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The wisdom of choosing a system with a built in "safety valve" offers a HUGE value to the time, effort (and financial component) one puts in.


That's true! ^_^ People who have "kundalini illness" because of their chi training simply follows a bad system!

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Perhaps 'incomplete' would be a more appropriate description?

I guess both is possible!


I think one has to work with a true master, or at least a highly skilled teacher.

Yes, or one simply follows a system that is designed by such a person!

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Get the Jing!


The process of how to get the Jing (= Internal Power) and what it really means,

described by Master Gary J. Clyman in his own words! B)


Please follow this link and discover the truth behind the Internal Power of Mind Light Nei Kung:


Get the Jing!

Hello and welcome to my GET THE JING page. Don’t let people that act smart keep fooling you about all this. All you have to do it follow my straight forward approach and stop reading all those worthless books that lead you nowhere.

GET THE JING is the hardest thing in the world. But, it is the most attractive thing in the world, if you choose it. I chose this as my path and all you have to do is follow directions.

Will it take you 6-10 hours a day? No. Why? Because I am a better teacher than my teachers were at the time. I am more organized. I recorded everything for you. You just have to pay attention, give it better than your best, stay hot, don’t take any breaks, and pick up today where you left off yesterday. Skype me!

The “internal practices” are easy to learn. The “structural practices” are what take so long. You can GET THE JING, but if you want to link it to your structure and be the ONLY person you know with this skill, you had better get started. It took me 6 years to get mine, but I got it!

Boredom really is what it looks like, boredom. Bad teachers are everywhere and being Chinese has nothing to do with being a good teacher. Time doesn’t make you great. Attention to detail, serious practice, and inspired instruction does. You can do it!

Try my video clips and you will quickly figure out that I am the teacher for you at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Let me clarify the word “Jing” from a Tai Chi perspective. In acupuncture and TCM, the word Jing refers to the concept of “original energy.” Like your kidney energy or your “potential,” as if when it’s used up, you die.

Every TCM nerd in America usually thinks they understand “Jing” when applied in the Tai Chi realm because it was discussed in school. They don’t! Tai Chi Jing had nothing to do with acupuncture and TCM “Jing” because it is NOT what we are born with.

Yes, it is related to your sexual energy, sperm, manhood, storing your seed, and all that, BUT that is NOT all it is. If you lose your seed, you will NEVER be able to GET THE JING.

On this GET THE JING Page, I have explained the missing relationship to your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection. Having the ability/skill to express/transmit/transmute your “Chi” to “Jing” is a major goal in Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan. I started in 1974 and have never let up.

Few in America ever develop this skill because they don’t know WHAT, HOW, WHY, and don’t do it enough or well enough to achieve this special trait. I got my “Jing” in my sixth year as a Tai Chi student, around 1980.

Don’t forget, I practiced 6-10 per day for the first 10 years. I knew WHAT, HOW, WHY and I did everything more than ENOUGH. I never did “minimums,” only “maximums.” No kids. No girls. No job. No bad habits. Practice, practice, practice. That is what it takes.

It is cultivated from daily INTERNAL practices and has a physical relationship to the “bone structure” of the body.

By this I mean, the “Jing” (cultivated sexual energy) is connected to the bone structure and can be expressed as a specific vibration with distinct attributes and flavors. I could write a book on this one thing, but the Master I studied with already has.

The goal of my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung is to give you the practices necessary to GET THE JING. It all starts with my Chi Kung DVD Program. It is the ONLY place to start. Nei Kung comes next.

Read Tao Bums about Mind Light™ Nei Kung Tao Bums

To all the naysayers – Gary’s teachings go far beyond any words that have been written (martial arts – real tai chi – master bla bla bla whatever – it doesn’t matter – irrelevant – period) You learn the “stuff” you practice like your life depends on it – This is Gary’s way. It may seem at times that Gary wants you to submit to him, but you would be mistaken in that left brain assumption.

Your awareness of the situation is very limited (trust me unless you are some enlightened being and in which case I assume you are not reading this anyway). Gary wants you to break free – from everything that is holding you back in this life – To become – to move forward – to move beyond what you think is possible.

You will not understand at first (like for the first 15 years or so), don’t worry if you stay the course it will begin slowly to make sense and in time you will find yourself living a life that you never imagined possible in your wildest dreams.

When I first met Gary his school was named the Freedom Academy, which if you make the effort, is where you are headed… Freedom. Break Free. Be exactly what you need to be when and where you need to be it) Thanks for everything Gary! Nate Davison / [email protected] or +34 622 00 2401.

Go to and order “The Tai Chi Classics” by Master Waysun Liao. It is the best version of the Tai Chi Classics in English and should clarify this “Jing Concept” in a tangible way. Every Internal practitioner should digest this material. Skype me to talk.

No longer settle for a Tai Chi class geared for your Grandmother. If you want more, BIG WAVE™ is PERFECT for you. You must complete Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung BEFORE learning Big Wave™ or OPEN FIRE™ Nei Kung.

