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The process of Taoist Alchemy as described by Waysun Liao's student and front man of the spiritual "new school way" of Temple Style Taichi, Master Gregory James.

He posted this essay in his forum publically in 2011 and I think it's precious knowledge that everybody should have!

Enjoy! :)


Master Gregory James,

Hi Filipe. Thanks for your inquiry into this serious aspect of the training.

It takes a long time to develop Jing (Internal Power). The Yi (Mind) must completely fuse to the Chi so that the Jing Signal can be amplified and accelerated. Then you will understand how to put a Message into that Signal. If you don't know how, you don't yet have Jing. Keep Practicing.

Understand that although Jing can be used to produce Power in martial arts or other special applications, the Ultimate Purpose for the development of Jing is to Transform and Enlighten yourself. In the Tai Chi Moving Meditation Practice, the Chi is exercised and begins to Purify as the Mind gains an extremely sharp awareness of this. Eventually, the body, breath, Mind and Chi move together as One. When this process is further Purified, the Mind and Chi fuse together to generate Jing. This is a completely new kind of Energy within yourself that was not there before. The ingredients were always there, but the Process must be properly engaged in order to Transform Mind and Chi into Jing. This is very much like forging steel from raw iron using heat. Once the iron is heated to a very high temperature, it becomes malleable and can be hammered thin, folded into itself, and ultimately purified and strengthened. After many, many repetitions of being heated, hammered, folded, and then rapidly cooled in water, the iron totally transforms into a new kind of material we call steel. In other words, although the heat, water, and raw iron were already present, a significant and skillful process must be engaged in order to transform the iron into steel. Likewise, the Jing takes time and sincere, dedicated effort to generate.

Once Jing is generated, it is your choice how to use it. But it is a waste if you use it only for simple tricks like making light in your hands, etc. Instead, Recycle the Jing Signal back Inward into itself through the Cyclic Moving Meditation Practice so as to Purify it further, generate a great surplus of Energy, and use this very Pure, very Powerful Jing Energy to Transform again to Realize and Ignite the Shen Energy (Spirit). Then further Purify the Shen Energy to Realize the Te––the Ultimate No-Self, the "piece of Tao inside." We then use Te to Connect to Tao.

So the order of things is: Chi, Yi (Mind), Jing, Shen, Te. There is no particular exercise that will develop Jing faster than another. Correct understanding and practice of the Taichi Tao system as a whole is the process that develops the Connection to Tao. I very highly recommend training with a proper Master of the system for some time. You can do this in Chicago (Oak Park, IL) or Taiwan, but travel, accommodations and training will be quite costly. You can travel to southern India and train with me in the winter season for much less. India is very inexpensive and our donation structure is aimed at helping the student, not gaining profit. I am teaching in India from mid November to end of March this coming winter.

To help your understanding, please read "Tao: The Way of God."

Master Gregory

Thursday, 26 May 2011 19:18




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