Join Me In An Experiment In Giving What You Want To Receive

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This is based on the teachings of this book:




As well as the Christian Bible, where it talks about how a curse will come back to you if you send it out and it is unmerited, and the "where two or more are gathered together..."


Here is the idea in a nutshell... You receive what you give. Once you give something, you make yourself open to receiving it.


So, if you were to give out anger to someone, you leave yourself open to receiving anger in return. Hence you end up with an argument.


But there's a little more to this than that... A person is more receptive when they are not conscious of the receiving. In our argument example chances are you don't realize you are leaving yourself open to receiving anger by giving it out, there's not a lot of consciousness or awareness going on, so it works.


But if you were Mr. Scrooge, to use a holiday example, and I walked up to you and said, "Blessings To You This Christmas" you would say "Bah Humbug!" and the blessing would bounce off you and back to me. But let's say you are sleeping one night, and maybe you aren't entirely a Scrooge. There is a crack there where you might, in some certain circumstance, bless someone. So I send out my blessing to you late at night while you sleep and it enters that little crack and sets to work on manifesting in your life in some way. No crack, no blessing.


So you have to be willing to give out whatever it is someone wants to give you. If you can't give it, you can't receive it. With me so far?


As you can see you really need to watch what you think or say about people, because if you sent out a negative thought towards someone who is incapable of giving that same negative thought, it will come back and bite you in the arse!


So if you are miserable the first thing to do is look inside. What have you been saying to yourself? How do you feel? What kinds of energies have you sent out to others?


It wasn't all that long ago that I would see a couple walking hand in hand and my thoughts were not very kind. I felt like the Grinch at Christmas. The consequences of my action? My mindset, thoughts, beliefs and programming? I'm 38 years old and not only have I been single and unmarried all my life, I am still a virgin (not by choice), I haven't even been a real date and I certainly have nobody's hand to hold at this moment!


I know that was a little personal. I didn't need to say all of that. But I wanted to give you this as a warning. An extreme case of the kind of things that could happen to you. You get what you give. You give what you get. Thankfully I stopped feeling that way and now when I see a couple walking I smile and am happy for them. I am still alone at present, but not for long, I am sure!


This thread is all about tapping into this power in a group setting. It's an experiment, meaning the recipients must post replies and keep everyone up-to-date on what is happening as a result of their involvement with the group. We're proving that this idea works, so we can use it for the benefit of others and ourselves.


So here's the plan, which can be adjusted as needed. If you want to participate, post what you would like to receive. Also post a picture so we know who to send this to. How do we do that?


Neville describes a few types of mental “seeing.” There is mental hearing, mental sight and mental action. From my own person experience you may be able to do one or any combination of these at various strengths. I am mental sight and action, with a presently weak ability for mental hearing. I can see things in my mind's eye as clearly as I can see things in the physical world.


So I will take one or two requests, write what I call a visualization script, that is basically like a movie I will play in my head, answering the request. You may do something similar.


Now it is not enough to just see. You will have to practice mental hearing. Because you are going to have a conversation with the image of whoever it is you are visualizing something for. You will see them receive this, hear them thank you, maybe shake their hand, maybe have a discussion, maybe get a tearful hug.


Do not force here. Keep your script, if you make one, basic. Let things flow naturally. Do not use force. Don't be Alfred Hitchcock in the Director's Chair. Your script is more like a vague description of some movie you would like to remember. You are asking the energy I call Source, which you may call Tao, God, Buddha or something or someone else, if they remember this movie. They go “Ah Ha!” and it begins to play. Understand? Less manufacturing, more allowing.


Probably what is actually going on here is a sort of premonition. A collection of scenes of what could happen, given the person, what you are giving them, and yourself as the sender. You are basically seeing a glimpse of one possible future. That would be my guess anyhow.


Anyhow there is no need to dwell on that, and its OK if you don't agree or see things differently. We can start a whole new thread for that if you want.


The main point here is there is something you want in your life, so you will post your request and a picture of yourself and someone, or several someone's, will take your case and send you the requested thing (BTW we need a picture of you, full body, so we can clearly see you in our mind's eye.)


They will silently set to work envisioning your receiving of the requested thing. They will not post in this thread. We will use the, “...pray in closet...” mentality here. So you will not know who is sending you the requested thing.


But you will come in and give a progress report after the request has been answered. A progress report, not a complaint, not an “Is it here yet?” Just let us know if your request has been granted and provide as many details of the granting as is comfortable and appropriate. Yes, any request may be asked here. But keep in mind how this thing may work and be very careful how you word things!