The BIG WAVE™ 33-Minute Daily Practice Routine is internal, cardio, self-defense, Mind Training, and FUN all in one. Quit that boring Tai Chi class and get what you always wanted.

My BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu DVD should take place of your boring, worthless, sluggish, and depressing Tai Chi class, but you first have to complete Mind Light™ Nei Kung.

BIG WAVE™ is ready to order at SHOP

The RUSH FOR THE JING is on! BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu is making BIG waves in the Kung Fu community. Be the first in your world to experience the excitement and intensity of BIG WAVE™!

Replace your boring Tai Chi class. BIG WAVE™ is what you need. What you expected to get when you started Tai Chi, you will get from BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu, but you have to complete Mind Light™ Nei Kung first.

Developing your INTERNAL SUCTION is the key to your success in Chi Kung/Qigong, etc. You need your INTERNAL VACUUM. It all starts with THE BIG SUCK! Connect the “mind training” practices to your bone structure.

Without this, it’s all just a conversation and not real. Don’t waste more time and effort. Start here…

Drop your worthless Tai Chi class and get on BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu! It’s what you were looking for when you started, but never got it. DO THE POWER HOUR!

My BIG DREAM is for BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu to replace all those boring, dead, sloppy, watered down Tai Chi class waste time and space.

The BIG WAVE™ Instruction Section will take 2 hours to complete and begins with CONDENSING BREATHING, plus you only have to go through it ONCE. After that, The BIG WAVE™ Daily Practice Routine is only 33 minutes long.

The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine takes only 28 minutes to complete. DO THE POWER HOUR!

THE POWER HOUR The 28-Minute Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine and The 33-Minute Big Wave Daily Practice Routine. It doesn’t get any better than this!!!

That makes yet another awesome Internal workout that you can fit into your busy day for the next 20 years. BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu should take the popular place that Tai Chi has had.


BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu is making a SPLASH. Everyone that has experienced it LOVES it. Sample my video clips at MEDIA/VIDEOS

BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu should change the face of Tai Chi & Kung Fu in America. DO THE POWER HOUR!

This is NEW, not just shuffled. Yeah, I’m still creating after nearly 40 years. BIG WAVE™ is the most exciting thing since Bruce Lee!

The feedback is very encouraging that it will catch on in a big way. You can order your BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu DVD NOW!

Learn to extend your WILL and expand your INTERNAL VIBE. Feel it INSTANTLY! Apply it to your sexual performance. DO THE POWER HOUR!

BIG WAVE™ starts with the Big Suck! Condensing Breathing is taught as the beginning of this program. It is the most important single technique in the entire system. Cultivating your Internal Vacuum remains consistent.

Go through the “Instruction Tape” DVD once and continue with the BIG WAVE™ Daily Practice Routine. Watch the video intros and sample lessons at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Hey! I’ll take “Inspiration” anywhere and anytime I can get it. I just did a movie part that is due to be released in 2012.

In Los Angeles, I filmed for a movie. I played a Chi Kung Master and answered questions concerning Masterbation, Sex, and Energy Loss: Sticky: A Documentary About Masterbation

I explained Chi and CULTIVATING JING. I actually said everything I wanted to say.

I played MYSELF and will be identified as myself. Watch for it!

“Gary J. Clyman is the Real Deal! Do you want to spend the next ten years of your life chasing after some guru or secret teacher hoping that they might just look at you? If not, call Gary!

That’s right, you can actually call him on the phone anytime and guess what? Here is the best part, he will answer the phone and any question I mean ANY question anytime!

He is the only Chi Kung Master that is truly accessible and available! Call Gary!” Nate Davison


“Gary has certainly “made a splash,” with his new and exciting system of energy fitness. It’s the best of both worlds: the subtle science of energy balance and flow, and the whole body approach of the most successful fitness forms.

No matter your age or level of experience, you will find these workouts fun, eminently doable, and surprisingly powerful.” Ravi Singh, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, DVD Author


“I have been using the DVD that you sent me practically every day. I am noticing that my forearms feel like I’m lifting weights after the practice as if the Chi stayed in the bone marrow, and did not leave on the exhale (Condensing 3?).

I look forward to the finished product. Obviously this is a great preparation for the martial arts application in Tai Chi.” Manny M.


“Gary J. Clyman is a paradox: His original field of expertise is in the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. His current level of ability required literally full days of practice for many years, perfecting every detail of every move, every breath, every internal concept, along with the study of related philosophy.

So what did he do with this elaborate set of hard-won skills and knowledge? He set on a course to strip away whatever complexity was unnecessary to reach the true goals of finding and using one’s internal energy.

How many of us really want to be Chinese Tai Chi Masters, in every sense of the word? Speaking for myself, I’d love to have the ‘magic’ those masters have, but it has to work within the structure of MY life. ‘BIG WAVE’ addresses this goal.

