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  1. CIA's proof of telepathy

    From the scientist involved in the testing
  2. CIA's proof of telepathy

    I think a person can have real psychic ability and use it to be a showman. And I think the same person will use cheap illusion tricks in order to back up failure. I'm nor saying Uri Geller is a saint, but he as demonstrated extraordinary abilities under controlled conditions. But the main point is that the existence of these abilities are radically world changing the moment we admit to their existence. And that is what most cannot do. The CIA docs are as good evidence as you will get, but they will be ignored.
  3. CIA's proof of telepathy

    Geller claimed to have siddhis and was investigated by the CIA, and they agreed. I'm just aware that for the average man on the the street, as well as for our chief intellectual leaders, siddhis do not exist and those who claim to have them are charlatans. This evidence is as strong as it gets, straight from the classified archives.
  4. CIA's proof of telepathy

    Whatever Geller has done in other contexts and whether some of his shows are magic tricks...This isn't. Nungali's post is the usual response of the inner CIA. Talk instead about where he was dubious as a person. If we focus on this it lets our minds not dwell an the momentousness of the CIA investigation.
  5. CIA's proof of telepathy

    So the CIA released 13 million pages of classified information and amid the usual betrayals, and assassinations, and humdrum daily acts of cynical realpolitik, something rather interesting emerged. The CIA privately investigated the psychic powers of Uri Geller and concluded that he had 'demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.' The existence of the telepathic mind, that is, the notion that we have perceptual organs that can read another's thoughts or see objects at distance or out of view, is a world-changing thing to contemplate. It is strictly not something that humans or animals are supposed to be able to do. Most of us just dispose of the extraordinary cognitive challenge that these studies pose by denying such powers exist. They make the human being an entirely different thing to what we thought. I don't know why the Geller investigation was made classified, but even now it is in the public domain, there is no possible way that the public themselves can cope with the information. It will be as if it never happened. Though we all read it in the newspapers yesterday and today, our minds will classify the information. We each judge that it is best if we don't know too much into these things. 'Better to stick with the narrative,' so says our own inner CIA. I love these stories, though. They expand the mind. They feel liberating to read!
  6. two amazing signs

    I've probably posted this before but it's one of my favourite essays on this subject. Enjoy!
  7. Michael's Tarot Corner

    Thanks Michael - in two weeks I return to full time work and leave behind a quiet home based lifestyle that I've been living since 2010. Definitely feels like I need to find new ways of being me!
  8. Michael's Tarot Corner

    Hi Michael - hope you are well. It's my birthday today, and I transit from a 12 year of the Hanging Man to 13...Death! Do you have any thoughts on the meaning of this card? Thanks!
  9. The Amazing Powers of Chi

    Can someone explain how that yogi lay on the fire? Was it an illusion?
  10. The Amazing Powers of Chi

    How was the burning pyre trick done?
  11. The Amazing Powers of Chi

    How was the fire thing done. Are you saying that it was a illusion?
  12. Vasectomy

    Yes, but you would never go on some sort of masturbation binge - it's just not something you would ever do or feel the need to do. It's all very well to talk about 'ifs' but when we look at your actual life - you are celibate and sexual release is something that is unwanted/unnecessary. But for me, it is still feasable that I go on some kind of binge and so the energetic highs and lows that ensue are facts of life. You, perhaps rightly, resist the engineering talk, and yet your very life seems to be an example of what happens when we outgrow the need to 'ground' ourselves through sex. I think my main point is that we need our energies to be in balance. Sex can be used to ground those energies; or it can be used to raise them by turning sex into a kind of yoga. This is why there can be no no proscribed view on the spiritual harms or benefits of sex. But one thing that is true is that we reach a point where we stop using sex as a way of modifying our energetics. I think when this point comes then sex becomes something irrelevant - we know in advance that it serves no purpose for us. It no longer grounds us or raises us. The purposeless of it becomes very obvious when fear of babies becomes a part of sex. One wonders: why put up with unnecessary fear.
  13. Vasectomy

