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  1. Classical Chinese view is much more flexible I feel than you think it its... and -as said- it is not a "once said it is the truth and the only truth" - we have models here to play with... If you look at Chinese medicine and the 5 elements... usually people know of the nourishing cycle and the destroying cycle... but looking closely the is a counterdestroying cycle as well... a general view might be that the soft overcomes the hard... but is the hard is pathologically hard the soft can get weaker... Fire can melt metal... but metal which heating point does not get reached won't be melted! Water can "kill" the Fire... but Fire can "kill" the Water as well... depending on circumstance... Metal can cut the wood... but if metal is weak or wood too strong the metal will get damaged in the process of cutting... all I want to say possibly is: be more flexible! just a thought... H
  2. Yin Yang and 5 Phase "theory" is a wonderful phaenomenological approach... by observing nature, human interactions etc. things were described in relation to each other and one can indeed utilize these "theories" for "real world" approaches ("an ideal way to view the world")... before arriving at the way we utilize them today there have been many trials... and adaptations of the theories... so the theory was shaped by observation and after that reutilized to describe phenomena... your example is more an interesting example to have in order to make the Yin Yang approach understandable... first of all: I doubt that Taoist would forget the friction involved! pushing up the ball up the hill and the ball then running down is an example of showing why it is said: at the maximum of Yin it becomes Yang (or = Yang begins) and then the ball rolling down we have it speeding up (and you sure know that if the ball with speed would hit a car it would do so with much more destructive force then the ball without and that would equate to Yang becoming more strong -"more Yang"- in the process of rolling down... but then: keeping friction in mind the ball at one time becomes less speedy -more slow- again and we see the beginning of Yin again... now: when the ball comes to a stand still one might be led to start a discussion if this then is maximum Yin or actually Balance between Yin & Yang... I assume there would be arguments for both... just a thought H
  3. JuuuuHUUUUUUUUUUUUU - Brion will be there Sooooo goood to know... but to be honest... with the years I am really getting serious look out Harry
  4. thank you Michael, I myself very much look forward to meet you again the Monday will stay a weak spot for the time to come... but I hope to get your DVDs soon and that they can help me a little make up for the loss of not being there... sending smiles Harry
  5. Greetings into the night :-) will be there in Finland... plane arrives early morning 1 o'clock on Saturday and I likely will book the hotel at the airport for a few hours (I mean: a room there ;-) ). Intend to rent a car to possibly leave latest at 7 o'clock... so in case anyone wants to join it would be great if we could share... only thing... due to job issues I can't be there on Monday and have to take the 18.35pm flight on Sunday from Helsinki... so I have to leave on Sunday earlier than most of you... just in case though anyone else shares the same "problem" let me know and we could share the trip back to the airport by car... thankx Jukka for the infos with smiles Harry
  6. White Eyebrows - Red Dragon Hei Gung Practice

    Thank you Sifu Garry, does this then mean that they are not meant to be practiced at the same time? :-) Harry
  7. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    so I add in my recent question at the other topic in here as well... what about a comparison to the Red Dragon you just put out? Harry
  8. White Eyebrows - Red Dragon Hei Gung Practice

    Dear Sifu Garry, can you tell us a little how this one Red Dragon fits in with the Heavenly Healing meditations you just released? sincerely Harry
  9. Energy Awareness Training

    Great you are back on track! zeroing is a little like 'zapping' Harry
  10. Energy Awareness Training

    Hi Chris, the last word isn't out yet for this... I am up high up in the north. My last try had to be cancelled due to the size of the room being too small... should I manage to find a bigger space then the question is if Michael is still up for it. But if you look at my life: for the next two-and-a-half monthes I have no spare weekend due to getting medical ongoing training... and during the week I work from 7.30 til 6 in the evining (I have a midbreak but this does not leave the opportunity to travel to the next major cities to check places)... I haven't said that the practices learned in these seminar replace any other practices... I have just said that they are the most useful. What you learn here takes away the guess work... bottom line of what they say is: your energy body know better what it needs for you than your mind... and how many of us have the trouble of making decisions? Do I do this or that or better this... oh wait: there is this AND that... aaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh... actually so far I have not seen ANY training develop this ability of deciding according to ones energy bodies "knowing" in such a step by step manner... AND: I suppose EVERYBODY can use the most basic methods IMMEDIATELY. It really takes away the guess work... and it makes one understand why one lacks in certain abilities, certain strengthes etc. etc. etc. and what and how to develop it. If you ask me it is a well worth ADDITION to ANY other training... and can only benefit it... ah: one instance possibly not: if your energy body tells you by the methods utlized that your current practice is not what you need... then sure: it does not benefit the practice you are doing but it benefits YOU yourself... helping you make new decisions much more beneficial for you. Again all this just being true if one accepts the premise that your energy body knows best. smiles Harry
  11. Energy Awareness Training

    The typical ups and downs I assume Thankx for noticing and responding... still doing KAP? Things are indeed getting better and better... One sometimes wonders why it takes sooooooooooooo blushing looong to get to a place where one understands more and more, lets go more and more, enjoys more and more, becomes less reactive more and more... and then suddenly: bummer: back to zero as it seems but never zero again actually: to me its like starting at zero on a new level every so often. I have finally established some kind of regular practice... not yet there where I wish to be... but quite at ease I will get there. One really has to work on creating the possibilities of even doing that... and life has its way to counteract! I have always wondered about all the talk of "you yourself" creating your own miserabilities or fortunes of "your" future... all this "create the life you want"-talk... with the training I did (mentioned above) I think I am a big step closer to actually realizing the impact I (indeed) have, aside from the obvious like drinking wodka in excess and knowing my head will hit the floor a thousandfold the next morning Hope everything's fine on your side of the ocean smiles Harry
  12. Energy Awareness Training

    I bump this up one time as I consider this training so useful! If the basic assumption is true the methods learned in the basic and advanced trainings help you to choose the most beneficial places for you to be most beneficial teachers for you to choose most beneficial practices for you to do etc. to simply make the most beneficial decisions for you in any area of your life the methods learned surpass basic kiniseology and help you build a most prosperous future in the long run if you listen to what your developed energy awareness is telling you. Stop listening to authorities... follow your inherent knowledge... sounds like advertisement? Probably... but again: I have been doing two trainings now and I consider all learned most beneficial and practical. No nonsense talk: direct experience. Go for it... just my thoughts. No further bumping up of this topic from my side... ascending smiles Harry
  13. To those who might be interested: This has turned out to be one of the most amazing trainings and very very useful in day to day life. I have done so many things in the last 17 years but a lot turned out to be little useful. If the premise of this training here is true (and at the moment I am willing to believe it) then I might have saved myself a lot of unnecessary spending of money and training... though "unnecessary" doesnt mean that it wasn't useful and helped me become who I am today with the experiences that all the time were involved. sincerely Harry
  14. Stillness-Movement Neigong Review

    [quote name='center' date='14 July 2011 - 07:41 PM' timestamp='1310668916' post='273766' My interest has been in the medical program that's offered, due to the reported effectiveness. But that's another thing that turns me off from the have to pay 1000 upfront, then go pay a couple hundred for multiple other seminars? That's a lot of money. ??? Wanna go to college but don't pay college fees? Wanna apply for university but don't wanna pay the fees either? Wanna study TCM but don't wanna come up for the thousands and thousands you got to pay at private school? Is it different? You decide