Honed down to essentials, designed to be practiced by anyone with the desire to develop, understand, and control the great power lying dormant in all of us.” Mark Skyer


Gary has done it again with Big Wave. He’s packaged a series of mind and body exercises essential and beneficial to developing and strengthening your internal energy. If you want to grow your chi and you can dedicate some time to practice, do Gary’s programs and experience the results for yourself. Steve


DO THE POWER HOUR! You should know, these Chi Kung and Nei Kung Systems are full of practices that are FUN, exciting, and practical.

Anybody with an attention span and can follow directions can become great at them. I am proof! Chi Circulations will change your life!

So here are some “new” things about GET THE JING!

JING = can be thought of as an impregnated thought into the movement. It’s not a “form.” It’s more like a FLAVOR.

GET THE JING! Everybody wants it. Nobody knows who or how to ask for it. Well, your search is over. You’ve found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I hope you can carry the Gold. All you have to do is follow directions, step-by-step. I am totally organized. You will not be an experiment.

When you GET THE JING, you will be healthy! That means, No More Doctor’s Visits! Self-Wellness… You get to take care of your SELF. Internal Power means you will be self-sufficient. All you have to do is push PLAY and follow directions from my DVDs.

As you know, the anti-aging fight requires a variety of approaches and lots of creativity. Emotional Liposuction™, Chi Circulation, structural integrity, nutritional support, hormone balancing, challenging exercise, and freedom of expression are all important pieces of the Anti-Aging Pie.

“Chi” is internal energy. “Jing” is internal POWER! My goal is to teach YOU how to GET THE JING, not to relax, take it easy, reduce stress, calm down, or sleep better. These practices will fire you up and turn your spark into a flame. Burn brightly!

JING is cultivated sexual energy. This means, the same energy you use during “good” sex, is what you circulate during your Chi Circulation practices. My system is the only one that specializes in GET THE JING. You will get what you’ve been searching for HERE. Order at SHOP

It all starts with TIDAL WAVE™ CHI KUNG DVD Program. It will take only THREE HOURS to complete the training. After that, you will continue with The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine.

It will never change. I go it right in 1983 when I created it and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

The world got really small when I created my website in 1995.

This is the only place in the world where you can learn this INTERNAL material. Are you serious enough for the good stuff? Just decide and start!

Be MORE than you can be. Feel it? It’s called enthusiasm and it’s contagious. You will notice changes within HOURS after you start practicing with my Chi Circulations.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER! Enroll NOW for my July 31-August 1st Personal Power Training™ Workshop and I will include my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program for FREE.

That’s right, FREE. Sign-up now. Learn Chi Kung NOW at home and do the workshop in July.

If you have questions about how to GET THE JING, now would be the best time to e-mail them to me. It’s time for you to become INTERNAL! BTW, the entire Taoist Sex Thing is based on your Chi Kung practice using my material. The sex training is like buying a van (Chi Kung) and converting it to a camper (Sex Training).

Does this mean you must give up sex to learn it? Absolutely NOT. You must hold back on your orgasms and do your Chi Kung circulations while you are aroused and arousing. It seems hard to do, but it is not if you follow directions. You can listen to my MP3 on my audio page and hear “The How To” of this. Listen to these MP3s in order. Don’t jump around.

Listen to my audio recordings MEDIA Section and you can listen to the sex training, but remember, it probably won’t make too much sense without the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung foundation.

Since I’ve had THE JING since 1979 and flashes of it since 1977, I do qualify to explain it. Apparently, the other guys can’t explain it without all the mystery because to “them,” it’s just a theory and they are faking it. The JING Starts Here!

Some Buzz words: Frequencies (speed), amplitudes (intensities), waves (patterns), directions, flavors, body based pathways, projections, human radiation, fields, Silver Chords, etc. None of this will help you be better in Nei Kung.

Only following directions and hard practicing will dramatically increase your personal frequency and the nature of your projection ability, inside and outside your own body. Don’t take it easy like other teacher say. Push it as hard and as long as you can, PERIOD!

Time is NOT on your side. You must take advantage of your enthusiasm while it is hot! Practice as often and as long as you can tolerate. I did 3-4 times per day for 10 years. Learning is NOT a “life long process.” Paying your Tai Chi teacher is what is a “life long process.” Watch out for the “sleeping scam.”

I push my students HARDER than they push themselves. It all starts with CONDENSING BREATHING and stays condensed from then on.

O.K., I just read an article in IKF Magazine by Peter Ragner, so you can expect Kevin Trudeau to be talking about “Mind Training over the Body” soon. He’s had my Nei Kung DVD Program for 2 years.

Practice with me from my MEDIA Section. You will know within minutes that this is how you want to learn.

It’s all “skill,” not a gift. I was just like you in 1972, and “it” did not come easy. I practiced 6-10 hours a day for the first 10 years. That’s 3 or 4 practices per day. As soon as I would start to cool off, I would fire it up again.

That meant only 2 hours of sleep per night for years. If you want it bad enough, my way of teaching is way more efficient than the way I was taught. Do you feel the excitement yet? You will! Your never too old to start Nei Kung.

