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  1. The start to meditation is in all literature vague at best, long-winded, and so non-productive that many people bail on it before reaching any positive results except for a nap. Part of that is the funky descriptions, expectations, and sometimes thinking it is some kind of special condition to be reached or held onto with a mental deathgrip. Looking at this from another point of view, I looked at the practices of SW Native American tribes. From the old Celtic view. From other avenues of relgion and practices. The common ground is very interesting, from prayer to ritual and back again. And it points to some basics that don't require lotus positions or other difficult practices. We pass through a brain condition daily. It is not a foreign place. It is not something special. Holding it for a period of time longer than the short passage between being awake and being asleep is special, and the point of most practices. The "charge" point that people pass through while falling asleep appears to be enough to keep life going. One short spark is all it takes. So you would think that falling asleep over and over should increase the storage of energy. Dipping in and out of that state, if you will. Meditation is made even more difficult by special breathing techniques and body positions. Without which, the claims are, you will never make it. I disagree totally. I think that certain methods and techniques help move the mind and expectations into certain directions, but those are not for everyone, and are not the alpha and omega of accomplishing anything. They are simply, one way of many. And pursuit of them should be kept relative to the desire to keep traditions alive, but not held as the only way to reach Nirvana. Making special promises to not do this, or not share that, has become a tragic way of screwing people by many charlatans. But now we can measure them, and no chirp wave means they are full of crap and have no power, and should not be teaching anyone. One of the basic ideas is that you have to "store" energy, fill up your center or Dan Tien... This can supposedly take years, and if you don't graduate from this or that, you should give up and stop trying. Looking at masters, however, at their mental and emotional condition, whether they smoke, fight, drink, or have some serious moral and ethical issues, it appears that ethics and morals do not seem to matter one bit. Living clean and healthy doesn't seem to matter. They still get sick, they still die. Most of them at least. So accomplishing the things we see on YouTube or read about has nothing to do with how you think and feel, how good or bad a person you are, and probably many of the other things that typical religions try to force you into doing to become a master. There are forms of standing or sitting that do evoke a more extreme awareness of gravity, lowering your center of gravity is extremely important. More than likely, this is the awareness of the pull of gravity, like feeling sunshine, which is also moving at about the same speed as gravity. And now science can see that gravity also stimulates forms of photons, yet they seem unaware how they got there. Breathing is mentioned, as the "force" is contained in the air we breath. When in fact, breathing from the diaphragm actually stimulates the flow of spinal fluid. Anything that hurts the nervous system or causes nerve damage can block the flow. Insulators block the flow. Metals are good and solid conduits that can retain this energy. They are also dense, heavy, gravity attractive. So there is much more behind the scenes that science might still uncover about these practices. And that would make sense to the Western scientific mind, and make it easier to produce feedback equipment and create a means to better measure progress and better help us non-esoterics along the way. So what do we know about meditation and science? Brainwaves for one. Alphawaves are the basic strong measure when we observe meditation. Rolling your eyes upward and holding it produces almost immediate alpha waves. So add the eye roll to your practices. To stop yourself from falling asleep, there is a simple technique. Simply hold up one hand. If you become so relaxed that you might drift past the point where you should be, your hand will drop, and this motion can usually catch you before you drift into sleep. A sign that I have noticed, is the change in sound. Everything suddenly becomes louder, or sometimes an echo is generated. I have not found any science behind this yet. Of importance is also emotional energy, and interesting wordplay is E-motion. Without it, the energy does not seem to flow or focus. Also of importance are the visual techniques used by different cultures. The mind is capable of focusing attention on different points of the body, like moving your "attention" to different parts of the body, and visualizing light, expansion, contraction... feeling something tangible. Feeling the energy ball between the hands in Tai Chi is one of these, and after practice it does produce measurable "chirp" waves, which are the same waves detected when science measures gravity. So the assumption is that not only are we becoming more aware of gravity, and the flow of it, we are capable of snatching some form of energy from it, or it is the energy, or the photons are the energy. Regardless, we are capable of manipulating gravity, changing how it interacts with us, and thus producing chirp waves, which in turn stimulate CD34 stem cells, which in turn can heal almost instantaneously. What we can measure, is that the magnetic fields change, the stem cells change, temperatures change, visual sparks fly, people jerk like an electric shock when in contact with it, etc. So if ever there was a reason to practice meditation and awareness of gravity waves, there it is. Alone the stimulation of CD34 stem cells should be number one on the list. The other list, the one with iron skin, starting fires, defending yourself, may also be variations of these same sciences. Science is coming in fast. Please add your own science or experiments that have helped to improve practices, of any kind, since I am very sure the energy is the same, no matter what background or cultural ethnic origin.
