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Found 2 results

  1. Apologies for a long winded post. I waned to enquire whether any of you have thoughts on combining strength training with internal arts? Let me explain what I mean by that. The style of taijiquan I practice emphasizes letting go of muscular strength (li) and rather use jin - I know different people/schools have different ideas about what jin is. In our system it is considered to be the power generated by accelerating Qi into the bone marrow and the lower Dantien. So we store power by condensing Qi into the born marrow - my Sifu says it is like burning gas to generate horse power. Eventually it is generated by directing incoming force into the LDT, which results in power/force rippling out like how a stone is dropped into a pool generates ripples. This ripple effect is capable of returning incoming force, and therefore ends up looking mysterious and woo woo. My experience is, that it took me a long time to get it to a point where it works, to drop my tendency to use physical strength (almost 20 yrs of daily practice now). There is a sense of freedom and relaxation, along with the sense of unbroken sheath of cotton or silk/satin under the skin. I think many of you know what I’m referring to. Whenever I try to add physical conditioning to this, I feel suffocated; like the muscles develop in strength and begin to strangle the other type of ability generated in the body. So I stopped physical training several years ago. I revisit from time to time but give up after a few weeks because of what I described. As I’m growing older, I’m putting on more weight, as the metabolism is slowing down. I don’t think I can lose weight without adding some physical conditioning. What do the members on this group do? How do you balance your internal cultivation with physical conditioning?
  2. According to the late Professor Chee Soo, who taught the various Li / Lee Family Arts. The "Internal" Kung Fu style known as "Fung Sau" or "Feng Shou" (roughly translated as "Hands of the Wind") was so called because used in self defense, your opponant shouldn't be able to see your (counter) strike coming, just feel its effect. Nice theory. He also mentioned the Earl of the Wind was called Feng Po. With the outward appearance an old man, wearing a blue & red hat, a yellow cloak and standing on the green grass of Heaven. In his hands he held a sack and whichever direction the open mouth of the sack pointed was the direction the wind moved in. From a soft breeze to a deadly tornado. Over the years I'm surprised that I've not seen any statues of Feng Po. But have recently been made aware that the God's name should more correctly be Feng Bo. Also, when not in human form his name is Fei-Lian or Fei-Lien. He has the horns of a Bull, a Stag's Body, a Snake's Tail, but the head of a Sparrow ! Also, it appears that he's recently been usurped by Feng Po Po, Goddess of the Wind. My Question is, has anybody seen / got a statue or painting of Feng Bo ? As I'd really appreciate seeing a photo of one or getting some additional information on this "troublesome" God. Cheers Basher