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  1. Dumbing Down University

    Think we're in Dire Need of a TV Reality Show featuring re-enactments of real life Historical Events. (featuring young good looking air-heads) :D
  2. Enlightened movies

    Last Saturday my youngest step daughter fancied going to the Cinema, she dragged her Mum, my partner along to see something called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". :blink: They both asked if I fancied going along, but I declined. (No **** way I wanna see that pile of crud, I thought!) :D When they returned a few hours later, they'd both really enjoyed it and mentioned that I would have loved seeing all the Martial Arts in It !! Bugger !!
  3. Bio hackers AKA Borg

    Not to be confused with "10 cents"
  4. Bio hackers AKA Borg

    That's just it Chang, they don't want ordinary, everyday, "Common" Sense....but amazing, incredible, "Super" Sense !! LOL
  5. Cloud Appreciation

    Magnificent Photograph Yueya. :ph34r:
  6. Hello to everyone

    Then he should be easy to spot, when strolling around the Dao Bums Head-Quarters ! (Unless all the Mods wear the same type) :D
  7. Hello to everyone

    Lovely !!
  8. Hello to everyone

    Believe that Marblehead uses the Red typeface whilst wearing his "Mod" Hat. Changes to Black when he's expressing his own opinions. But wonder if a different, more friendly colour, would be a better choice. Then Mods can use RED to tell people off !!! :ph34r: (If only we had a photo of MH in his Mod. Hat !!)
  9. The Empty Vessel

    Something wrong, I can't copy and paste... Think this is the link...
  10. The Empty Vessel

    Hi All, first apologies if someone has already posted about this Publication. I did do a couple of searches on TDB's but couldn't find anything. Just recently, I read an interesting article in a free online copy of this publication. Was just wondering how good / informative various Bums found it ? As was thinking of subscribing. Many Thanks Basher [ Didn't put a Link in, as thought it might be against the rules]
  11. What is happening

    Monaco/Monte Carlo ? :D or San Marino ??? [Edit: to add San Marino]
  12. hello

    Searching for the Search Function...........Deep !!
  13. hello

  14. Moderation on TDBs

    Thank the Gods, that I've got a whole week away from work. So I won't be tempted to log on here & read all this Negative and/or Aggressive BS. Ommmmmmm. :ph34r: (Elvis has left the Building)
  15. Hi, question relating to nocturnal emissions

    Hi & Welcome. As Chang mentions, this is really just the area for Introducing Yourself to everyone here. Kinda like knocking on the Front Door and telling us a little about yourself, once we've opened it. Now step inside & make yourself at home.