  2. Greetings fellow citizen scientists, practioners, interested readers, I watched with great interest when the Nobel prize was awarded because they finally recorded gravity waves, for the first time in history... and they were measured with a chirp wave similar to lightspeed. I have long felt that many practices are bending time/space and with it influencing or using gravity, or the other way around. As I started digging on chi and chirp waves, I found that they see them generated during practices, and during healing, during certain breathing exercises, etc. So, the chirp wave function example was, out of 35 who claimed to be "healers", only 3 actually produced chirp waves. This could be a very interesting way to see if things are flowing, or if somebody wishes they were a healer. Through further study, I discovered that similar waves are being used in science to stimulate a short burst of CD34 stem cells during such healing practices. This in turn creating an almost instantaneous healing, depending on where the chirp waves were focused, intensity, etc. While this is happening, there is a 25.75 to 30 degree bend in the magnetic field, but without electrical force. Which simply means that the flow is parallel and not perpendicular to the magnetic field, but bending the field at the same time. A simple array of compasses around anyone practicing should relfect this change in magnetics, and also could be a wonderful device to measure with immediate results, helping to guide proper development and further research. I have a number of links to studies, if anyone is interested. Here are my notes: Magnetic field oscillations were created between 20 - 30 Hz then slowing to 8.9 Hz and creating a chirp that slows further to < 1 Hz, at which point they reverse and increase in frequency. 1 - 8 milliGauss peak-to-peak with a 60 - 120 second duration. Others were measured at 4 - 10 Hz with a peak of 2 - 4 milliGauss (200 - 400 mT). The normal human body is < 10-negative-6 Gauss. Healers are creating 10-negative-3 Gauss, huge difference! The description uses sinusoidal waveforms. Thus fluctuating on either side of a neutral space. The photons increase during this. Gravity is a chip wave. The earth wobbles through this chirp wave at 23.5 degrees to magnetic pole and 49.5 degrees. Gravity is 35 - 250 Hz. During measurement, a magnetic compass needle rotated about 30 degrees at chirp wave, more likely the measurement should be more accurately done, suggest a probable 25.75 degrees as more accurate to perpetuate the theory of torus magnetic line directions. Just the Qigong breathing exercise was enough to change the magnetic field dramatically. However, there is no change in the electrical current that would correspond to magnetic fluctuations, showing an apparent parallel flow. Here a perpendicular flow would induce a magnetic-electric current. There have been experiments using a cone-shape to capture and store the energy flow, which has been successful, as well as “charging” a number of non-magnetic objects with energy that can be recalled again later. The cone shape can be seen through history with fingertip covers, hats and crowns, dunce caps, pyramids and other shapes. The Tai Chi and Qi Gong masters use the exercises to lower gravity, or the center of gravity as the practice more accurately states. So they are learning to “feel” gravity while charging up energy. When this energy flows, they claim it attaches to emotional feelings of well-being or healing directed towards the person to be treated, even the self. Without emotional energy, it does not flow properly.. interesting point! Now we are seeing that using these waves can also increase stem cells in the person focused on, as well as other chemical interactions. Chirp waves have the ability to heal, or harm. And Chirp Waves are now realized as gravity, and connected to photons, which is probably time as we measure it. We know that time flow is different at ocean level and the top of the tallest mountains, as measured using the atomic clock. It is a fraction of a second, but should tell us the actual speed or change in speed of gravity and time as it reaches from that elevation to the ocean level. NASA and the space team are very aware of the time differences and there have been some interesting experiments about time change in orbit.