Tan Tien is of utmost importance. It is the ONLY energy center that is an issue in Chi Kung. Anyone who teaches a variety of Chakra babble is wrong. That is Indian and Kundalini related. This system is Chinese and Chinese only. All the practices have some relationship with Tan Tien, whether it be Basic Path Training, Standing Meditation, Sitting Chi Circulations, Sitting Stillness Practices, or any others.

Don’t be fooled by the attractive “airy-fairy Chakra window dressing.” It’s just a distraction promoted by teachers that don’t know or have any better. Tan Tien is where it’s at. I am a Master of Tan Tien. Condensing Breathing is the FIRST and ONLY place to start. Concentrate and develop Tan Tien and you will never go wrong.

Begin Mind Light™ Nei Kung by alternating The Green and The Blue material for the first 3 weeks, until the details are clear. This material will NEVER become easy. In fact, it will progressively become more difficult as your practice matures and your endurance increases.

What are Green and Blue? These are sub-set that I created in order to have very specific categories of material. First, The Green… This contains FOUR specific practices, namely the MEDITATIONS in Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, and Push.

Everyone that ever took a Tai Chi class knows these Four Forms. They are included in Grasp Sparrows Tail. That is nothing new. However, what hardly anybody knows, including the other students standing next to me when I learned it, are the MEDITATIONS that go on top of these forms. If you don’t practice these, they’re not yours.

Do NOT “run through” your practices. That is exactly what my classmates did. I burned these practices into my SELF, six to ten hours per day for the first 10 years. I completed the entire Temple Tai Chi System in four years. I went straight through, non-stop, no breaks, no kids, no girlfriends, no beating off, no kidding! So you don’t have to.

When I use the term “MEDITATIONS,” I am referring to The Mind Training for these forms. This sub-set is called Tai Chi Connective Meditations and I was taught these six months BEFORE I learned Condensing Breathing. Request this and I will send you Ward Off Meditation PDF from THE Nei Kung Bible as an example. My e-mail address is at the top of my site.

When doing Green, the physical details of “how to do the form” do not matter. What matters is The Mind Training. Temple Style Tai Chi is the ONLY Tai Chi System that has these practices. When learning Mind Light™ Nei Kung the physical details DO NOT matter. That means, I don’t care what your movements look like as long as The Mind Training is done correctly. Ah, you ask, how do I know they are being done correctly? If you’re doing them, they are correct.

Will it ever get “easy?” No. Never! In fact, the better you get at it, the harder it seems to be getting to do correctly. These Tai Chi Connective Meditations are unique in that no other forms are taught with The Mind Training superimposed over the physical forms. Don’t distract yourself and try to find them, create them, or discover them in other forms. These FOUR FORMS are all you’ll need. That’s it for GREEN.

What about BLUE? BLUE contains seven forms that again contain specific mind training practices. This sub-set is called BASIC PATH TRAINING. Ah, if you are my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung student, you will notice the same name which relates to Lesson One. BASIC PATH TRAINING from my Chi Kung are Upward/Downward Meditation, Inward/Outward Meditation, and Tai Chi Stance Meditation. When creating my Chi Kung system, I chose these three because they were easy, simple, and physically NOT hard to do.

The sub-set they came out of is very HARD to do. In fact, BLUE is the hardest material out of all the INTERNAL practices in the entire Tai Chi system. BLUE contains Preparation Meditation, Beginning Meditation, Upward/Downward Meditation, Inward/Outward Meditation, Raised Hands Stance Meditation, Tai Chi Stance Meditation, and Slanted Flying Meditation.

Yeah, yeah… All you Tai Chi nerds are thinking, I know all those forms? No, I am talking about the MEDITATIONS in these forms, which I am sure you DON’T know. BLUE is a Bitch! Doing BLUE properly takes about an hour and a half. Why so long? Because you do each form three times to leg tolerance.

What’s leg tolerance? Each time you have done these forms as much as you possible can, to the point that you can’t stand to do it one more time, before you have to take a “shake/break” is leg tolerance. You are going to do leg tolerance three times on each form.

And again, the better you get, the harder this gets, because you are developing strength, endurance, patience, drive, skill, and the search for the buzz. Ah, The Buzz? This is the “Internal Heat” that develops form THESE practices. I know all you Acupuncture Nerds out there who think, “Internal Heat is a bad thing.” Not this time! Once you taste it, you will always want it! Being “ordinary” sucks.

“Internal Heat” is that flush/rush you feel while doing BLUE. The better you get at BLUE, the longer the flush/rush will last. BLUE is directly connected to your ability to PROJECT effectively. If you want something really bad, seriously do BLUE before you do your SITTING practices.

You must drive the circulations inside your own body before you can ever hope to drive the circulations outside through your Projections. More later…

I often get asked, “How does what you do compare to Remote Viewing?” Well, Remote Viewing is as if you are a “receiver,” but with my Projection Practices, you are a TRANSMITTER. You project your WILL outside of your physical body, into your situations, relationships, confrontations, and problems to INFLUENCE the outcome. This is way cooler and that is why my students have such dramatic, measurable results in their lives.

