Full Moon Mendacity

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Let's repeat yesterday's experience. I'm innocently reading at a picnic table on a hill in a park. I see a young couple walking towards me from the bottom of the hill. They have a blanket but I think maybe they want to use the picnic table (the only one in the park) so I grab my stuff, walk with my back to them, and sit down at about 20 meters away.


When I look up from my book, now reading on the ground, the female has chosen to sit on the ground directly in line with my eyesight. The electromagnetic energy from my pineal gland begins shooting into her but since I'm not in full-lotus it's not that intense. I keep reading but the mutual attraction keeps building and now she has her legs up with her backside directly centered in line with my eyes.


So after a while of reading I go into full-lotus and the energy level I shoot into her intensifies, as I keep reading. There's the O at a D -- the psychic mutual climax. Along with that there's the transduction of serotonin and anaerobic bacteria (shit) into my brain from my lower body. As the energy is building to the second O at a D I'm thinking that not only is she being ballsy positioning herself so blatantly at me right in front of her boyfriend, but now they can smell my shit.


I keep reading but when I look up next she has repositioned herself so she's spread eagle on her stomach with, again, her nether-region directly in line with my third eye energy. I haven't moved but since the energy has intensified after the O at a D the next psychic mutual climax is stronger. So I think well if that's what she wants and I focus the energy into her for maybe 30 seconds and then the second climax happens.


Soon after this she moves so that she is no longer in view with me and her boyfriend definitely seems to have noticed the energy. Meanwhile I smell like shit but I've released a lot of stress, my brain is more magnetized and the book I'm reading is excellent -- on I.G. Farben -- the 4th largest corporation in the world, as a crucial part of the Nazis. It's a smooth, fast read, unlike the Henry Morgan biography I just finished. Very excellent read but the writing style was SLOW. The book took almost a week to finish.


So now I move farther back so that they don't have to deal with my shit smell. It depends on the wind of course but the smell carries pretty far and I don't have any garlic on me. The O at a D electromagnetic energy though is NOT constricted by the wind -- I tested this very directly earlier this summer.


Once again the female is in view but this time I'm twice as far away and I'm reading with the book in front of my face so I'm not staring. The O at a D energy goes through books, walls, ceilings but it's best focused directly. So that if a female is on the floor above or in the room next door the O at a D happens more easily if the female is directly in line or close to it -- the energy is omnidirectional. So if a female sits behind me when I'm in a booth and she's in a booth and we're back to back then the O at a D happens from the pineal gland out the back of my head.


Anyway I'm reading away as the third O at a D is building up quickly. The third O at a D is the "real" one -- the first two are build-ups. I'm talking from the female internal climax vagus nerve perspective. The third O at a D is like the male's first climax. I'm not thinking about this though -- I'm enjoying my book but the energy is intensifying as I'm in full-lotus. My skull is cracking as the blockages clear out.


BTW my coworker asked me how I can read so much -- and that's how -- the O at a D's clear out any stress from the information clogging my brain. Being "possessed" by information means that there's an emotional imbalance -- that you are processing and transforming the information you've taken in. My coworker asked: "All this reading, doesn't it change you?" Yes, of course.


I glance over my book and I notice that the male has now lined up so that his nether region is right behind the females and now I'm shooting energy into him just as much as the female. I have a quick thought -- oh now he's going to get charged up and he'll want to have sex. How do I know this? Because that's the typical modern male reaction after I charge them up -- ejaculation. And since the female has been forward with me, all the more with him.


But I quickly dismiss the thought -- we're in a park in public. It would be absurd. I continue reading and get lost in my book. I couple minutes later I glance up and to my shock the male is now on top of the female thrusting up and down!


I quickly and immediately look back into my book. They're having sex right in front of me, knowing full well that I'm in direct line of view with them. There's another guy sitting on a bench to my right about 15 feet from me but he's facing the other direction and doesn't see what's happening.


