Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

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1 hour ago, StillWater said:

My apologies for being the chattering monkey.

Absolutely no apologies needed. I’m happy to help - and I’m sure the other members are too.


1 hour ago, StillWater said:

Effectively, instead of focusing on my center-point or DT, I should be initially dwelling on the discovery of where my focus actually is.  Where am I actually focusing, or maybe more precisely, where is my focus initiating.

So think of your awareness as a sort of subtle ‘mind-substance’… not a focused light or the source of the light.


Rather than finding where your focus is originating (which is a thing, but not for this practice) - find where this substance is hanging out - in and around your body.


I realise that this is an odd was of explaining it… but after some time, when you develop some Qi, this mind substance will thicken, and be quite palpable. 

I checked my notes from when I was doing this, and I actually initially couldn’t find this mind substance - what happened is I sat as per the instructions for Yi Shou Dantien, and I only began to notice it when something started to sink.


It’s probably the case that it was so habitual to have it where it was for me, that I simply couldn’t identify it until it began to sink of its own accord. It’s the change from what was habitual that helped me discern it.

Things like this in the beginning aren’t too formulaic, and there’s a bit of exploration required - but as long as you know what you’re looking to achieve, you’ll get there.


1 hour ago, StillWater said:

SO as my attention descends of its own accord, just experience it and let it do its thing.   When it lands, just passively ... experience that... while doing whatever else I need to do in the practice.


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