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  1. Cobra Breath & Kundalini practices

    About your second point: pleasure drains energy, chastity makes you stronger. Maybe it might stimulate the second chakra, but the energy would be moving downward (lotus petals of chakra pointing downward) to the senses and not upward to energize the spine.
  2. My thoughts: animal products, especially meat, cause cancer. Why? They have animal growth hormones in them, so when we eat meat, those hormones act upon the organs in us that produce growth hormones: our genitals. Turning vegan helps a lot to prevent cancer; turning raw vegan to cure cancer
  3. Highest yoga tantra teachers in Australia?

    About conquering the chakras, have you read anything/tried by the Bihar shool of Yoga BSY?
  4. Becoming the Lotus

    Best book out there. Another secret, is to sit on the floor as much as possible. If you're serious about it, throw out your chairs. Or replace them with a bench you can sit on cross legged. That's why in general Asian people (especially Indians) have no problem with the lotus. Massaging knees and ankles with castor oil also helps
  5. Turning vegetarian - need advice

    If you can watch Richard Schulze's Natural Healing Crusades videos on Youtube. First part, at least. The video quality is low, but the information is great. Actually that's an understatement. The guy comes from a German background and lots of meat eating, but cured himself from heart diseases - by going vegan. One of the reasons I like him, is because of the way he talks. He has a great sense of humor, he's almost a stand up comedian! If you haven't heard from him, you're in for treat.
  6. New Member

    Hi everyone, Found your board and was amazed by the range of topics discussed and the depth. I am mainly interested as to how daoist internal practices are related to yoga and pranayama. My background is in not martial arts but meditation. Hope to find here lots of corresponding friends! Este