So the three of us all have a mutual climax. Strange but true. Then next when I look up after a couple minutes they're now playing frisbee! haha. Frolicking in post-coital bliss. The female has her backside to me so once again the energy is shooting into her. I'm thinking that guy only lasted one time but I'm ready to keep going.


Right as the 4th O at a D happens they decide to leave and the female stands now facing me, now looking at me and me at her while she waits for her boyfriend. The 4th O at a D is what I've called the "come down" O at a D because it's again not a full climax, like a typical male climax, but it also doesn't have to be a build up to the 2nd full climax spike. Which would be 6 mutual climaxes for you math geeks out there -- but who's counting? My last ex-girlfriend told me she once had 50 climaxes in a row. Then I learned this is also a fad on Howard Stern. It's not the same as shooting electromagnetic energy into a person but it's related since it's based on the female internal climax.


Anyway I'm pondering what I just saw -- public sex. I didn't want to see the guy but the female had her skirt up. It was provocative to say the least. Obviously the couple didn't have a problem with me being in their space. In fact quite the opposite -- the female knew exactly what I was contributing to the scenario and she worked it. She looked at me and I at her and we knew. That's just how it is. Meanwhile I had some wetness -- after the third O at a D there is some loss of the clear fluid. I kept reading but then soon after cleaned out my mouth with soap and went to buy garlic and then some shoes.


When I got to work, as usual, even though I wasn't in full-lotus my brain now magnetized from the O at a Ds, the electromagnetic energy was sucked out of my pineal gland into my coworkers. I kept eating garlic as the pineal gland also pulled up the electrochemical energy in my lower body -- the serotonin bliss and the shit smell -- via the vagus nerve on the right side of the neck.


Finally I went down stairs where I'm directly below my coworkers. I went into full-lotus and then had another couple O at a Ds with the females above me. Then I took another crap. I ate more garlic. My body was clearing out. I had cleared out my body that morning -- with first some coffee and then half a bunch of kale and a bunch of beet greens. Pulverized in a Vitamix blender. The cellulose fiber clears you out quickly. But then after biking a few miles towards work I had dumpster-dived food and ended up with donuts and egg sandwiches with some ham. Energy but dirty energy to be sure. I had only half a bulb of garlic for that food and so brought three bulbs of garlic to work.


The magnetic bliss in my brain was overwhelmingly strong last night. I kept going to the bathroom, clearing out the waste, eating more garlic, drinking water, and the electromagnetic energy kept being pulled into my coworkers. But the electromagnetic intensity was way stronger than usual.


Something was different so I finally realized that it must be the full moon. A coworker said bye to me. He was clocking out. I asked him if he knew when the full moon was. He thought I was crazy but he didn't say so - just responded no. I asked him how was Honduras. He said to read:




where he has a new article on Honduras. Joe. He's a "real" activist -- one of the only ones at work. Meaning he is educated enough to apply his critical thinking for problem solving in politics. That's real activism. So he was helping out http://democracynow.org with spanish translations and he's been volunteering in Honduras.


We talked about paranoia. He said he's being getting weird emails that he thinks are from the CIA. He said his activist friend in Honduras was interrogated by the FBI in the airport! I asked him if he gets paid for his writing. He said no. I said I have lots of articles online but I've never been paid. I said I was paid when I worked for the U of MN Daily but I outed a Nazi and then was threatened and censored. He said he remembers me telling him that (I'm pretty sure Joe is Jewish but I only remembered that after I mentioned the Nazi deal). I said it's good to be paranoid. I said that the Argentinians trained the Hondurans and the Nazis trained the Argentinians. He said the Hondurans were trained at the School of the Americas (the military massacre school in the U.S. for Latino juntas). I said yeah CIA, Nazis -- they're the same. He agreed. I said the FBI messed with me as well and that they use sex blackmail.