  3. Dear all, I successfully published my first book 'The Truth About Spiritual Enlightenment: Bridging Science, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta' in Amazon. It is available in both kindle and paperback versions. I am able to provide the kindle book for free for five days using KDP select. The kindle book will be available for free from 24th Nov, 2017 to 28th Nov, 2017. I invite the members of this forum to take advantage of this free promotion. Kindle version: Paperback: Here is the description of the book: "Spiritual enlightenment is becoming a buzzword. Enlightenment is a popular niche for people who write or read about self-help, meditation, healing, psychology and more. But do you really understand what enlightenment is? Is it some kind of altered state of consciousness, a solution to get high without drugs, a way to live life in 24/7 bliss, a myth or a complete scam? Is there any scientific basis to enlightenment or spiritual awakenings? This book has the answer to these questions. This book attempts to bridge spiritual teachings of Vedanta and Buddhism with science. It gives you a practical and reasonable path to end your suffering and live a peaceful, satisfied and happy life. Above all, it will help you to find your own way and follow your own light. The book will also introduce you to some important concepts in psychology, which are related to spiritual awakening. The concepts and solution presented in this book are based on the author’s own experience. It also has a chapter that narrates author’s own spiritual journey which led to a complete spiritual transformation. The book also has a separate chapter which talks about scientific research done on spiritual enlightenment."
  4. Please give any suggestions you might think of that can add to this scientific study of Energy Cultivation and Chi. Negative ion generator experiment: Below is a schematic for a negative ion generator. A negative ion generator is an electronic device that converts a low voltage battery into a high voltage low current signal. The input power plug will be connected to four 9V batteries in series. The high voltage output creates a purple plasma from ionizing the air. The ground for the output will be connected to earth ground through a metal tack connected to the bottom of a shoe. The output will be connected to a dense nonmetallic object, under a hat at the top of the head. Warning, do not connect the output directly to the skin. A metallic pad connected to the output and directly in contact with the skin will cause electric burns on the skin, scabs and scars. Hypotheses: External projection of Chi is similar to electrostatic on the skin of the body, in that it can attract and repel small pieces of paper, and other small objects like sand. The first time I showed the Energy Cultivators my device moving small pieces of paper, they were able to measure the energy using a three finger pulse diagnosis on my wrist while the device was on. They could tell the energy was only on the skin, and it did not have “life” as their Chi does. That leads me to believe Chi is similar to electrostatic energy, but electrostatic energy changes when it enters the body and travels through the organs, meridian, and channels of the body (Like how water changes to urine after passing through the body). Energy Cultivators can store energy in their body and project it out of their body by increasing their blood pressure, muscle contraction, and tendon contraction. By bringing a stronger negative ion generator to the Energy Cultivators and having another person use the three finger pulse on my wrist while the device is on we will be able to compare electrostatics to Chi. Purpose: By comparing the observable effects of Chi with the known effects of electrostatics, we can compare and contrast how they are similar and how they are different. Ion polarity experiment: A battery powered negative ion generator could be used to measure the polarity of Chi. The Energy Cultivator would project Chi out of their hand onto a metal rod. The metal rod is connected to a metal plate. The positive and negative end of the negative ion generator is connected to a movable metal pad near the large plate. The test equipment will be tested with known charged materials like glass and silk. Hypotheses: If Chi is positively charged it will repel the positive plate and attract the negative plate. If Chi is negatively charged it will repel the negative plate and attract the positive plate. If Chi is neutrally charged it will attract both plates. If Chi repels both plates it is a new force. If Chi attracts the first plate and repels the second plate then, after a time, attracts the second plate and repels the first plate then Chi alternates between positive and negative charges. Purpose: The polarity of Chi would give great insight of the properties of Chi. Based on the result of this experiment equipment could be made to simulate the charge of Chi in order to reproduce the effects of Chi. Controlled plant experiment: Number 1 is a negative ion generator ground in the pot, and hanging above the sprouting plant. Number 2 is the control, with the negative ion generator grounded in the pot, and the output hanging over the plant, but with the negative ion device not turned on. Number 3 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output in the dirt of the potted plant. Number 4 has the negative ion generators ground plugged into the earth ground, and the output touching the plant. Hypotheses: A plant will grow faster/larger if exposed to negative ions. This experiment will show how negative ions promote growth of living things. A more accurate experiment could be performed by replacing the plants with a human meditators. Purpose: Energy cultivation in humans is done by meditating outside with dirt below and sky above. Thunderclouds produce an electrostatic charge that living things respond to. Thunderclouds are usually accompanied by rain, so plants prepare to absorb moisture and nutrients during rainy seasons and high charges in the atmosphere. Energy Cultivation in humans absorb energy from nature. With this experiment we can show how living things take in energy from their environment. If 1, 3, or 4 respond better than 2 then, there might be a way to use negative ion generators to decrease the time