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Green Tiger

How many tai chi players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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I have no affiliation with Clear's Tai Chi, but I receive their newsletter and I'm a big fan of his free online videos.


This morning I got a good email from them and thought I would share.




How many Tai Chi Players...


...does it take to screw in light bulb?


99... One to screw in the light bulb and 98 to say "We don't do it that way."


I know... old joke.


But it's true.


One little secret to mastering Tai Chi is: Don't be one of the 98.


But don't be the 99th Tai Chi Player either.


Be the 100th guy. That's the guy going up to each person in the room and asking "So how would you screw in the light bulb?"


That's what Sifu Clear has done. That's why our beginners only learn an 8 move set.


So they can focus on HOW to do the set.


The internal.


Each method changes the application. Each method provides different health benefits.


So how many jings & expressions do you know?


Would you like to learn more?


That's what we do over at


Take Care,

Ben Sterling


EDIT: removed Ben's contact info.

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richard clear is our neighbor down in tennessee. i also remember him from his silat days with steve gartin

and the de Thouars. and my friend lazy cloud , has had many conversations with richard clear. he has been generous in sharing knowledge with us. smile.gif


it does seem he now teaches more baguazhang than he had prior to talking with us....anyways

i had always heard of the big 8 form and had imagined it to be press. push, roll back, ward off, split,

pull, elbow strike, shoulder strike,


when i explored further into the clear 8 form and found the eight moves to be

the opening, wild horse parts the mane, brush knee, play guitar, repulse the monkey,

cloud hands, carry the cauldron, and closing.

i understood what he is accomplishing with this set. it is very close to what i understand

as a way to get to macro.

clear did offer for LC to teach clear taichi.

when we venture down to visit the Yin baguazhang guys in maryville, we will stop in and visit with

the clear taichi guys. should be a great roadtrip for us.

we do also understand that clear is very much an american

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Cute the other thing. Really small people fucking around in a sphere - oh wait...

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