I'm eating garlic while we're talking but still the shit smell escapes a bit and anyway Joe is leaving; so he does. My other coworker had asked me if I knew about "African Fractals" and how it's a circle within a circle within a circle or a square within a square within a square. He's African-American. So I point out that fractals are Western science. I ask him do they use the irrational number? He says yeah - it's a white guy teaching this. Then when I resubmit my "Against Archytas" paper -- Walter said he'd get back to me. haha. Anyway it ends with me stating how I revealed the secret of why 2/3 was sacred in Egypt. So that was a strange synchronicity and I point that out to my coworker.


His reaction: Shit! I pop some garlic in my mouth. haha.


He's playing African-American qigong master Jim Nance's music -- his "world blues" c.d. that I bought from him. I used to play "world blues" with this street musician flutist who got disability money (free food and rent) because he had lead poisoning growing up in New Bedford Massachusetts. He's African -- we'll Cape Verdean -- Portugese actually. And then he moved back to Boston a long time ago but our music got reviewed in Germany! Free jazz improv.


Then I tell my African-American coworker that it was just discovered that white people are only 5,300 years old! That being white is a genetic mutation from farming and before that Northern Europeans were dark-skinned. I say there was a recent Nat. Geo. show with a black dude and he was told his DNA said he's from Europe. The black dude was shocked -- so was my coworker! I said "remember when you said white people came from the Ice Ages?" I said actually being white is only 5,300 years old and before that we ate fish -- it's because farming causes a Vitamin D deficiency. A real shocker for an Afrocentric activist. His response: So you're my brother more than ever! haha.


Anyway I finally check the calendar -- amazingly I'm right. 3 nights before the full moon. The energy in my brain keeps getting more and more magnetized that I can barely have any left-brain focus. I talk about how language and writing actually go against shamanism. My friend says but isn't writing magic? I say well it is but in the opposite sense -- to be used for mass ritual sacrifice along with technology.


I tell him that indeed it is 3 nights before the full moon and Chunyi Lin said the energy is 10 times stronger before the full moon. I say see -- "ask Joe" -- I asked him if it was the full moon because the energy was so strong in my brain. My coworker asks is that the "Goddess Cult"? -- I laugh yeah it's a cult -- and then say actually there's no turning back. Then I mention how when Jim Nance was driving across the U.S. he had this goddess vision and then when he went to Egypt the same goddess almost killed him in a temple.


My coworker, the African-American, he's a manager. He's at the computer and he states: "Joe didn't check out!" I say -- "See I was talking to Joe right when he was clocking out at the computer. I distracted him." And so there it was proof, or at least circumstantial evidence, that I had asked Joe about the full moon before I knew -- because the electromagnetic pressure was so overwhelming.


On the way home I end up dumpster-diving again -- at this point I've cleared out all the waste from my body and I've ate 3 BULBS of garlic. I'm hungry from biking 5 miles in the cool weather. Soon we'll get freezing weather overnight. I've biked all winter in subzero snow for the past 7 years or so. Anyway I hit the "jackpot" meaning that there's a certain type of disposal at a certain chain of stores where they throw out perfectly good sandwiches -- double-deck three meat sandwiches, etc. It's the mother-load. I just quickly put some crammed in my jeans as time is of the essence. The cops have chased me from this dumpster and there's a lot of crack dealers across the street.


I've gone professional in the past month or so and it's time to ween myself. Security cameras have appeared in front of dumpsters that previously had been my daily cache. Besides smelling like shit all the time is not too conducive for civilization.


Speaking of which as I biked home a month ago I heard "pop pop pop!" I thought it was fire crackers. Then I saw, half a block away, a young black male with a gun held up, aimed, and three other young black males running away. I was on my bike and got turned around, slowly and awkardly, meanwhile the man with the gun could easily see me as I could him. I wasn't able to check if he had seen me but I could have been shot as I biked away.


As I'm half a block away suddenly I realized that I had a dream EXACTLY THE SAME as what had just happened. There's a marshy area right next to the sidewalk I had turned on and so the marsh separated me from the man with the gun. It was a memorable dream and after I had it -- a traumatic dream being shot at -- I asked myself why did I have that dream. The dream was a few years ago!