Is it fair? Do we have an unfair advantage? I believe we need all the HELP we can get. PERIOD! Life is challenging enough without “help.” Now you can also have an extra tool. Become a shark, not a minnow.

A Tai Chi background has NO influence on your Nei Kung progress. None. In fact, BAD Tai Chi could be a hindrance. Reading my website will influence your practices more than having any Tai Chi.

The next step in Mind Light™ Nei Kung is to start rotating The Four Super Session Routines. It is a simple A, B, C, and D rotation. Never repeat any routine over and over and over again like you do in Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Always cycle. I have created my Nei Kung program with the most important material automatically included in the routines.

Your ability should jump after about two months of hard practice. No other teacher in America teaches this way. You can always call me for guidance.

Register for my upcoming Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop, October 2011. Go to SHOP to sign-up. After you register for this workshop, I will rush you all my DVDs so you can start immediately. I will perfect your practices in the workshop. Call me to talk about this!

Bruce Lee made the “one inch punch” famous. I have the “no inch punch.” Bruce Lee had a physical coordinated contraction that required very little space. I and other Tai Chi masters, in theory, have the ability to generate a “jolt” that requires ZERO space.

To create this JOLT, it comes back to VACUUM ENERGY, that is, you need to create your INTERNAL VACUUM. It all starts with Condensing Breathing. Without the suction, there can be no explosion. This applies to martial arts AUTOMATICALLY. You still need a human body to training on, but for most of them you can do them all by yourself.

Read Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible. It contains all my Inside Kung Fu Magazine articles including my two “internal articles” entitled, “The Art of Cooking Jing” and “Power At The Speed Of Light”. Read the Condensing Breathing article! The new Inside Kung Fu Magazine article!

When most other Tai Chi Masters demonstrate how to use “forms,” they take it directly out of the Long Form. I believe this use is a dumb and useless way of demonstrating. When I teach fighting applications, first I show the free style application and then I determine what particular form it most closely resembles. I think this method is more direct and usable for learning. Look around on everywhere YouTube and see if you agree with me.

CRIMINAL/SCAM Warning: Not only is “Supreme Science Qigong” wimpy Chi Kung, the CEUs from Qi Revolution are also WORTHLESS in Illinois, and they knew it. Besides nobody practicing what they were taught because it is boring and empty, the whole thing is a FRAUD and a SCAM. I knew it from the start!

Acupuncturists, you still need your 30 CEUs. A formal complaint has been filed with DFPR in IL. Great marketing, bad everything else.

About my “Supreme Qigong Light!” Experience… I got kicked out of another event, this time it was the Qi Revolution, for being “INAPPROPRIATE,” again. Besides giving my opinion (reluctantly) when asked, passing out my new articles when asked, I also “tested points” in the lobby, you got it, WHEN ASKED.

Well, somebody complained, three in fact. The last, she watched, she asked, she received, and she complained. So I was kicked out of yet another “Sheep Event” because Lions are not welcome. “Don’t drink the Cool Aid!”

I always draw a crowd wherever I go, whether it be health conventions, lectures, or seminars. It’s like having Mick Jagger drop in at your kids bar mitzva. What do you think is going to happen? I told them, “This IS Chicago and I AM!”

I was actually on “Good Behavior” at this event. Usually I crowd and squash the teachers. In fact, I did not even introduce myself. I just stayed back and practiced. I lasted longer than I thought I would. I didn’t expect to make it to the beginning of the third day. Of course, nobody offered me a refund on the last 2 days.

Don’t make waves. Sit quietly. Blend in. Don’t have an opinion, let alone be an expert. Be a good sheep. Sorry, ain’t going to happen, EVER. I’ve got The Jing and it’s obvious. I practiced 12 hours while in the seminar before I got kicked out.

Wow! “Supreme Qigong Light!” It’s NOT Internal… just simple body movements with “cool” sounding names. NO Chi circulations, NO internal vacuum, NO energy empowerment, just more sleepy stuff.

He talked about “vibration,” another cool word. More proof that I’m the only one teaching Chi Cultivation and Get The JING Training. Fakers hate me! Don’t tell the emperor he’s naked?

Emotional Liposuction™ and Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is The Cutting Edge in Healing on All Levels.

If you want to be more LION than Sheep, learn Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. If you want to sleep better, calm down, reduce stress, and be treated like a senior citizen, go to the Qi Revolution, but remember, “Don’t drink the Cool Aid!”

I missed the “Hands On Healing” section of the seminar. I can only imagine what that must have been like. Maybe “Hands On Healing Light?” Maybe a cousin of Reiki or Pranic Healing? More fluff. I’m glad I was not there. Don’t drink the “Cool Aid.”

“Chi Kung With Purpose, On Purpose.” Chi Circulations are where it’s at! Nobody ever falls asleep in my workshops and we don’t serve Cool Aid.

I had many of my patients and even a few students go to the Qi Revolution. I was on my best behavior… No fighting. No heckling. No confronting. No humiliating. I just left him alone.

