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Cobra Breath & Kundalini practices

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To me a great meditation set would follow:

1. A shaking session, To remove blocks and Liberate energy.

2. Sensual integration, [gentle pelvic rocking and body undulations with soft voiced pleasure sounds, to increase pleasure conductivity and activate second chakra.]

3. Cobra breath, to start energy circulation and balance Ida & Pingala.

4. Om Namah Shivaya syllable/chakra meditation or something similar within shushumna itself

5. Sit contemplating Oneness, and surrender in Total, and whole-body/energy/mind let go, into it... Using the mantra 'OM SHIVA SVAHA!' to offer/return/let go, of anything that seems unnecessary or appropriate.

Its always annoyed me that Cobra breath is not available online [at least anywhere I can find] for free, so here it is, and when I say 'it' I am really saying I have had the pleasure of Learning several versions all with slight variations and only some 'under oath' so to speak so here goes... [my favourite and the version I teach, which is not breaking any Oath or some company's tm sticker lol]

Inhale, ujay or that slight rasping restricted epiglottis, darth vader breath:

Mind - at beginning of inhale start at tip of Tail bone, move mind during Inhale up the back of your spine [towards the skin] over the head, [just under the skull on top of the brain] and finish Inhale at Brow centre.

Body - at start of Inhale squeez pc [moolabhanda][and hold till exhale], when the energy passes abdomen draw in stomach muscles[udiyanabhanda] {navel toward spine} [hold till exhale], when energy reaches skull, pull chin towards chest [jalnabhanda] put tongue back into soft palate [kechari mudra], point eyes up and in at ajna, and focus there, take an extra sniff of air [to be full] and focus and hold without strain.

Exhale, ssss kind of soft serpent noise, so obviously your tongue moves forward.

Mind - At start of exhale, it passes from brow, in along the underside of the brain to brainstem, and over the rest of the exhale it passes down the smooth front side of the spine [towards the organs] and ends with the exhale at the tip of the spine.

Body - just before you start the exhale, tip your head slightly back opening the throat lock, then as soon as you start the exhale relax all the Bhanda's completly.
towards the end of the exhale, as the energy is sinking down, let your head return to a normal straight position on your shoulders.

You may notice thats its path is a bit like the MCO's but around the spine and brain instead. The front and back chanel of the spine are a 'secret' version of Ida and Pingala.

Its a lot to get at once at first.
Try remembering 'Inhale 123'
The 123 are the locks in succession over the course of the Inhale. 1Base, 2stomach, 3neck/tounge
And the whole thing should be done in a gentle way, without tension, or relaxed as possible.

Cobra breath moves in the front and back chanel of the spine, which are more 'secret' versions of Ida and Pingala.




The next part or Part two Cobra breath, is to move deeper into the spine, Into shushumna, Kundalinis channel.

It goes with OM NAMAH SHIVAYA which some may know is an elemental purifier. This entire process except at the Tip of spine and the crown point, happens in the hollow juicy part of the spine and brain.

It Basicly breaks OM NAMAH SHIVAYA up into its syllables, and mentally 'sounds' them at the chakra points...


Deep full breaths please, mentally sounding the mantra for the entire period of focus [the limit of the breath] like OOOOOMMMMMMM or NNNAAAAAAAA for the entire breath.

OM... - Mid brain - as you exhale
NA... - Coccyx - Inhale
MA... - Sacrum - exhale
SHI... - Navel - inhale
VAI... - Heart, - exhale
YA... - throat, - Inhale
OM... - Midbrain - Exhale

And so on...



Shaking practice. This is the ULTIMATE manager of K when/if things start getting hairy. It also vastly enhances the possibility K will rise, the longer you go.
If possible use awesome inspiring music that travels through many 'terains' or atmosphere's of feeling.

My Loose guidelines are:

Follow your self. getting puffed means slow down [but not always]

Try not to get stuck in movement patterns. If you notice that you are moving in a pattern test the edges by introducing a new movement, but be aware as the pattern may be what you really want or need to do, and if so just go back to it. Follow yourself.

You do not need to be extreme, [unless you really need to] as mad flailing may pull muscles if you are not sufficiently warmed up and will probably tire you quickly. Often gentler shaking over much longer will penetrate far deeper than one short massive burst.

Keep it fun but stay authentic. Occasionally it may not be fun, so enjoy as much as you can. It keeps you motivated to do it again.

It is not all literally shaking, its also wobbling, sensuous undulating, wwavverring, pulsing, throbing, sexual, chaotic, still, flowing... Follow yourself.

Keep making sound as much as possible, even if its just a mild humming. Sound is like a speaker attached to your feelings. Express the tones of boredom, exhilaration, rage, joy, Insanity... Unless you really feel to be quite. Follow your self.
Sensual Intergration [my name for it]

Lite pelvic rocking or circulating, while focusing on sexual/sensual second chakra region feelings. Yum. The movements can be a bit exaggerated or slow down to barley perceptible, as long as you move in a way that 'connects' to, or activates 'those' feelings.
Sounding any pleasurable sensation is crucial, even if it is only sub-audible. "mmm, ooh, aaah, gurgle!" lol!

As you do this, soften any holding you find, especially noticing the front of the body and keeping it soft.
Let your body Undulate.
This is to Increase your 'pleasure conductivity' and thus melt any body armouring you may have.

As always, follow your self with this exercise.

I usually do this as the second half of my shaking/spontaneous movement session.

Another very Important Saftey valve for K, is developing strong Spiritual aspirations.
When you contemplate or meditate upon the Oneness, Divinity, the light... it stimulates the crown centre. When K activates, sometimes just Contemplating divinity is enough keep K 'on track' so to speak. This is where Bhakti Yoga is Incredibly useful. However you like to meditate on The One is good.
Many people who have K problems were atheists or non spiritual, or just religious 'believers' [ooh, disgusting! lol] with no real activation or presence in their Crown chakra. Kundalini wants to go 'up' but an active Crown helps draw it up.


The practice of Surrender.

Once you feel the 'Light' or the 'One' really learn/practice letting go whole bodily into it.
The more you can allow Oneness access to your nervous system the more stresses, holdings and grasping traits, it will just Eliminate.

Meditate on the One being, set up rhythmic, deep but relaxed breathing, and just start surrendering everything to it.
If distractions or fears or blocks, on any level come up, then Offer them to the One.
"OM SHIVA SVAHA" is a Tantric way of doing this. Its an Offering mantra, usually used in Puja ceremony's. Shiva will take your stuckness as you are able to let it go and return it to you as Bliss.
So Feel stuckness, breath in focusing your attention on it, breath out surrendering it, or using OM SHIVA SVAHA if that suits your philosophical outlook.

There, thats the 'essential' core Kundalini practices that I teach.
There are many other beneficial practices, and some which I will not teach online as they really are dangerous, buts that is a good solid Kundalini Sadhana with plenty of saftey valves..

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On the inhale and exhale of the Cobra Breath, do you use the mouth or nose?






Hah! Took me awhile to figure out how to do the raspy breath. Answered my own question! Thru the mouth. haha.


Thank you for sharing the practice!



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Excellent! When I was running the MCO I also always ran it backward part of the time. Up the spine was always on the skin-side and down the spine was always on the inner side, just as you describe it. This must be the natural order of things. Thank you for sharing.

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About your second point: pleasure drains energy, chastity makes you stronger. Maybe it might stimulate the second chakra, but the energy would be moving downward (lotus petals of chakra pointing downward) to the senses and not upward to energize the spine.

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