it takes to store energy in the human body using traditional meditation techniques. Electric acupuncture experiment: Use an electrical device to push energy under the skin and into the meridians associated with energy cultivation. Daily electrical acupuncture would be used to speed up the process of energy cultivation. Yearly to bi-yearly examinations from a professional energy cultivator would be used to prevent injury and confirm progress has been accelerated. Hypotheses: Energy cultivators can share energy by projecting Chi externally from their bodies and injecting it into the meridians of another person through acupuncture points. By using an electrical device and acupuncture needles daily, the user could take less time to store energy in the body than tradition methods. Purpose: If energy cultivation can be sped up with electrical acupuncture that would explain the energy the body is taking in from the environment, and there would be more test subjects for experiments. Sweet water chemical test: Energy cultivators are able to turn normal water sweet by projecting Chi outside their body, as seen in this video: This is a summary of another group that tested the sweet water from master Jiang Feng: “Jiang used his qi to transform ordinary bottled water that we purchased; the seal on the bottles had not been broken or tampered with in any way. These are the results that Professor Heimo Breiteneder a geneticist of the Vienna academy observed after analyzing the qi water and the crystals within, “In comparison to untreated water, the one energized by the master contains a major peak of a small compound (379 Dalton) and two minor peaks of equally small molecular weights (365 and 380 Dalton). The masses were determined by mass spectrometry but the molecules could not be identified by comparison with data stored in that machine, where millions and millions of molecule’s structure are kept! All existing sugars were compared and it is NOT any of them, neither a compound, so we can conclude it is not a sugar molecule. Glucose has 180 Dalton, saccharose has 342 Dalton so forth and so on...We will try to go to Munich where one of the biggest and most accurate of these mass spectrometers is located. Another possibility would be to try to get into a facility with nuclear magnetic resonance and try to convince somebody to work on the sample. In any case, this is quite interesting, using qi to create a certain unknown sweet tasting molecule.”” Below are two charts from a sweet water sample I got from Master Jiang Feng in March 2014. The results show there were no chemicals recognizable on the chemical database. It was as if testing plane water. Later I was told that the Chi added to the water to make it sweet only lasts about a day, then the Chi escapes and the water tastes like normal water. Hypotheses: Chi can be projected outside the body causing the nearby air and water to become sweet for a time. When the Chi is being projected form the body the Chi is on the molecular scale that is why it cannot been seen and why it can pass through the molecules of the plastic bottle. Purpose: If we find a chemical in the water that turns it sweet, and can compare that chemical to something in the environment, we can conclude that the energy cultivation technique takes that element from the environment and is used in energy cultivation. Not only would we better understand Energy Cultivation, but with knowledge of a cause for the effect, we can experiment with adding that chemical to water and see if it causes the same sweet result. If the chemical alone does not make the water sweet maybe heat, or electrolysis is another component to the sweet water infusion. If we understand the process perfectly we will be able to create a machine to duplicate the sweet water process and that would be a new technology that could be sold to companies to replace sugar, and other artificial sweeteners. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) experiment: A TENS unit simulates muscle spasms seen in energy projection to patients. TENS unit is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. The first picture shows a TENS unit. The second picture shows ‘PossesedHands’ nerve stimulation device similar to a TENS unit. The third picture shows an Energy Cultivator on the left projecting Chi into the person on the right and causing their muscles to contract. Hypotheses: A TENS unit causes similar muscle contractions as the electric like energy projected from Energy Cultivators. A TENS unit could be brought to the Energy Cultivators and demonstrated on them for them to feel and judge if it is similar or different to the energy they use. Purpose: By replicating the observed effects of Chi we get closer to better understanding Chi and creating better machines that more closely replicate the effects of Chi. Several multimeters experiment: Use several multimeters connected with one input, a metal rod for the Energy Cultivator to grab, and ground measuring AC voltage, DC voltage, and current could be used to get a physical measurement of the energy projected. Analog versions of the multimeters should be used too, since digital meters might be damaged by the Chi flowing through it while analog meters are more robust. A multimeter was tested on John Chang from the Lawrence Blare documentary and they said they could not get any readings because Chi is not electricity. With the advances in technology and with proper test equipment I believe Chi can be measured. Laser, Mirror, Balloon experiment: Chi has the properties of heat and it can be concentrated to a point to be like a laser. A thermal camera could be used to see the projection of Chi outside the body that the human eye cannot see. An experiment could be built to see if the laser like properties of Chi acts like a light wave or a particle. If Chi acts as a light it will bounce off the mirror and pop the blue balloon, but if Chi acts as a particle it will damage the mirror/pop the red balloon. Hypotheses: I think Chi projected at a mirror will pass through the particles of the mirror and pop the red balloon. Since Chi is exiting the body from the finger it is not likely to be a property of light, although that is the current theory of this observation. Purpose: Observing this Chi phenomena could lead to new energy based medical equipment.