Since I personally witnessed what was taught and have over 30 years of serious experience, I will even comment on the terminology that was “borrowed” from Tai Chi terminology in spite of Jeff not knowing any Tai Chi himself. BORING! It’s “Supreme Qigong Light.” You get what you pay for, $99 worth and cheap videos. Don’t you deserve better?

People asked me why I was there. One woman said, “You should be teaching it, not taking it.” I don’t even know who she was. The way I was treated and the way I was forced to leave only confirms my approach is far superior. Only old women should be in this seminar. Anybody with an ounce of ambition should take a pass and save their $99 and the 4 days.

One woman even told me she heard this material at The Dahn Center. Who knows? Oh, did I mention the Level 2 and Level 3 seminars that lead to “certification?” Don’t drink the “Cool Aid.”

The material is NOT internal. Does NOT circulate Chi. Has faulty body mechanics. Is designed for suppressing your Spirit. In fact, the entire schtick is geared toward making you take the NEXT seminar, purchase DVDs and books, and even a 3 HP blender so you can drink the smoothies that took 2 hours to pitch. That was when I took a nap. It reminds me of Landmark.

My exiting conversation went as follows… Don’t you want to know why (you’re be tossed out)? No. Because you said it was boring, and that’s rude. My final comment was, “He should learn Qigong before he teaches seminars.” In hind sight, I’m just glad he did not copycat me.

Personal Power Training™ is self-contained and you can repeat it anytime you wish. There will NEVER be a Level 2 or 3 Chi Kung Workshop coming out of me. I do my best the first time as I have since 1983.

Sorry I could not say good bye to everyone I met. I know you were looking for me at the breaks. I was rushed out, not to make waves on their smooth little pond. Personally, I like the Ocean. Big waves are good. Especially Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung.

My last Tai Chi teacher, Domingo Tiu, warned me in 1979, “Don’t take any Chi Kung seminars, you will only be wasting your time.” Mr. Tiu was right! We discussed Wild Goose, Soaring Crane, 8 Brochaids, and Silk Reeling, just to mention a few of the more well-known worthless practices. Don’t waste YOUR time. Call me to make your appointment.

About Grandmaster William C.C. Chen… I waited a year to put this on my site… a brief story about the well-known Tai Chi Grandmaster William C.C. Chen from NYC and myself. I was invited to a seminar he was doing in 2008. The short story is, I was asked to attend by my classmate from the mid 1970′s, Tom Wykle. Tom made me promise 2 things… I would not “up-stage or embarrass” William C.C. Chen. I gave my word and one of my 20 years students and I went to the seminar.

The back story… in 1980, William C.C. Chen screwed me when I went to study with him for 10 days in NYC. He sent me away broken hearted. I decided I would “get him” someday for stranding me in NYC for 10 days with nothing to do. Update… 28 years later here comes my opportunity. He did not recognize or remember me.

Immediately I saw he had NOTHING I wanted to learn, so I practiced by myself. About 4 hours into the seminar, Chen decided to demonstrate on ALL the participants there, including me.

I was the 6th person he got to. When he touched me to send me “flying,” he went flying instead. He did yell out, “Oh my God, you’re got more internal power than I do.” All this happened in front of everyone and without me doing anything but what came “natural.” That means, no planning, no set-up, no preparation, no getting ready, no projecting, no tensing, no nothing…

He just felt my JOLT, instead of me feeling his. O.K., he’s 74, but what would have happened when he was 46 and I was 29? We’ll never know. I can only guess… Now would be a good time to introduce the concept of Gold Bell Training, that is the ability to repulse incoming force. Watch my Gold Bell Intro and my Gold Bell Demo videos at the MEDIA Section on this site.

There are many kinds of JING. Study Master Waysun Liao’s book, The Tai Chi Classics for the best explanations. All JING do have something in common, except for that stupid TCM kidney explanation. They’re all created with the mind and projected with the WILL to the outside world. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it’s not.

The real masters and some fake ones (should I name names? Naaaaaaaa) keep the “how to” away from you because they don’t have it (just talk!). I use mine on a daily basis. I use it on patients when I perform Emotional Liposuction™, when I do my Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung, during my Taoist sexual practices, and even when I project to influence my situations.

When I first got my JING, the only way I could use it was when I demonstrated it on a Tai Chi prospect. That always seemed pretty limited and who would let me do it again? So I had to create other uses for expressing my vibration.

I do know how rare my approach to this material is. I am the only teacher in America that specializes in JING cultivation this way. I know exactly how important getting THE JING really is to you.

Read this guy’s explanation of Tai Chi JING. It’s not exactly what I am teaching but its short enough to read. I found this on the internet and found it fairly descriptive. When you are reading this thing, think about what I am up against in trying to put it to words, which I will do better than this.

GET THE JING, is a long, hard, but NOT complicated process. The sub-set of exercises that I have organized create the internal environment simply by following my directions and not quitting when you think you’ve done enough. You must do way more than enough and then some. The set-up for this “internal” environment is contained in The Mind Training practices of Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, and Push MEDITATIONS. Not the forms, but The Mind Training that goes on top of the forms.

