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Got permission from the mods to post here, didn’t want to spam in random parts of the forum.



I’m selling Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Instruction Program including The Chi Kung Bible.

Brand new price is $800 USD plus shipping.



I’m asking for $300 USD ($250 for the set plus $50 tracked and insured shipping; shipping will be cheaper if I send it within Europe as I’m located in UK).


The DVD set is in brand new condition (but The Chi Kung Bible has a little crease on top right hand corner of the front cover). I bought it in February 2013. I went through it once and took out whatever I needed for my taiji and it’s been sitting there on the bookshelf.

Accepting payment via PayPal.

Pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49301719@N03/with/9472995035/


I will ship out within 48 hours. Meanwhile as you wait for it to arrive I will also send a download version of Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Instruction Program and The Chi Kung Bible too, so you can start right away.


At the end of the DVD everything is put together into a 28 minute daily practice routine and you follow along each time you practice. There is a transmission from Gary built into the 28 minute daily practice routine, you receive it as you practice the microcosmic orbit. To quote Gary “I’m going to transmit energy to you through the video, I’m going to spin my microcosmic circulation at 1000 circulations per breath or at the speed of light.”

So if you ever wanted to try Gary Clyman’s stuff but the price was out of reach then this is probably a good chance to check it out.


Reason for sale is that I want to check out some internal iron palm/iron body DVDs so I’m selling this DVD set at a lower price, just to raise enough for the next thing I want to check out.



PM me if you’re interested.

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i sent you a PM, but just in case...


i'll totally buy it. if you still have it, consider it sold.

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I would be interested, but seems that is too late. :-P



You too?

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