  5. Yours truly went to Just you know, cats like to roam the universe... And those scientists had lots of latest research added to the tour... anyways... what they say is that Universe is shaped like a bow-tie I cannot find the correct image online. Which is strange. Basically it looks like a bow tie with red colors at the center and blue at the ends. It is surrounded by red ( infra-red) "borders of the Universe". To me it looks exactly like a nucleus cell, only instead of round center the bow tie is present. Now, NASA is known for its jokes, as everybody knows Earth is flat and Christian God created it 6000 years ago... But can anybody tell me how does it fit with Daoist and Buddhist theory? As all universe ( all galaxies included) is a cell in itself? Of every "Self" in each dimension? kitty's head is spinning here...
  6. Science and Enlightenment

    Recently, I became very curious about bridging science and enlightenment. So, I went through many articles, books, scientific papers etc that have addressed this subject so far and tried to create a synthesis. I put together everything in one article, citing all the sources. You can read it here: It is very long one but I hope you enjoy it.
  8. A good friend of mine has been in medical school for the past three or four years and is training to become a surgeon. We often discuss our differences in opinion when we get together and I've learned to embrace the contradictions in our perspectives - I consider them balancing. It used to be that I couldn't hold up my perspective, mostly on an emotional level, under his rigorous scrutiny. He's a very intense character with a genuinely staggering mental powerhouse at his disposal (or vice versa). He's also emotionally numb to the degree that I don't think he has access to certain vital emotional and spiritual resources/experiences that have shaped my own mind and thinking. He's had very aggressive psychological behavior in the distant past that bordered on sadism, and I think he still has that proclivity, but abstains from indulging in it. Now I've come to a solid appreciation for his craft and for the work of scientists and medical practitioners everywhere. If you've read my posts, you know that I'm extremely interested and supportive of science, particularly study of the nervous system and of organic chemistry, although I don't fully appreciate or approve of their clinical applications. He knows this and is in agreement to some degree. This evening's topic of discussion was naturopathy, as I'm considering a dual-major in Chinese medicine and naturopathy this upcoming year. My argument, more or less, was that a naturopath is well-educated in western anatomical, biochemical and allopathic perspectives, but chooses to utilize "natural" medicine to promote health and healing. I openly embraced the limitations of this medicine, agreed that some naturopaths try to overstep their boundaries and training, and that it was important for there to be open communication between NDs and MDs, so that each professional could manage health and disease within the scope of their practice. I expressed my own goals clearly: to educate people and get them interested in their own health, and to treat what I am trained to treat using the same principles conventional medicine uses: give the patient what is proven to work and cross my fingers. But his skepticism and intense criticism of naturopathic medicine astounded me, as I thought this was an increasingly outdated perspective - in fact, I thought that just about any divisive or insular attitude was becoming unpopular among educated medical professionals. After all, it seems political to me. Why create division where there could be partnership? But to him it's a cold, harsh reality, that Western medical research has more or less obliterated any credibility naturopathy or other alternative medicine has to offer. Alternative medicine, he says, is really no more effective than placebo, and that practitioners are more or less menaces to public health, since they practice inferior medicine. Now, I share his skepticism toward things like homeopathy and some of the claims of hydrotherapy, but using herbs to treat illness seems extremely scientific to me, given that medicinal plants are highly bioactive and have been used successfully (meaning it has helped people, not that it has necessarily been clinically approved) for thousands of years. I'll