The last step is for all parties to give thanks, before and after the request has been granted! This is very important! Make your request, then forget about it. Just make a mental note to tell us when it has been granted. As you proceed through your life give thanks for this request as if you already have it. Feel as if you have it. Also be thankful for any related things. If you are asking for healing for cancer in your lungs, spend time every day being thankful for your stomach, kidneys and heart working so well! Understand?


For example, Michael Bernard Beckwith, in “Spiritual Liberation”, says take time to give thanks for your kidneys every time you use the restroom. PP time. The restroom is the perfect place for a prayer of thanks. I tell myself, when I am sitting on the throne, that I easily release everything which I need to let go.


OK, I think that covers it! I will start the ball rolling with my request:


I am requesting mastery, not control (all control is rooted in fear), over my sexual urges.


Now I know this is sort of a tricky and possibly icky thing to work with, so here are some ideas as to how you can help me with this. You can picture me sitting at the computer, staring at the Bing search screen, knowing that I am thinking about searching for some pornography. You can picture me shaking my head no, saying no. You can have a conversation with me about it. Maybe you have your hand on my shoulder and are telling me about how self-destructive this could be. Maybe you are sharing your own personal experience. Whatever works for you. But we have a conversation about this. You can imagine the desire to search and any thought of searching leave my mind. Maybe picture me turning off the TV, pulling out my meditation pad (a folded orange blanket under a pillow with an orange case, one side specked with mold stains – long story) and meditating.


Another possibility is if you are a male, you know when the desire comes over you. Picture me sitting there, the desire coming over me. You know how that feels, I assure you that feeling is probably universal for all human males who are not celibate. Anyhow imagine that feeling just evaporating. Dissipating. Disappearing. Maybe see it as a pink fog rising out of my body, dissolving in pure white light. Or maybe you have a healthy, positive high-vibration way you deal with it. If its not too personal for you, imagine me dealing with it using the same method, maybe even following you teaching me.


If the whole sexual urge thing is too much and you don't want to touch that with a 10 foot pole that's OK. I love and accept you as you are, and bless you just the same. You may use this secondary request if you wish.


I would like to find, as soon as possible, enjoyable, fulfilling, meaningful and well-paying work! Until I have that I would love to have some extra money to do some last minute Christmas shopping with!


That one should be easy to deal with. Pretty much all of us want the same thing, so I will not give you pointers here, but you may ask for some if you would still like them.


Here's a pic of me:



However you choose to help use your words, your unique way of thinking and talking. Take anything I have said as a suggestion only. If others have personal issues and assign some guidelines to help you, follow them in your own way.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any request you may send out for others or myself. Blessings and love to all who read this thread, whether they participate or not! I am looking forward to your requests and reading about their manifestation in your lives!


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Good luck with your endeavours.


I know of Neville Goddard's work.


I never really knew how his "techniques" could be applied.


But his accounts of his mystical rebirth from the head experience were fascinating.


I will say I think he was a genuine adept, for whatever that's worth.



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The most profound and meaningful experiences in my life I have always received in a state of surrender / complete relaxation.


I am sure this applies to all things.


My sole question: Do we always need a tension first?


Regarding sexual desire which was a big thing 2012 for me: It disappeared naturally. How? Simply with a higher understanding about the sexual processes in human beings. Do research, meditate, gain wisdom and your false ideas just fade away. Naturally.


Happy applying :)


Btw a "No" in a sense of "Not happening" does not exist. The Universe is an entire "Yes". A no is a resistance. And a build up resistance is tension. And tension is waiting to be released, has to be released. So dont even build up a "No" in the first place. If you understand this, then many things in our daily life get instantly clear.

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There is a lot of bad karma swirling around the relations between the genders.


We must all seek to resolve this for the good of all beings.


Enough for Love but not for Greed!


Seek purity in all things I would say.


But do not starve yourself of what you need to exist as a being.


Asceticism be not the way.


What bloody poem was that again?


I forget...


I remember...


I forget...


Oh, and listen to 4bsolute, he wize man!



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Oh yes recollections of Neville.


Dear Neville was a dancer.


At one time he used to speak with me clearly.


I conjured his spirit from the texts I read.


He joined me in Eternity.


We got on very well.



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Neville's technique.


Relax completely into the feeling of the wish fulfilled.



I remember!


This I did!


To relax completely and utterly into the profoundest feeling of the absolute fulfillment of every desire.


I planted a seed.


The seed awaits its time.


Time, you see, is always the answer.


Isn't it?



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