    You're basically saying the same as I've been saying. Although I don't recomnend the deliberate pursuit of celibacy - it will naturally become a feature of our lives as we awaken. I'm in a situation where two developments have naturally converged: 1) My partner and I feel an acute desire not to conceive any more children. 2) I no longer need the pleasures of sex in my life anyway. While I enjoy intimacy as much as ever, intercourse seems unnecessary and a bit ridiculous - undignified even. The orgasm is still a pleasure, but sometimes I experience almost equivalent bodily pleasures spontaneously and I enjoy a subtle background pleasure day in day out, which it seems to me that too much sex would dissipate. I understand that for some people, sex - like meditation - is understood as a powerful spiritual practice. I think if you have these views then it is unlikely to strike you as ridiculous or unnecessary. But for me, I've never attached that much spiritual significance to it, so it seems it is time for me to let it fall by the wayside. Perhaps contain is the wrong word - the 'capacity to sustain energy' would perhaps be better. One thing I've noticed is that when I go without sex I experience a strong feeling of buzzing energy. Within about a week this becomes so strong that I am no longer able to drink coffee as I am left feeling too 'wired'. If this feeling gets too strong I start to feel quite unpleasant and I need sexual release in order to feel more grounded. My body, in other words, is unable to tolerate the high vibrational frequency that celibacy produces. But, the opposite is also true. With too much sexual release I start to feel too grounded - heavy, lethargic and sluggish and some form of retention is necessary in order to restore the feeling of vibrancy and equilibrium. When it come to spiritual practice there is a definite direction. Over time, the equilibrium bar gets higher and we are required to ejaculate less and the vibrations we feel comfortable with grow higher and higher. There are other ways of noticing this change in basic energy. We find that we no longer need heavy grounding foods ( eg meat) as much as once did, and we don't need other energy lowering substances (like alcohol). Over time we naturally fall into a pattern of vegetarianism, tee-totalism and celibacy. This is not a deliberate ploy - it naturally occurs and we wish it because it feels more wholesome to us. But this can never be turned into a moral code. If a person cannot tolerate high vibrations, they should not attempt celibacy. They will either fail (thus leaving them feeling bad) or they will resort to other compulsive frequency lowering techniques. As many of these teachniques are behavioural/emotional the person may need to lower their energy through mistreatment of other people, or through involvement with situations that they could have avoided by a more judicious attitude to the pleasure of sex. The monkey in a cage is accumulating energy that the animal has not been prepared for. Masturbation is crucial and necessary for equilibrium and well-being. The average human also lives in a kind of cage - incarcerated by their fixed patterns they see in reality. Frequent need for the grounding power of sex is one of the defining traits of the human condition, but is one that the liberated have freed themselves from.
  14. Vasectomy

    The beauty of non permanent birth control is that people can enjoy a sexual relationship, even though the timing isn't right for them to be conceiving children. But for a person of 40 who already has three children, such a person may feel like their days of conceiving children are behind them. This is a distinctive emotion - and thus a person can feel a dread at the thought of conception that they never felt when they were younger. And therefore a fear can start to spoil our sex life that wasn't there - even in the days when we were less emotionally and financially stable in our relationship. Obviously the vasectomy is a solution to this problem, but I think a lesser solution. Surely the solution is celibacy? That way our bodies and reproductive system are left as nature intended them AND we are free of the fear of conception. Fundamentally it seems to rest on one question. Is it natural and desirable that people continue to have sex when their desire for children is over? Some say yes, some say no. I guess speaking personally, I wonder what else sex has to offer me - even if it is free of fear. Sex is so much a part of human culture that it seems impossible to think of life without it. And yet to me it still falls in the same category as drink, drugs, fame, wealth and all the other substitutions people use in place of the joy of pure being. Anyone who has tried celibacy will report that there are compensations. We feel more stable, confident and more content. But it seems that the energy that is released by celibacy can't be contained by the body - we are set on edge by the energy - and it seems the only way back to balance is by sexual release. For me spiritual practice is all about developing the capacity to contain energy. Celibacy becomes easier as we grow more used to dealing and channeling what is left over. If we are sedentary or uninspired then that energy will become uncontainable and so celibacy is out of the question. Put a monkey in a cage and masturbation becomes absolutely necessary for his well-being because his energy levels become unmanageble. The question of sex and the importance of sex in a relationship reminds me of the question of meditation. There comes a point where sitting meditation falls to deepen our insight. We are called to integrate meditation into our daily life and develop the ability to stay centred even while outwardly active. Sex is like deliberate meditation. But if we are able to express the love and intimacy in each moment, then the concentrated session, becomes unnecessary. This is why i think that the move towards celibacy is natural at some point in our path. I don't yet know whether I am personally ready for celibacy, but one thing is sure : I certainy see it as being my future and it is the future I wish for myself.
  15. Vasectomy

    See I don't think this koan is about sex. It's about living by the codes of the world when you are in need of the world. It is a reminder that we must be grateful to the gifts that are offered to us. The monk thought he could accept some gifts and not others - this was in skillful of him. But anyway, Michael, you don't seem to like vasectomy but are you an advocate of other types of birth control?