add that I've given up entirely on trying to explain acupuncture to an MD like him, as I increasingly think they don't even deal with the same system... at all. But naturopathy... I figured we could come to some basis for agreement there. I offered him the fact that naturopaths have more time to spend with patients, and hence a better opportunity to educate. I talked about blood and urine tests to determine nutrient and mineral deficiencies. I talked about the importance of diet and lifestyle. And I talked about the common interest of all medical professionals: to be very very well-educated and to help patients. He talked repeatedly about cardiovascular health, heart problems, cancer, and diabetes, all of which he claims are the "real" problems (is this true? beats me... he's seen more than I have), and that naturopathy fails in dealing with any of these. He says most of the patients he's seen either need surgery (which of course naturopathy and acupuncture don't really do), have cancer, diabetes, or serious heart health issues. He also doubts that naturopaths are trained adequately to recognize serious medical conditions when faced with them. He included pancreatic cancer and other conditions I didn't recognize, and expressed his doubts as to the alternative medicine community's capacity to treat, let alone recognize these conditions. I think his perspective is valid in that someone who has taken such poor care of themselves as to develop intense obesity and critical heart health issues, is possibly outside the scope of a naturopath's power to heal. After all, the idea is to help the body heal itself, and if the body is wrecked already, there probably needs to be a more acute method of intervention to prevent an impending health-related death (thin the blood, unclog the arteries, and some other things that pharmaceuticals do incredibly well with minimal risk and low toxicity). So I agreed with him on many points... But, I think naturopaths have a place and it's not an inferior position to the work of MDs. I think it fills a very vital and necessary niche in healthcare. Anyway, we both got exhausted from talking and stopped. I decided to do some more research on the internet about the efficacy of naturopathy from a conventional medicine perspective, and I'm genuinely surprised to find that there are some intensely negative perspectives on its efficacy and value to human civilization. Honestly, it often reads like passionate political banter, but I keep wondering... with all the work conventional medical researchers go through to go about validating the efficacy of their own medicine, how could they be wrong? I genuinely respect them and am confused now. My uncle is a research chemist and says a single pharmaceutical takes on average, between 12 to 18 years to develop, perfect, and research, and that even with all this work, many pharmaceuticals never make it out of the laboratory, because they're simply not reliable enough to merit marketing or using on general public. So... I guess my question is, what might be going on here? Is there something psychological, emotional, spiritual or political going on in his mind, that distorts his perspective? Or is possible that he's right, and that many alternative medicines are bogus? I want to say that I genuinely don't believe in divisive or extremist ideology of any sort. I don't really want a conventional answer to this question, such as "western doctors are brainwashed," or whatever else. I want to work with MDs and DOs and chiropractors etc., not insulate myself from them. I consider them experts and future colleagues that I hope to develop professional and personal relationships with. I'd like to think we can learn from each other, and that our perspectives and techniques for healing the human body will change as we all become better educated, more ethical, and wiser in our thoughts and knowledge. I'd like to believe that my perspective is not naive, and I feel mature in holding space for both our perspectives calmly and equally, but I am definitely confused. I'm guessing many of you have dealt with similar friends, colleagues, etc. Opinions, guesses, perspectives are appreciated.
  9. Spirit Science

    Has anybody seen these? Pretty good, even if a bit biased about some things from time to time... Here's episode 1 for those interested: I apologise for the typo in the title of this thread. Can I edit it?