I've had many precognitive dreams and one I wrote down in detail. It came true three years later. The question is that in deep meditation if we can tap into our own future so that when it happens the emotional intensity is not so traumatic -- if we can be prophets -- then who are we exactly? What is free will?


Why is the Moon Energy so strong? Yet when strong enough it bends spacetime! It's automatic now. I turned it off a bit with meat sandwiches. Food shuts down the third eye but makes me smell like shit. The food then turns into electromagnetic energy and returns to the Moon. So the solar energy is electromagnetic while the lunar is electrochemical yet when the moon is full the electromagnetic solar energy feeds the moon "spirit" and spacetime is bent. The moon is the reflection of the female formless awareness.


The Goddess Cult -- the Mendacity of the Moon. Nature is in control.

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Why is the Moon Energy so strong? Yet when strong enough it bends spacetime! It's automatic now. I turned it off a bit with meat sandwiches. Food shuts down the third eye but makes me smell like shit. The food then turns into electromagnetic energy and returns to the Moon. So the solar energy is electromagnetic while the lunar is electrochemical yet when the moon is full the electromagnetic solar energy feeds the moon "spirit" and spacetime is bent. The moon is the reflection of the female formless awareness.


The Goddess Cult -- the Mendacity of the Moon. Nature is in control.


Good to have you back Drew! I so enjoy reading your cosmic pornography :P


I have read that the full moon is powerful because we not only get the yang energy from the moon it's self, but from the sun that is reflected off the earth, providing some yin chi as well.

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I love reading your stuff.


If you didn't dumpster dive, maybe you'd smell less. Why don't you eat like Chunyi Lin does?

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Chunyi Lin basically doesn't eat. He fast one day a week (try that while biking 10 miles which I do daily) and then he eats one little veggie meal once a day the rest of the week.


I guess knowing all this food is thrown out kind of pisses me off. Tonight I dumpster-dived a pizza -- ate it like a Calzone while biking -- the bought 4 cloves of garlic. Then I sat in full-lotus for a hour plus -- while a martial arts class was on the other side of the park.


Then another hour plus of full-lotus in the basement of my sister's house. There's two bulbs of garlic left. Also my skin has turned yellow from all the garlic -- my black coworker made a funny joke when I raised how white people are only 5300 years old. He said -- "is that why your skin is darker?" haha. I'm still laughing about that one.


Seriously though I literally have to stop eating -- or have the "modified bigu" diet as it's called -- but then I have to be very careful about how I expend energy. The book "Taoist Yoga" details how it's very important not to have too much physical activity. Inversely it's important not to eat too much food or meat, etc. because it just turns into generative fluid. You have to ionize the food into electromagnetic fields.


Controlling the energy -- the electromagnetic fields -- is the hardest. Chunyi Lin said that he couldn't wear a watch at first because it would always break. Also he says that if you do have any extra energy in your body then others will want it. That's especially true these days when females are much more forward -- hitting on me really strongly.


It's a tricky balance because you have to have energy as electromagnetic fields -- whether you're healing someone or if you are not eating food -- but you can convert food into electromagnetic fields. Otherwise you can convert female sex energy into electromagnetic fields -- the "generative force." You can finally practice in solitude -- but even if you are in a male only monastery that doesn't mean there won't be some perv trying to suck you off. I've read of this happening in Thailand -- meditation is not taken as seriously because of Westernization.


So it's a bit of a cultural collision.

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I thank you for this revelation of a peek into a world that seems very different from mine. You are a king. (Bows respectfully)




BTW I used to have a especially hard time with my sexual urges during the full moon before I started semen kung fu and it started working. I notice the seed gets hotter for a few days before it. I had some (pretty mellow) sex at a short distance with my lady a few days ago. It did make us laugh and feel very good. Let's see if it gets stronger as the moon grows fuller, hopefully :)

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