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  1. Where oh where has KK gone?? :)

  2. Way of the Superior Man

    I agree it's a good read. It helped me understand my own crisis concernng the interplay between me/women.
  3. How To Improve or Heal Your Immune System

    Drinking ice cold water gives a cold shock to the organs, harms the kidneys, dilutes the digestive fire and thus lowers the immune system. This according to Ayurvedic sources like Dr. Vasant Lad's books. It's easy to guess that immunity could benefit from less sugar, less ice cold drinks, Qigong and rebounding. Raw food is probably not necessary but you could increase the amount of raw vs. cooked. After a long life of improper habits it's not a quick fix to lift up your health. Persistence is the key. I liked what Goldisheavy wrote.
  4. Qi and charisma

    Yep this is why a complete Qigong/Neigong system is recommended. You will get a good mix of balancing, cleansing, building and shifting your vibration.
  5. It SEEMS very real indeed. Makes me wonder how much of each emotion I have / have had stored inside. Gone through some pretty intense phases of cleansing myself, now I don't really know if there's a lot of old junk left or not. I guess I should go to mr. Clyman to find out The most often occuring feeling I have (can't identify the emotion for sure, anxiety or worry maybe?) is a "restlessness" in the solar plexus area. I actually feel it right now. My anger has become much more manageable and "lighter" as my practice has progressed. Sadness is not as common as it used to be, usually just before the full moon I get a "blue" day or two. I don't get as many feelings of "release" through Qigong and meditation as I used to.
  6. Maybe do some bellows breathing and yoga stretching? And then realising he's late for work he'd grab a red bull and be gone.
  7. The Flyers

    Thanks for a most inspiring thread.
  8. End of the world is May 21st.

    Man, that's only Level One stuff.. You'll have to harness the power of the Thunderbolt and that's Level Four. Love, Neigong Nerd
  9. taoist lovemaking and karezza

    Hang in there brother, keep doing your exercise and try to think positive. For me your diet sounds a bit strange.. I don't think you should try to stay in ketosis. Scoliosis is something to take to professionals but also you can do stuff like the plow yoga position. All in all I would suggest simplicity but I guess once you "know too much" then it's hard to be simple anymore. BTW I have quite skinny arms and wrists, I often meet girls with thicker arms than my own.. It has been an issue for me but doesnt seem to hurt my love life too much.
  10. I think you may be right. But then I have a brother who had no family, no girlfriend, not many friends either. He would do pranayama and yoga but most of the time he spent on the computer. Eventually he ended up marrying. Curiously enough he found his wife through the internet from Brazil. So yes family life will take a lot of your time but it's only one of the distractions that prevent you from being in stillness for prolonged periods. I think conquering loneliness through meditation can be the greatest challenge and maybe impossible for those that aren't "chosen" for it. But I wish you good luck on your path.
  11. overcoming heartbreak

    This is funny but true. I would choose beer over liquor though. Moderate drinking could also help with finding friends or bonding with them, as long as you don't get (too) pathetic
  12. Tonights Full Moon

    Oh OK. Full moon again.. I was wondering why I was so emotional these last two days, then all of a sudden, all was well again. Everytime the moon gets full all "symptoms" disappear. There often seems to be a kind of change or a mental step that I take during these days due to the emotional "charge".
  13. taoist lovemaking and karezza

    Just as an anecdote that touches this subject somewhat... I divorced a while ago. Both me and the ex-wife are at our 30's. Now am seeing a 24-year old girl. Very young eh? My wife's new boyfriend is 21 :D (the lesson: freaks don't care about conventionality, and there's plenty of em out there)
  14. Yes, it's all about me, me, me, isn't it? Sorry couldn't resist.. By all means just crash and burn on the fast lane and see where it takes you. I don't mean to criticize your path, I just don't fully understand your attitude when communicating on a forum such a s TB's.