  10. Dr. William Tiller professor emeritus of Material Science and Engineering @ Stanford university; this is from 2004(old news) and still folks thinking they are "scientific" minded, still dont grasp this. "or even know what that is" Carl Jung spoke to this ""one would wonder how such ancient truths could ever have been forgotten.but, of course, it is much simpler to suppose that what we do not understand does not exist." other true scientists that the larger "scientific community" do not relate to i previously posted the following on the geometry thread of course geometry explains it all as well, if one understands geometry, but i digress
  11. We can't wait any longer for other people to put this video up, it's too important. The conventional medical paradigm isn't working, we need a re-think - we need a new paradigm! The human energy field is REAL as is the energy field around all living things. Until we start to at least recognise who and what we are there can be little progress. This video is yet another step in the right direction. Also see our related videos on the Energy Body and Chi Energy. and With thanks to ObercronIII for the following blurb: If only all scientists were as open minded and as open hearted as Dr Harry Oldfield! With considerable joie de vivre and a fantastic playful sense of humour he unveils some of his amazing inventions and also talks about Electro Crystal therapy and the incredible properties of crystals. He goes on to detail how this technology could revolutionise both conventional and alternative healing and how he has used this technology in his own practice. There is some staggering photographic and video evidence demonstrating some of the technologies, particularly shocking is the Oldfield Camera Filter which using a normal camera appears to show ghosts or other wordly entities clearly in photographs! Truly amazing stuff! Harry, the author of 'Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe' goes on to demonstrate how through various technologies he is able to reveal aspects of this previously unseen universe in all their glory! Three decades of research into this area and considerable practical application enable Harry to present some very convincing evidence that there is far more to the Universe than that which we currently experience with the 5 senses. This mind blowing presentation, filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium is stacked with quality information. For more information on Harry and his work his website is: I have watched this twice, and a third watch is on the horizon. I also have invested in an Oldfield Filter and have taken some interesting photographs, on one photo we have what appears to be a cat - we don't have a cat ! Their are other photographs which we are puzzling over too !!! Anyway hope you enJoy the presentation, which is 1hr 30mins or thereabouts. The paranormal part begins in part 7 at 6mins 42 secs - and is brilliant. Namaste, gentlewind
  12. Here is a BBC documentary interviewing many scientists and experts who have conducted scientific research on Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences- YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt1 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt2 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt3 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt4 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt5 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt6 of 6 In modern times 2 factors have allowed NDE's to be proven, modern resuscitation techniques and the fact that heart attacks are now very common. Many cardiologists are investigating this subject rigorously. With modern medicine this phenomenon has become more common as people are brought back after being pronounced clinically dead with no heartbeat and no brain function more and more through surgery, emergency medical treatments, etc. My understanding is that people before they die will often have out of body experiences leading up to their death, and when they die they float above their bodies and up to the outer atmosphere of the earth, from there they enter a tunnel with a light at the end of the tunnel, when they reach the light they begin to have a complete flashback and review of their entire lives, and then they enter into the pure light, but some are then told they can go back and that they're body has been brought back by the surgeons. People have been able to float above their bodies and see things on the floors above them that they couldn't have known, or seen things on high shelves that could only be seen if they were floating above it Here's a scientific article i found on the subject although i am sure there are even more rigorous ones with harder proof, i just don't have all that much time to read and find them at this moment Article: Near Death Experiences Oh what's that? Real data? oh too bad so sad The existence of mind and conciousness is not dependent on matter, and to view mind as being created by brain chemicals is a simplistic and ridiculous notion Although sicence is often pure nonsense, sometimes scientific studies can be very rigourous when it comes to observing a specific phenomena, the exact times when people are clinically dead are monitered closely in each case. People see things happen that they could not have seen or things that happened definitely while they were dead. The whole point of the study is to find objective evidence of and corroboration of the accounts connecting to real events. NDE have been studied for over 25 years all over the world by prestigous scientific institutions The Lancet: Near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest more-
  13. Thought I'd share the following vid. The talk is given by Rupert Sheldrake and has to be one of the most interesting I've seen in quite some time.
  14. The documentary looks at the modern advances in mathematics and how they affect our understanding of physics, economics, environmental issues and human psychology. The film looks at how developments in 20th Century mathematics have affected our view of the world, and particularly how the financial economy and earth’s environment are now seen as inherently unpredictable. The film looks at the influence the work of Henri Poincare and Alexander Lyapunov had on later developments in mathematics. It includes interviews with David Ruelle, about chaos theory and turbulence, the economist Paul Ormerod about the unpredictability of economic systems, and James Lovelock the founder of Gaia theory about climate change and tipping points in the environment. As we approach tipping points in both the economy and the climate, the film examines the mathematics we have been reluctant to face up to and asks if, even now, we would rather bury our heads in the sand rather than face harsh truths.!