When using this method, you do NOT have to have any Tai Chi, let alone good Tai Chi. I have separated out The Mind Training which makes learning the forms, postures, and proper physical details unnecessary. There will be plenty of attention and time for you to develop the physical details later, if you so choose to learn Temple Style Tai Chi.

Remember, The Mind Training details are what matters, not the physical details. Only Mind Light™ Nei Kung is organized specifically to start with The Mind Training FIRST. It can be learned from my DVD Program or in my once yearly Nei Kung Group Workshop. I am the only teacher in America with this approach and you can call me anytime with your questions. Other Kung Fu Masters are invited

This happened twice and the second time we rented a video camera to capture this rare event. Watch my Distance Power video which was recorded in 1987 from my MEDIA Section. Very freaky!

Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible contains all my Inside Kung Fu Magazine articles including my two “internal” entitled, “The Art of Cooking Jing” and “Power At The Speed Of Light.” Go to DOWNLOADS and get my IKF: Condensing Breathing Article due in the April 2010 issue (early Jan.). Video instruction of Condensing Breathing has been added to my site under MEDIA Section and is in real time.

A common question that I get asked is, “What’s the difference between Chi, Kundalini, and Jing?” Read on… Watch all my training videos at MEDIA Section.

CHI is your “Internal Energy.” “Jing” is your “Internal Power.” “Kundalini” is an Indian, One-Way Pathway, single direction up ONLY, energy rising method of that has a goal of reaching, and in my opinion, a method that gets your energy stuck in your head.

I have personally treated about 15 unfortunate souls that have had their lives ruined from this practice or as a side effect to this practice. I TREAT THIS CONDITION.

Kundalini is pitched as a goal, a wonderful thing. Your energy can get “stuck in your head!” It can become your worst nightmare. Many family fortunes have been wasted on doctors, medications, psych wards, etc. and many are treated for various mis-diagnosed psychiatric illnesses (CFS, bi-polar, Schizophrena, depression, PTSD, MPD/DID, etc.). All the doctors are wrong and have missed the boat.

It is called “Kundalini Illness” and is ignored and kept a big secret by the Kundalini Community. Call me if you have it! You know who you are… There is hope… Me!

I named it “Bio-Chaotic Meditation Syndrome” in 1985. Go to DOWNLOADS and read Kundalini Illness. Also Google: Kundalini Illness.


So there are a few big questions, what is The JING?

The JING is a very special type of transmuted energy. It does NOT happen naturally. I am not saying it is not natural. I mean, the steps and practices that are required to produce The JING are specific and organized, and are all included in my Mind Lightâ„¢ Nei Kung DVD Program and workshop.

I got The JING in 1979 during my 5th year in Temple Style Tai Chi. Don’t forget, I practiced 3 or 4 times EVERY day for the first 10 years. As soon as I started to “cool off,” I practiced again. I slept only a few hours a day and practiced 6 to 10 hours per day. When I got it, I felt completely different than before. It was sudden and shocking.

I was extremely lucky that my primary Tai Chi teacher watched me and corrected me weekly. Tai Chi is all I cared about. I was driven and my teacher appreciated my intensity and devotion to my practice. I have never had a student like myself. There are a lot of reasons to practice Tai Chi or any other martial art. As my Tae Kwon Do master told me, “Some come here for a little exercise, some for social interaction, and some to get away from their wives.”

I never understood what he meant until I opened my own school in 1979. I have had thousands of students over the years. For the first few years, I taught Temple Style Tai Chi only and never gave any thought to teaching the “Internal” parts separately. I thought everyone would learn this material the same way I did. They never did. Out of 100 students, only about 20 students make it part of their lives, but only 5 make this a serious life changing endeavor.

Since I created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung in 1983, I’ve taught thousands of “serious” students. Why did the level of seriousness change so dramatically? Because I made it easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to apply, and easy to excel. Chi Kung became a “tool” to have a better life! People really want to get it fast and see results today. They always do. I pulled the important essentials out of Temple Style Tai Chi, arranged it in the order that I would have wanted to learn them, and created my first package.

For years, some of the more serious students asked me for more, bigger, and different things to learn. Eventually, I was inspired to create my second package of practices, Mind Light™ Nei Kung. My friend and student since 1980, Joseph Laronge came up with most of my package names. First, Energy for Life™, then Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, and then Mind Lightâ„¢ Nei Kung. Perfect!

Why Mind Light™ Nei Kung? Because the mind vibrates at the speed of light. Light is the fastest thing in our Universe. Light travels at a constant, finite speed of 186,000 mi/sec. A traveler, moving at the speed of light, would circum-navigate the equator approximately 7.5 times in one second. I think that’s fast enough for now.

There are actually practices that are faster than the speed of light, but they will be covered on my “freaky physics” page. I never had to put this to words before now. So back to what I can write about… Speeding up the mind to circulate at the speed of light… Sounds impossible, but it’s not, if you have the tools.

