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I was reading reviews on Bruce Frantz's Water Method and found this story particularly inspirational. It just how much an individual can benefit if they put long term effort into there practice.




"This book, along with it's companion The Great Stillness: The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series, Vol. 2 were invaluable to me during my twenties in dealing with my mental health problems. Prior to starting Taoist Water Method meditation in 1996 I suffered from recurring suicidal depression, severe anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder resulting from growing up and being repeatedly traumatized and abused both at home and at school, and later in institutions. By the time I was an adult, I was pretty messed up and not very happy.


Psychotherapy and counseling had little effect on me and psychiatric drugs made my life even worse and didn't help me in any meaningful way. I did not come from a privileged family, so I did not have any kind of support network, or health insurance. As someone with severe and treatment resistant mental illness, the outcome of my life did not look good. In the midst of all this suffering, I found Bruce Frantzis' meditation work.


Within the first two years of dedicated practice I found my depression had been cured. Within five years, I had, using the dissolving process and the nei gung system described in "Relaxing", completely healed myself of the neurological conditioning of PTSD. Gone were the nightmares, flashbacks and triggers that had haunted my life previously. Also gone were manic episodes and racing thoughts and anxiety attacks and I gained an inner confidence and self-esteem that I had previously never known.


This work made me stronger, mentally, physically and energetically. I can say that without dissolving the first four Bodies of Being, I'd probably still be suffering to this day. But thanks to the practice of Taoist Water Method meditation, I have not been depressed in fifteen years. While I'm hardly Enlightened, I am very happy with myself and my life, which is something that was missing when I started this. I cannot praise 'Relaxing Into Your Being' enough. The practice of the material within its pages totally changed my life around and gave me a reason to live." Jane



-Good Stuff. :)

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