  15. Children Remembering Past Lives Here is an ABC program investigating how in modern times 2 and 3 year olds are remembering detailed accounts of their previous lifetimes. One boy featured on this program remembers fighting in World War 2, and remembered details he simply shouldn't have been able to have known about at his age. He even remembered the real names of his fellow soldiers who fought with him. Even more interesting, there appears to be a link between illnesses and injuries, and past lives. Like someone who had been shot in the throat still has throat problems as a toddler in their new life. Reincarnation, toddlers remember lives in WW2 [media] [/media] [media] [/media] BBC Learning, scientists investigate- [media] [/media] [media] [/media]
  16. The Science of Sex Appeal

    A lot of info in this Documentary- One thing I especially find interesting... is that you always hear preachy, unrealistic, or idealistic people complaining about how they don't like it when people are rated on their physical attractiveness based on a scale of 1 to 10. Yet, in reality, when scientists want to study attraction and sex appeal, and how they affect social dynamics, in the scientific studies they rate people's physical attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.
  17. The Science of Lust

    Here is a Discovery channel documentary I found called the Science of Lust. I especially found interesting the part where they had men draw a picture who had sat in a waiting room prior to drawing, and then compared them to drawings done by men who waited in a room with a beautiful women prior to drawing. No contest, the group who interacted with the beautiful woman prior to drawing were much more creative and detailed. I think this clearly shows how important it is to be "in state" in your life. You have to have the right mind state. Really you need the right mind state, and body state. A state of awesomeness, like a true star shining, a state of alpha male-ness, of pumping life energy, rushing endorphins, pulsing blood, flooding dopamine, and blasting testosterone. This is the way to functioning at full capacity in life. The Science of Lust- [media][/media ]
  18. Underwater cities off Cuba part of lost Atlantis Skepticism and Science are defeated Videos with images of the underwater cities discovered off Cuba, consisting of Pyramids, Cubic structures, Domes, Metallic structures, and Roads, 2000 feet under the sea- Part 2- The World's Mysterious Places- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Mysterious Places: Atlantis (Morgana's Observatory) Article about Plato's description The Cycle of Time "Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust": The Ancient Atlantic Continent The Ancient Hebrew Kabbalistic and Magic Alphabets Kabbalah Tarot and Hebrew Alphabet are both 22 parts + the name of god YHVH. Greek and even English could be more distantly related, english alphabet is 26 parts. Tarot is where heiryoglyphs come from Tarot - Crystalinks 40,000 year old footprints in mexico cause evolutionists to scramble to make desperate and irrational exuses. Mexican Footprints lol! "evolutionists unhappy with results!" Notice how they claim, "it must be either a whole magnitude wrong and they must be way older, or they're not footprints at all then probably, or this or that excuse, but it can't be what the dating methods indicated!" Lol @ scrambling to make excuses and reinterpret things There are over 100 submarine plateaus and ridges scattered throughout the oceans, dotted with islands, and many may be submerged continental fragments that have not been completely ‘oceanized’, as suggested by ‘anomalously’ thick crust and finds of ‘impossibly’ ancient continental rocks. More potential lost continents- Ice Age civilizations destroyed, as well as massive extinctions of animal species, such as the Wooly Mamoth, Wooly Rhino, and Sabretooth Tiger- Earth changes, we know the exact dates The Official Graham Hancock Website: Underworld NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Sea Level Rise, After the Ice Melted and Today Geotimes - June 2002 - Glacial Mystery ANTARCTIC ICE SHEET KEY TO SUDDEN SEA LEVEL RISE IN THE PAST The reality is that sea levels rose quite rapidly. Ice age map, but they forgot Atlantis, anyways we see most of the world was Frozen, and Africa was covered in lakes and water prior to 10,500 BC. In any case most the the habitable lands centered at the equator prior t0 10,500BC are now under water- Not the best place to be running around throwing spears at animals- Glaciers before 10.500 BC Glaciers after 10,500 BC they melted and the earth's tilt axis shifted The "Bullard" fit should be called the "Bullshit" fit Sunken continents vs. continental drift Map There is simply no fit. They don't even fit together and its a big lie! We also see that this area was once the edge of a continent now lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously a continent existed between north and south america in the Atlantic Ocean, Plate tectonics is nonsense What kind of catacalysm hit the globe so hard that we forgot about a whole continent full of pyramids, civilized and indeginous cultures?