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  1. yo

    Yo Michael.. You live in Switzerland? Hah! What a coincidence. Mee too.
  2. yo

    Well.. Hi there, Marblehead. Umm Well..something about myself, huh... I'm Eddie, a 17 year old young Jamaican boy who is interested in Internal Martial Arts. Yeah.. That covers it, I think. Can I go now? Nah just joking There's nothing else to it actually. Well maybe I need to mention that I have been self actualizing since 15 years old.. So that kinda interest me.. Changing for the better and stuff. Oh and I actually was a pretty extrovert person until under extreme psychological pressure, depression, maybe slight schizophrenia (Well I don't know how it is called. There was just a personality in me, that wanted to kill me. Or take over me. Because I didn't got the grip in life, he was like: I will do it, you can't lol. His name was Rasco Btw [Just in case you're interested]) and last but not least, the good old psychopharmacological/Medicine-that-is-good-for-you-influence, I had a rather devastating personality shift and turned an Introvert who is critical of society and consumation now. The shift also sharpened my emotional senses somehow. That was a interesting experience. I also tend to jump from topic a bit. Whatever.. Thanks for the friendly and warm welcome ^^ Regards, Ed
  3. yo

    I'm Ed. I just came here to make my first post. Best Regards, Ed