Killing Cows

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Good day,


so. I love the topic of killing, eating meat and karma. Sick, isn't it?


But it is a good example for most of the discussions... a lot of believes... so little proof.


Not long ago some article was poste, if I remember right about how bacteria colonies react when certain other colonies get "killed"... and the conclusion got drawn that if already that kind of stuff happens on that level, what it does on other levels of being or other beings level - whatever.




Two days ago I visited a friend of mine who works on a new kind of Bio-Farm in Germany... and he told me a very interesting thing.


Killing the animals on their farm they try to have them have as little stress as possible. When killing one for meet they don't lead them into dark, sterile, tight rooms - they have it shiny, under the sky and try everything to avoid one animal "hearing" the cry of another.


And then he told me something pretty fascinating:


they did EEG scans (brainwave stuff) and did find out that if a cow just falls down and is dead on the field, the other cows don't really recognize that. It seems to be so natural to them that that happens (because of age, too much sun on the brain etc.) that they just don't "care" or are "bothered".


So currently they train one of their guys in a special shooting technique to be done on the field, thereby avoiding the stress effect on the other animals.


I have no clue yet about the shooting technique and the possible stress induction in the cow to be killed, but I find it interesting, that one can at least drastically reduce the troture of all animals involved that way.


Food for thought?


Decide yourself...





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I once lived on a farm. We had 3 pigs named Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner... We came to the same conclusion - shoot 'em away from the other pigs when they were happy and at ease...

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