in which the overall group wouldn't support you, you might well have had the option to leave the scenery. Otherwise your options would have been limited.
  4. What can feminism do for men?

    Hm, yes, I feel and appreciate that I think it was an idea with positive intention. Although I have to say that this nick looks like a sleeper, and I really don't see how to trust persons who don't dare to show themselves.
  5. What can feminism do for men?

    Yes. Thanks to you and thanks to two or three other guys who gave some counterweight. And thanks to some reactions to reports.
  6. What can feminism do for men?

    Yes, and intentionally so. I didn't like this topic right from the start, cause right from the start it was clear that this would be an invitation towards people who linger around with an interest to insult and hurt any female member of this board here. And without some guys who intentionally worked on keeping a balance here, which I'm thankful for, it would just be another sign for females that contribution in such an environment is a stupid waste of time.
  7. What can feminism do for men?

    Hey, the "women lack consciousness"-Thread did also make it quite far, and also without bans and suspensions, and beginning from page 4 most posts were insultive, and the intention of the whole thread was insultive right from the start; yet, even reports would hardly have brought this thread even to the pit, and suspensions or bans for any members are something that I think still didn't take place. So obviously this kind of measurement doesn't necessarily tell more than that the topic is not amongst what the mod team considers as having priority or being important in any way.
  8. What can feminism do for men?

    Yeah, I did get you're a cutie ^^ Anyway, I'm more gay actually, not too much interested in heteros.
  9. What can feminism do for men?

    I think you would. But to wait for some people to develop sensitivity would really take too much time.
  10. What can feminism do for men?

    @tyler zambori, I really don't get what you're aiming at, I would just prefer you'd use your main account for it.
  11. What can feminism do for men?

    Honestly, prostitutes are not so bad for the problem of you being a virgin, and if you find a nice one she might be more kind to you than some females out there. That is, if the problem really is about sex. Yeah, I know, you will turn this argument around and make it seem like I was the one who brought up the topic of sex ^^ PS: For solution of the problem I'd really focus more on the egoist thing. Nobody really likes to be with an egoist.
  12. What can feminism do for men?

    Well, you see my practice - with a little help of mine at least this last Zhang didn't need more than half a dozen posts to have some mistakes of his character formulated clearly, and still I would not expect he has the slightest intelligent thought of questioning any of it. But at least he has become more honest about it.
  13. What can feminism do for men?

    Aha, suddenly it's history and not the evil females. Thanks for being sufficiently honest I think regarding the fact that we're writing on a forum that focuses on spirituality we're both clear that this conversation is finished. Maybe you make a new start somewhere by questioning your interpretation of history or your impressions about what makes someone a great person.
  14. What can feminism do for men?

    150% of women would definitely be so much that it would cover me. Why do you focus on the idiotic females and why is it them you'd like to get? Maybe change your social environment, ever thought about that? Cause something seems to be wrong with yours. But maybe I'm surrounded by too much feminists ^^ Cause actually the kind of women you describe don't even make 10% of those I know .. but well .. I tend to avoid persons who don't stand on their own feet.
  15. What can feminism do for men?

    Tbh, and I do absolutely not apply that on every accidental crossing male being, most of your words sounded more like those of a hopeless egoist who doesn't care too much about needs and desires as long as they are not his own