The first tool is Condensing Breathing. It IS the place to start whether you want to improve your health, bounce punches off effortlessly (Watch my Gold Bell Training video in MEDIA Section), reduce pain, create vitality, develop a warrior spirit and laser focus, become the Porn Star you always wanted to be (Taoist Sexual Technique), kill depression, increase deservingness, become fierce and dominant, or become spiritually wealthy. This includes developing Personal Power and your own personal Mojo.

JING is your cultivated sexual vibration that you can apply to many of life’s situations.

What is the difference between CHI and JING?

50 cal. machine gun = Jing

CHI = The body of the plane.

JING = The engine of the plane.

SHEN = The pilot that decides the direction and intention!

These practices take the slack out of spiritual sloppiness.

That thing that projects out from you, that silver cord, into your relationships, human interactions, inspired thoughts, and the Universe stays connected to you. This is a very fragile thread that must be nurtured, protected, developed, cultivated and strengthened like a seedling of a fragile young plant. Don’t brush the dirt away to check on how the seed it doing. Trust, faith, and time are required to let the plant grow.

How is SHEN different than JING? MORE TO COME HERE………

A simplified distinction is, CHI is internal energy and JING is internal power. You feel your CHI. They feel your JING. How you are in your practice, is how you are in the world. My definition of SHEN, is the size your balls in the world.

How do you develop JING? This is a complicated process to put into words. Using my Nei Kung DVD Program makes this easy to learn. Following directions and not conceptual thought simplifies this method. Again, it all starts with Condensing Breathing at MEDIA Section.

Why am I the only teacher that specializes in teaching JING cultivation? It’s a well guarded secret, but the other teachers just don’t know it. They’re not holding back, they just never learned it or can’t do any better. They are just confused! I feel sorry for them, but they don’t want help. It’s the horse to water thing, I guess.

The Ten Major Ingredients Necessary to Create JING:

1a. Vacuum Energy: It all begins with Condensing Breathing. (Condensing Breathing video at MEDIA Section.)

1. Frequency: Imagine a wave that might be seen from an EKG machine or any other creative repetitive pattern.

2. Direction: Like aiming a fire hose.

3. Flavoring (Not just 5 elements, but others.)

4. Wiring/Pathways (Spear Hand video goes here.)

5. Speed: Like a good drummer…

6. Extension from source: This is different than direction.

7. Intention: What do you WANT to happen and HOW…

8. Repetition: 10,000 times is NOT enough.

9. Passion: Practice as if your skin is on fire.

10. Body Mechanics – (Ward Off Meditation & PDF video goes here. E-mail me your request and I’ll send it immediately.)

I’ll be back… GJC

Edited by Dorian Black

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Ignore all of my insulting posts to Dorian Black. I don't have to the time to edit them.

Please read all other posts :)


Thank you very much! :D

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Does somebody know what made master Wang Xiangzhai, Robert Peng, newly famous John Chang, etc that strong in manifesting and controlling energy and energetic processes, zapping touch, etc? Is it just strong dan tiens or they have activated some parts of mind that other practitioners didn't or couldn't? I know a lot of people that are training some forms of qigong every day for 1-3h for 30 years and nothing, and Master Wang just did Zhan Zhuang and he went really in depth of controlling energy. Every individual with those kind of supreme energy control did different style/approach to training and because of that I cannot see any overlap in what they did except meditation and devotion to energy arts :)


Is there something special that person has to develop as ability or make strong some energy structure to start developing those kind of abilities or you just practice daily energy work and meditation and it will come if you have those kind of potentials inside you?



Where an individual is on the celestial wheel has a lot to do with the "avatar" siddhis, etc


and this too

The argument could be made that surviving Kundalini/Greater Kan and Li (think I said that right) also connects a person with high levels of power and/or siddhi. Which makes sense for hose who pursue that kind of enlightenment, but what of the "spontaneous awakenings"? There's no tradition or lineage involved in those.

I'm inclined to believe that development takes a massive amount of dedication for just about everyone but now and then an extremely rare person comes along who taps into The Dao/Divine/Kundalini etc in different ways. These are the people who start lineages or techniques. In a way it may be good that many people are learning from books or videos and exploring for themselves, this may lead to new usefull techniques being created. Or more spontaneous combustion. You know, whichever.


So then, those with a lot of money, free time and no/lack responsibility - who are able to travel the world over to find a master, get all the power.


sort of flies directly into the face of spirituality.


In my humble opinion, it is a matter of lineage.

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Had an awesome experience in Service today. While my hands were held high, eyes closed, I started Praying in Tongues and then the top of my head started to get an electrical tingle, then my fingers tips, and then the tingles sort of melted into my skin and filled me from the inside out. AWESOME!!!

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I've read Clyman's Chi Kung Bible at least 3 times in the last year...I think it's a must read. It motivated me to get more serious about my practice and do more standing SFQ exercises to build up my energy. It also put together many puzzle pieces that I knew intuitively - but wasn't sure about.


Do you mean this ?

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