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Found 6 results

  1. Would just be interested in hearing your views on relationships - serious partnerships that is. Mainly looking for input from spiritual traditions, and experience from you who have it under your belt. No loose speculations from teenagers please (no offence, let's be real). I know that the Daoist and Indian traditions have some concrete advice here. And then there is insight from people here who also happen to cultivate, and learn to know themselves at deep layers. How would you choose between multiple possible partners? Yours, Mandrake
  2. It was only a matter of time before it happened. PUA for women! Taught by PUA Mehow. Seems to focus on Qualification, screening, and "How to spot a player" How to spot a Player- Avoiding his friend zone- The Subtext of Texting- I'm outraged! This is sexism,and I feel I am being unfairly "targeted". I am not a target!!! Man did you see the huge grins the girls in the first video got on their face when Mehow explained the tactics they were going to use and the deviousness of it all? Haha jk, I have no fear of any "tactics" and am comfortable in my ability to maintain the frame of any interaction. If anything it shows that girls go through some of the same issues the we typically think of as issues that guys have to deal with, like the "friend zone" etc.
  3. Love, Romance, dating, and finances

    Romance seems futile? well... The sad fact is that: this is America. Oh yeah, there's more to that sad fact, it gets worse: In The United States of America, we are born, raised, and bred into a caste of helplessness. If you are helpless, feel helpless, and more importantly want to revoke the helplessness, you are "shown" that you need money. "We" are brainwashed into focusing so much on a fictitious financial reality, that we completely blind ourselves to true physical reality. Dating is not about love here in America, its about romance. Romance isn't about love or affection, it's about financial security and "testing" the waters to see if your "target" is sufficient in being capable, or to "take care of" you, because you have unwittingly willed yourself into a state of helplessness and need someone external to rely on... HOWEVER, the catch 22 is that we naturally seek people we can relate to. Likes attract, not opposites. We want to be able to relate to our mate, not oppose them. Since we've been bred into helplessness and thus seek other helpless people that we can relate to, we all too often wind up in unsuccessful relationships because we're both looking to the other for support. not emotional, but financial. Furthermore, the financially secure sector is focused on finances and doesnt understand their own emotional involvement in life and cannot offer comfort for the emotional needs, only financial ones; thus resulting in finances dominating over emotions, people becoming clinically depressed, and marriages failing repeatedly and consistently in the united states. What we wind up with is a massive stagnation of sexual and spiritual energies that sort of "sticks" to everyone that comes into contact with it, further sticking to others, and others moreover. NOW everyone is focused on sex and money. We are controlled.
  4. Example of a Beta Male

    From the movie "The Last American Virgin", quite funny-
  5. The Science of Sex Appeal

    A lot of info in this Documentary- One thing I especially find interesting... is that you always hear preachy, unrealistic, or idealistic people complaining about how they don't like it when people are rated on their physical attractiveness based on a scale of 1 to 10. Yet, in reality, when scientists want to study attraction and sex appeal, and how they affect social dynamics, in the scientific studies they rate people's physical attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.
  6. Neil Style Strauss

    Since Non's suspension must be coming up soon On Jimmy Kimmel- On the View- One of his teachers Mystery-