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This is a translation of what someone close to me experienced 4 days ago.






The first February am morning, I lived a beautiful experience, I led my mother to the light.

She was in the palliative care unit because of terminal cancer. She was in coma since few hours and 800 km away from me.

A friend of mine, former palliative care worker told me that patients on hypnovel (drug) may not be aware of being dead. Thing I hardly didn't want for my mother or any human being. She proposed me to pray to help her. I answer her I was thinking about to do a meditation/prayer, and I thought the right time as came. I felt despite all the modesty we can may have for this kind of event, that the creation of positive egregor would be important to support the crossing. So did I contact 2 people I knew believers through facebook, then I finally posted : 



« Believers, a thought, a prayer, to help my mother to find the path to the light, she needs help for the crossing.

Her name is M**** »



I started this 9 minutes prayers to sustain my meditation

Then I went to my altar where I gather items found in India : a Shiva statuette, picture of Shiva and Shiva's family, sandal wood stick, sandal powder, a white candle, a Rudraksha seed, two kinds of traditional hindouist ashes, white and red to apply on the third eye.

I prayed Shiva, then get in touch with my mother's soul.

At this moment, I was feeling like a floor made of my friend's thoughts was supporting me. I called : « M***** », she came on my right, answering « Yes ». I was seeing her SmillingFaceSoul very close to me.

I told her : « Take my hand, everyone love you... », she understood. « I'm with you... and here is the baby ». She put her right hand to my belly : « Yes the baby », she smiled even more.

We turned to the right to saw her physical body, the hospital's room (window on the left of the bed, one woman bent in the room, chairs around the bed). She was aware of being apart from the physical reality.

We turned to the left and I showed her a lightly white mass. I accompanied her closer, the light was more intense, everything was quiet, serene, full of love and compassion. I felt her to be sucked in, I let go of her hand and she left full speed to the light, smiling.

I saw her silhouette disappear against the light.

I took a moment to come back at my physical body and thank Shiva for support throughout fire and smoke.


Further to that I gave a (phone !) call to my sister, she did not answer but called me back few moments later, crying « I missed her ! » because she just arrived at the hospital, stuck in traffic jam... before she added « She died like... 5 minutes ago ?! ». On one side I was blew away by what I was hearing, because I knew to have had the experience of a beautiful visualization but from this to really had my mother soul to cross... and on the other side I was very sorry for her, I thought her to be arrived at my mother bedside. I couldn't have wait anyway, it was time for my mother to leave.


To tally with informations, my grand mother told me that the medical staff made the family quit the room for treatment at 12h15.

My sister pointed me that my mother died around 12h25.


I'm very happy she to not suffer anymore and to have had the possibility to accompanied her to the light.

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thank you for sharing this,


it's sort of clear to me that people who are on drugs will have a prolonged period of being ' inbetween' or 'yet unaware of the change' and how beautiful to be able to give someone, and not just a someone but your mother, a hand to make that crossing.


these kind of experiences can be mindblowing

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