Free Online University Course (MOOC) on Psychology and Mysticism

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I have got to tell you about this!


Coursera is offering a free (yes, free!) online university course on the psychology of mysticism...western mysticism traditions in particular!


Perhaps you are aware of the Open Courseware movement? Universities giving online classes for free over the web?


MOOCs (massively-open-online-courses) are like Open Courseware on steroids (hence the "massively" in the title).


Here's an article that details one guy's experience of a MOOC course (mostly positive) and how it may someday change upper education (and maybe lower student tuition costs?). Edit: oops...the bit about changing upper education in the future is in other linked articles...not this one. pardon.


And another article titled The Year of the MOOC

edit: please read the 2nd article even if not the first. This second article details *exactly* what MOOCs are, how they operate and both the main negatives and positives.




Here's the link to the FREE Coursera MOOC course on Modern European Mysticism and Psychological Thought



A blurb about the course:


About the Course


In the revival of mysticism today, mysticism has become more psychological while psychology is increasingly interested in mysticism. This course will provide an entry into the complex world of modern mysticism, through studying its psychological thought. We shall begin with exploring the interpretations of mystical experience offered by psychoanalysts in the twentieth century, starting with Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and ending with contemporary thinkers such as James Hillman.


However, we will see that the European mystical traditions, including Kabbalah in the Jewish world and those of the Catholic and Protestant worlds, developed their own elaborate systems of psychological thought. Thus, we will mostly examine mystical psychology on its own terms. We shall especially look at two terms that are very much in use also in general culture: the heart (as an emotional rather than as a physical center!...) and the soul, looking at the unique mystical concepts of their nature and destiny and asking if there were influences and meetings between the different religions.



I've already signed up. The course is scheduled for sometime in 2013. No exact date has been announced yet.




Just to give some personal insight I am taking a Coursera MOOC called Think Again: How to Reason and Argue. (you can still enroll in it too).


So far I'm enjoy it!


There's no pressure. Which means if you suck with sticking to milestones or deadlines you don't have anyone other than yourself prodding you to complete the course. OTOH - if that's not a problem or only a minor one for you - this is a fantastic way to learn new things and interact online with other students and (sometimes) tutors.


Part of me is even tempted to say - even learning some things, however spotty, is better than nothing at all.



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