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Keeping the soul alive

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One must avoid work

Not actual work

but the attitude

of doing things for future rewards

for future money

for reputation

for fame

for safety

then one becomes a slave to the future

one is not playing

one is not dancing

one is working like a slave

living like a robot


purpose of life

purpose of living

can be killed quickly

by people telling you something and you believing it

purpose is the soul


fine me purpose

stay with me soul


I become like fire

I become like an eagle

and soar throughout the world

while thunder strikes me


storms and wind blow me side to side

I lie cold in a cave

as an eagle shivering till I nearly die

and come out alive

soaring through the sky

I come out alive

Alive like a butterfly


alive with fire

I keep my fire alive

I like my fire

fire is for me

joy is for me

be emotionless

what fucking bullshit

joy harmonises sadness

be emotionless is impossible intellectual crap


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rip up my painting

cos I dont work for the future

with meticulous planning bullshit

does this make logical sense

do I have to think about that


Is this fitting in with the rules


Is this ok to do this or that


Well I dont give a fuck


Ill break the rules cos I enjoy doing that


Ill paint today what I feel today and not what I felt yesterday


Set it on fucking fire fuck this bullshit


of living yesterday


or living the future


I come through and live now


I am on fire


and I wont take anyones shit


I become an animal


and become crazy with remore


until I cry


wild like a fucking demon


till I die

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and I didnt destroy anything it was a metaphor

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